Just some quick mentionings...

posted October 27, 2005 by Jenn

JennHear ye, hear ye!

1) Well! Now that Gov Jeb Bush has taken responsibility for yet another atrocious hurricane relief response in his own state of Florida, The Hurricane State, the Bush Family offically gets the 2005 Bungled Homeland Disaster Response Award. It's a small bastard-steel statue of a fat man in his large polka-dot boxers falling over because his pants are tangled around his ankles. Congratulations!

2)Halloween is not scary anymore. You know what I mean. Foamy The Squirrel will elaborate on this point. Less fluff, more fright.

3)Further evidence to support #2. A suicide hanging is mistaken as a halloween decoration. There was a time that a body hanging in a tree would at LEAST cause some concern among people even around Halloween-time. No, not anymore. "How cute, someone put a hanging corpse in the tree. How very festive!"

4) Uhm....Look! Over there! Penguins!