posted October 24, 2005 by Big Josh

Big  JoshWell someone aside from Q would have to review this movie so that it could be appreciated for the story arc or something like that. This movie stars The Rock but he is secondary to Eomer nephew of Theoden, who still shows that he can play the angry soldier much like he did in The Chronicles of Riddick. Bottom line of the movie is that it is a lot like Resident Evil 1 and 2 with the team of elite soldiers and zombies and heads getting ripped off, except it takes place on Mars. There are some cool things about the movie like the BFG/Plasma rifle that does hella FRAGRIVATED damage and some cool special effects. The weirdest part is when Eomer brother of Eowyn becomes super soldier with the 24th chromosome and the movie goes into FPS mode for like 10 minutes and shoots up a whole bunch of bitches and slices and dices with a chainsaw. Bottom line; go see a matinee because it's entertaining.

Rating: 3.0 bong