OnnaFest Suctions my ass.

posted October 12, 2005 by Con Bard Drew

Con Bard Drew

So. Onnafest.

The con itself sucked giant throbbing zombie goat cock. Srsly. Total disorganization, schedules were shitty and poorly printed, that Erica woman was a total bitch to many people, including Adam and Jezeroth. There was no map of any of the fuctions, so you were left to find them on your own.

Onna was three elevators, but two of them required keys to get up to any of the room floors. The third would only go *down* from the lobby (which was on the second floor), and then you could go back up to the room floor without a key.

Onna was an 'indoor skywalk' connected to the hotel, but none of the businesses/food places there being open on the weekend.

Onna was Mitsuwa was having a 20% off EVERYTHING sale, so it was a total zoo all weekend. (Saturday, we had to park down by JBC books and walk two blocks in the pouring rain.)

Onna was not enough people there to really hang out with.

Onna was Mikhail spending sunday in jail.

Onna was $9.95 a day for spotty wireless service which would end at midnight, regardless of when you bought for the day. Get it at 2AM? 22 hours till shutoff. Get it at noon? 12 hours till shutoff.

In retrospect, i would have had a lot more fun just spending the weekend with those few friends who did come, and completely blown off the con. Hanging out with those whom did come was quite fun, tho. The little Portugese restaraunt we found down Ferry street was EXCELLENT, including the Yuengling Porter, and MEAT ON FIRE.

Oh, and Onna was the hotel putting a hold-funds on my debit card for $150 more than the total room cost for the weekend, causing me to bounce an electronic check, and lock me out of the e-check system until it clears, as well as slapping me with a $30 fee. (I'm in the process of bitching at the hotel to get them to cover that $30 fee.)