Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

posted September 24, 2005 by Q

QWhat to say? I felt that the supporting characters in this movie did not have as much personality as they did in Nightmare, but the animation was phenominal. Even with over 10 years of new technology between Nightmare and Corpse Bride, I can't help but think that Tim Burton learned from his mistakes in Nightmare, and corrected them in this film. The animation was flawless and done with great care. I swear there were times when I felt that the character's eyes were moving like a real person's would.

Victoria's parents reminded me of The hecklers from The Muppets, heh.

While not as lyrically great as Nightmare, the music was better here then in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. The background score felt quite Beetlejuice-y, in fact, this whole movie was more Beetlejuice then Nightmare.

By the way, you know how Burton has a thing for working with certain people? Depp, Rider, Elfman...I think we can officially add Christopher Lee to that list.

Rating: 1.5 beer