posted September 15, 2005 by Big Josh

Big  JoshYou should know the difference in Asian cinema, right? Or maybe you don't. Hell, I don't know what you have in your collection. You probably thought Akira Kurosawa made Hero and all the world is a flutter. Well you are stupid if you think that. I on the other hand love Asian cinema and think that if it was not for them we would still be making movies about train robberies and Barbra Streisand (YUK!!). So I recently picked up OLDBOY at the movie store popped it in and had my socks rocked four ways from Sunday with how well this movies was made. Allow me to capitalize on this with a HOLY SHIT.

The movie is about a Korean business man named Oh Dae-su who - on the night of his little girls third birthday - is kidnapped off the street and thrown into a generally normal hotel room from which he cannot escape. While captured, he is gassed, groomed and kept under surveillance while he questions every aspect of his life. The only things he has is a TV, a fucked up painting, his thoughts and the phrase "Laugh and the world Laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone." He is under lock for 15 years, in which he trains by kicking the crap out of a wall, home-made tattooing himself, writing and trying to Shawshank his way out. Then he is set free to find out the world has changed just as he saw on his television, his wife and child have died, he is totally needs to kill someone, and all this is as his captors planned.

This movie is the Fight Club of Korean movies with cool special effects, really fucking trippy scenes with ants and shit, and Oh Dae-su kicking the shit out of people with a hammer, including a scene where he fights like 10 guys by himself in a hallway Totally Awesome Hamilton. Go see this NOW!!!!!!!

Rating: 1.5 bong