Old news- George bush is a douche

posted September 6, 2005 by G.L. Jeff

G.L. JeffYo, heres the skinny, we can act as outraged as we'd like, but did we expect anything different? the sad thing is it would be fucking awesome if these scum sucking low life rich bitch mother pus bucket assholes in the government had their shit on straight and actually delt with a problem with any sort of common sense or GOD FORBID actual respect for human life, not rich white christian human life but real hard working 7 to 10 poor pissed off pot smoking heavy drinking couldn't tell you the square root of anything without a TI 84, thinks rand macnally is a whisky manufacturer, family loving hope having FULL TO THE BRIM with high fructose corn syrup cause they dont know any better americans who actually, by the way voted these soulless shitkickers into office. This is a failure on the highest levels. This is ignorance and advertising. Why is it that we can respond post mother fuckin hatse to the slightest hint that some oil producing country might be leaning towards an anti american business stance with tanks airplanes and FOX suck my balls news on 24 7 pumping the public with patriotic bullshit like Clinton pumped monica, but when a real act of god emergency happens on american soil, two weeks in the president and his elephant raped cronies are standing around holding tight to their nutsacks screaming "lets not point any fingers" at the cameras. Thousands of people are dead, and not a small percentage of those are after the fact, lack of response related entries into the great beyond. these people trusted their government, that when the time came to take action, to rally the troops and ship in the spam that shit would be off the table and in the air in hours, not days. Sweet jesus Holy shit Merry mother fucking ass raped raw christmas wheres the goddamn tylenol?