I love the barter system.

posted August 30, 2005 by Jer

JerLadies and gentlemen, I am pleased to report that the greatest system of commerce ever invented is still alive and well. Here's the story.

I'm short on cash these days. I'm making decent money, it's just not a lot of it is actually getting to me. Thus, I don't have triple digits required to say... put new breaks on my car.

Enter my housemate Dave. Dave could have been a mechanic, but decided that doing it for a living would ruin the fun of it. So when I ask him if he knows a good mechanic in town, he leaped at the chance to play with his tools.

So my car spent the last few hours getting tuned up all for the price of a six pack of beer and some smokes. This also notes the first time in my life I ever bought cigarettes. (What can I say, I like my lungs too much.)

So my point is that the barter system rocks. I could easily acquire the goods Dave desired, and he was more than happy to provide the service I needed. Money is overrated. Viva la barter system.