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posted August 25, 2005 by Con Bard Drew

Con Bard Drew

For those whom want to see anyway:

Also, some Panel ideas for future cons:

Congoing 101: (AKA, "How not to be a douchebag.")

Covering such topics as Sharing a Hotel Room, Standing in Line, Elevators, Hygiene, Shopping in the Dealer's Room, Cosplaying Characters that Fit Your Body Type, Using a Microphone Properly, Cosplay Photo-op Locations, How Not to be a Creepy Fuckwad, and Other General Behavior; this panel will teach you everything you ever needed to know about being an excellent convention friend. Staffers will love you, Your friends will thank you, The hotel employees will appreciate it, and milk and honey will flow freely throughout the land.

Congoing 201:

Slightly more advanced for the experienced congoer, topics such as Trash Talk in the Gameroom, Heckling the Masquerade MC, Hooking Up and Where To Do It, Attracting Business to Your Artist Alley Table, Intro to Parties, and Knowing and Respecting Your Limits will be covered. Armed with this new knowledge, you will be equipped to pass yourself off as a con-circuit regular. (18+ with ID, or proper demonstration of swearing technique.)

Parties 101:

Here you will learn about such important things as Importance of the Doorman, Guest-List Policy, Carding and Marking your Guests, Noise Levels, Bartending, Freepouring, Knowing When Someone is Flagged, Removing Problem Guests, What to do When Security Arrives, Legal Liablilty, and Plausible Deniability. Parties are the life of cons; as we all know the con would crash without sufficient social lubricant. Knowing how to throw a rocking party without getting arrested or thrown out of the hotel is essential to this. (21+ with ID, or demonstration of sufficient liquor knowledge. No responsibility is accepted or implied.)