Jer's Otakon '05 Report

posted August 24, 2005 by Jer

JerOtakon. A time of magic and alcohol. A time of reunions and new beginnings. A time for spending a retarded amount of money to fly across the country to see friends, family and allies you haven't seen in ages, only to spend even more retarded amounts of money on art and merchandise. Yes, Otakon, that magical time of year has come and gone once again. This year I shall share some of images of Studio Splurd's adventures in Baltimore, Maryland.

Otakon began with me, Q, and Big Josh piling into one of those newfangled air vessels. We were treated to a tiny pack of pretzels while we tried to watch the parts of the in-flight movie "Madagascar" that weren't jumbled beyond watch-ability. Apparently United Airlines has decided to cut costs by downloading their in-flight movies off the internet.

We had a stopover in the endless void of Denver.

While on our connecting flight, Big Josh wanted nothing more then to get drunk and read porn. Unfortunately he ended up seated next to a five year old who was utterly fascinated with his drawings. Isn't that adorable?

After much shenanigans, we land in DC and drive our rental car to Seffinga's house. Josh was unsettlingly sober for an event of this magnitude, a problem that would be quickly rectified under Seffinga's guidance.

Leaving Big Josh with Seffinga, Q and I travel to Jenn's to meet up with Beak and crash upon the infamous red couch.

Otakon is upon us! Beak works hard to pack her plethora of Jewelry supplies.

Jenn the Wolflady discovers Mountain Dew Amp. The world trembled in fear that hour.

Splurd does it's table thing. Here's Q, Drew, Big Josh and Jenn scouting out potential art fans.

Day one comes to a close. Time for Drinking! Seffinga, Lunchbox and Big Josh hit the tequila with deep-set purpose.

Now thoroughly hammered, the Joshes show Dave Chappelle who the REAL black sheep is.

Full of grogginess, Studio Splurd pulls together for another day of table rocking.

Despite a raging disdain for fangirls, Q actually enjoyed her first Otakon. Here we see Q meeting the beautifully wrong Yan Valentine from Hellsing.

Later still, Q met one of her greatest artistic inspirations, Roman Dirge's Lenore.

Missing from our little slide show are the following, please use your imagination.

Why the hell are children under the age of one still allowed on airplanes? They don't allow any other pets! Get a clue parents, your child does NOT like to fly. If your relitives absolutely need to see your drooling shit-factory, make THEM fly to YOU! You've got the best excuse in the world to pin the burden of travel on your lazy bloodline. "You'll have to come out here," you tell them, "junior isn't old enough to go on a plane."

So overall Otakon rocked. Of course it rocked. It's basically just a three day nerd party. Otakon is always great. I've got nothing else to say. Leave now.