I have my Ken Ohki plates again!

posted August 10, 2005 by Jer

JerAfter almost seven months, I am finally an official resident of Seattle, Washington. Oh, the government acknowledged my relocation as soon as I got my new human tracking card (drivers license), but in MY book, I didn't really live here until this past weekend when my custom license plates came in the mail.

Here you see myself and Big Josh stand beside my newly re- christened vehicle. The picture was taken by Q, who refuses to appear on the business end of a camera.

I, on the other hand, am an attention whore, as we see moving back in time to the beginning of the ceremony.

Using the sonic screwdriver I stole from some brit with an oversized scarf, I carefully un-weld the joke of a license plate the system bestowed upon me.

The custom plates are obviously radioactive, as we can see from this image. I don't blame the state of Washington, though. The plates were so intensely cool that imbuing them with nice, warm plutonium is the only way to prevent them from hitting absolute zero and subsequently triggering the unraveling of the fabric of time-space.

Mission Accomplished, and with only minor radiation burns! Mr. Seffinga once asked me what my obsession with Ken Ohki was. Quoth Seffinga: "What is it with you and cabbits, Jer? You hated Tenchi!" It's true, but I like Cabbits, and Ken Ohki accomplished something that has only ever been mimicked by Gai Daigochi: He proved in less then 4 episodes that he was the baddest mother fucker of that series. So when you've got a car with excessive personality, four dozen secret compartments and a history of beating up people he doesn't like, you gotta give him a good strong name.