One Girl Mosh Pit

posted September 28, 2004 by Jer


I am fairly certain there is a world outside this one. Every time I encounter small children, I get a great idea of the true nature of the human spirit before this world tempers us into vile, angry, greedy, bitter, anti-social creatures.

I was hanging out in my sister's coffee shop today, struggling to get the fifth and final page of The Elves of Iax to send to Dark Horse, when a mother and her little blond three year old girl happened in. What got my attention was the fact that this toddler could not stop dancing. She came in dancing, she danced while mom was in line, she danced while mom drank her coffee, she danced while mom did some paperwork, and could not for the life of her understand why mom wouldn't join her to dance. She was definitely grooving to her own soundtrack, because the quiet, ambient music was far to mellow for this one-girl mosh-pit. Once, while examining the door in mid bop, she pinched herself. She cried with the owies for less then a minute before remembering her true purpose, and resumed putting ages of stiff, rythem-less Caucasian heritage to shame. So determined and honest was her passion that her mom actually overcame herself and danced with the toddler for a few minutes in the middle of the crowded coffee shop.

My question to you is this: Why aren't you dancing? What possible excuse do you have to not be dancing this very moment? Are you afraid you'll look stupid? Is browsing the internet too spiritually fulfilling to interrupt? Are you so well trained to believe that dance must occur in a place for dancing and nowhere else? Have you no music in your heart, let alone your MP3 collection?

As I watch this kid, I am convinced that whatever we are before we involve ourself with this wretched world is something good. Deep down, we're creatures who know that the petty squabbles of this failed social experiment called existence are miniscule to the importance of dancing simply because we can.

Eventually, however, a force did wake our three year old dancer from her groove: the call of the video games in the restaurant next door. If that doesn't spell out what's important in life, I don't know what does.