Hey Ho Lets Croak! Hey Ho you got it already.

posted September 17, 2004 by Big Josh

Big  JoshMan oh man god has really got a beef with one of the founding groups of punk, like seriously god has got to be perched on a cloud thinking, "Wow I really miss the days of old when rock opera was big and artist were almost as big as me then those pesky Ramones come around, man I wish someone could take them out... Wait a minute I forgot that I am god take this you pesky Ramones," and this is how we are in a current dilemma.

On Wednesday Johnny Ramone died of cancer only 2 years after Dee Dee Ramone died of a drug overdose which was less than a year after Joey Ramone died of cancer, wow Tommy should be crying I know I would if the fates had it in for me. Now most of the time there is a formula than when a group ages and/or retires from the bright lights of fame there is usually a span of about 5 years between the deaths sometimes more case in point The Beatles have 20 years between the death of John Lennon and George Harrison.

Now I know there are loop holes in this theory which I will represent in 2 groups, and I already pointed out The Ramones you tard. First is Lynyrd Skynyrd who lost half of there group in one plane crash, probably cause they cannot stop playing Sweet Home Alabama in fucking Alabama. The other exception is The Rolling Stones who have gone from milk to cheese to blue cheese and metamorphasizing into a shiny robot cause they will never fucking die. God has it in for punk and I am punk so now I am God's worst enemy since Darwin. Bring it.