Holy Christwagons! Be Unique!!

posted July 4, 2005 by Q

QSee what I did there? I quoted an online animation, then said "Be unique." Ahh, hypochrasy!

Dear Webcomic creators,

Listen to me very carefully: You are not Jhonen Vasquez, CLAMP or Poppy Z. Brite. Please get this through your thick heads. if I see one more webcomic with pretty gay vampire boys in highschool who get into some wacky, existential adventure with FLCL-type sequences that make NO sense whatsoever, I'm gonna lose it.

Like-wise to all you Jhonen V. fans, who are just fans because of ZIM! and think his claim to fame is the fuckin' "Doom Song", you don't have to lable EVERY. SINGLE. OBJECT. In your comic. Yes, J.V. does it....every five or so pages at least! If you feel the need to lable the wall, the stapler, the tattoo gun, tattoos, walls, floors, floorboards, eyelashes, nosehairs, the fact that your characters are breathing and listneing to the conversation, then there's something seriously lacking in your art and you should perhaps re-consider this whole "making a webcomic" idea.

There's funny, and then there's overkill.