Land of the Dead

posted July 1, 2005 by Jason


Yesterday I went to see George Romero attempt to hold and rebuild his legacy with his latest installment to the genre that he revolutionized. I must say on all accounts, he was a the verge of something great but, in this guy's humble opinion, he fell short.

I'm not going to tell you the ins and outs of the story, but in short, zombies haver been running around for about three years at this point and mankind has quarntined themselves across the river where the rich and elite are buffered by the slums surrounding their palatial skyscraper known as Fiddler's Green. The new twist is that the zombies are developing habits and insights reminiscent of their previous lives. In short, they're trying to pick up where they left off before the catastrophe.

Romero drives home the criticism of a consumer society driven by decadence and vice and how the harsh realities of life are just waiting on the fringes to come in a rip it all away. Admittedly it was fun watching the undead hordes tear apart a building that reminds me of some of the swankier malls in the area.

The end of the movie hints at a better hope for tomorrow which is all well and good to counterbalance all the carnage and dread but to be honest, too many of the main group of characters survived. Not to say that people weren't dying by the handfuls but when five "main" charchters survive to drive away into the sunset, one of which being a zombie, I just don't feel satisfied.

Putting my bloodlust aside, the movie itself shoots at some very valid and relevant social commentary, this movie suffers from a lot of the problems that movies nowadays seem to be experiencing: They're trying to say too much at once.

All in all I had a decent time seeing the movie but I'll wait to see it again in my own house on a DVD with people around and a light haze in the air and do what I love to do to horror films so much. And that as we all know is to rip it a new one in the company of others.

Rating: 2.5 bong