The man behind the mask or is the mask what lies beneath?

posted June 17, 2005 by Cris

CrisThis, is a review of Batman Begins.

This film is absolutely phenominal, it's soundly dethrones X-Men 2 as my #1 superhero movie. It gets right to the core of Batman. The psychology and the horror. Batman has always been about psychology - most of his rogues gallery come from either Arkham Asylum, or end up there at some point; and Batman himself is just as fucked up as the criminals he faces.

Ras' Al Ghul was one of the unique exceptions. Ras' has always been one of my favorite villians and he is most excellent in this movie. Both cast and written well.

Everybody was cast and written well. Dr. Crane (played by Cillian Murphey) is the sexiest man alive (and after Jack Sparrow that's no mean feat.) Rutger Haur (played Earle) and Morgan Freeman (Luscius Fox) were awesome surprises for me (I never watch trailers or look at the casting before hand if I can help it), Christian Bale is superb and by far the best of the actors to wear the mask. Ah and Liam Neeson's character.....most excellent.

Did I mention that Dr Crane was sexy?

No really, there's more than that. The element of horror, the use of fear, the psychological themes and explorations are wonderful.

Filming. Setting (Gotham was a refreshing kind of art deco/modern/gothic, different from Burton's vision in the first Batman movie). Score was absolutely amazing. Musical scores have to pass The Crow test with me - as The Crow soundtrack (not the Musical Score, though that is great as well) is the most fitting soundtrack to ever accompany a movie, with the musical scores to Interview With A Vampire and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves right behind.

Needless to say, muscial scores and soundtracks will now have to pass the Batman Begins test. Christ it was so good.

The resolution of the love interest was a WELCOME, WELCOME surprise - again, keeping with Batman's character and theme. He's fucked up - interpersonal relationships and him don't really mix. The Bruce Wayne playboy does not a good boyfriend make, and neither does the scary ass vigilante seeking justice in a costume. (and no that doesn't really spoil things)

So go see this movie! Several times this weekend!!! I know I will ^___^

B/c Dr Crane is sexy. This movie gets all 5 of Xrys' Communist Stars.

Rating: 1.0 vodka