Gorillaz : Demon Days

posted June 8, 2005 by Beak

BeakBeak realized at 15 till 1 am that she had promised to write a review of the new Gorillaz : Demon Days by today. Here it is.

First off, Beak wants to write in third person today. Secondly It should be noted that Beak doesn't really want to write a review right now. There are a few reasons for this, such as lack of vocabulary to properly express her opinion about the Gorillaz. Also the fact that Beak is tired and doesn't like to write anything in length ever. But the most influential reason would be that Beak just doesn't feel like it.

For your reading pleasure here is Beak's far less than half-assed review in 2 words or less.

Gorillaz Good!

If for any reason you're not satistfied with this review, go out and get a copy of Gorillaz : Demon Days by any means you see fit and write your own review.

Beak go sleep now.

Rating: 1.5 bong