posted June 5, 2005 by Q

QOn opening night for Star Wars Episode III, the theater suffered a power surge during THE lightsaber battle. We missed out on about 5 minutes of hardcore Lightsaber flashy-wooshe-nyeer action. As a result, we were given tickets to view a free movie of our choice.

Using my rebate slip, I walked into the theater with intent to see the movie "Crash".

Yaknow what? I'm only going to review one scene. Yep. Just one. The one that made me cry.

Yes. Q cried at a movie. Now, don't get me wrong, I've cried at movies before. I cried during he penultimate scene of The Sixth Sense. I almost cried during The Incredibles, but that was it. (You know, save for being eight years old and some dog gets shot or something.)

In Sixth Sense, I just let a few tears stream down. Incedibles just got my eyes warm...But Crash made me sob. SOB!

It's funny, because you kind of saw the scene coming a mile away. "Oh. Character development. Something bad's going to happen to this character."

But when it does happen, another character, who's completely innocent and well intentioned does something that blows the other characters AND the audience's mind and it makes the scene that much more overwhelming. Right when you think it can't get worse, said innocent character speaks. Then everything rights itself after a quick investigation.

You leave that scene thinking "What if?" "Was that divine intervention? What the hell just happened?"

Later, we learn that it was human-err-on-the-side-of-caution, and not God's will at all, which took away some of the miraculous feeling, and grounded the movie that much deeper in reality.

Basically, Crash is the movie Magnolia, but without the frogs.

Rating: 1.5 beer