Your disgression

posted June 2, 2005 by Q

Q"You're a festering sack of shit and I don't know why I ever thought you were my friend! Part of me hopes you get hit by a truck and splattered all over the highway!.....But I digress."

I hate those words, "I Digress". You can say anything you want to a person, any mean, nasty, vile thing, and tack 'I digress' to the end and poof! You're concious is magically absolved of any guilt or responsibility for the attack on the other person. 'I digress' a also tricky use of fallacy, that is- attacking the arguer, not the argument.

Why should Person A take Person B's malicious slander just because it has those words attatched to it? Words have power, and anything behind the flimsy 'I Degress' sheild still has their core sting. It's like a chocolate chip cookie. Sure, you can taste the chocolate, which masks some cookie, but above all, you taste cookie. The cookie is still there and no chocolate chip is gonna change that.

Now wasn't that a nice comparison? I thought so.

I still haven't spoken to the last person who covered up their personal attack to me with 'I digress'. I won't. You lost that argument and my friendship with that bandage of a phrase. If you really, really want to say something to me, say it honestly, just be prepared to handle the conciquences, don't use some sort of vocal ducttape to fix it afterwards.