Caesars : Paper Tigers

posted June 1, 2005 by Beak

BeakWith my birthday coming up and all I decided to go out and buy myself an early b-day present. (Side note - There is nothing wrong with buying your own birthday presents. In my case it's often the only way I get what I really want.) Decided on three CD's, Caesars : Paper Tigers, Gorillaz : Demon Days, and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.

Most people would know the Caesars by their song "Jerk it out" from either the iPod commercial or SSX (3?). Now I'm not usually the type of person to buy a cd for just one specific song. I tend to buy cd's because I like the style of the band (Coldplay) or if it has a good mix of songs (hence why I have so many movie soundtracks). This wasn't exactly the case in getting this disk. I did get Paper Tigers without having heard any of the songs but "Jerk it out" thinking it would be a good cd full of fast paced dance music. This wasn't the case. Wasn't fond of the music at first but after a week of listening I'm in Love! It's the perfect music for when you want to have a mellow groove. The closest band I can relate it to is Coldplay, it's a little more upbeat but still mellow without being depressing. I give it a rating of one and 1/2 beers, mellow out and enjoy some good music.

Gorillaz : Demon Days review in a week, Eternal Sunshine Soundtrack in two.

Rating: 1.5 beer