Jer mildly dislikes dimes.

posted May 23, 2005 by Jer

JerI've been making web pages since I graduated from VCU in 2000. I am a sculpter and HTML is my clay. Despite the fact that web development is among the most under-appreciated jobs one can hold, I have stuck with it. I'm even in debt from trying to start a web-dev freelance business. But I love the web. It's what I know, it's what I'm good at.

But fuck me sideways if it doesn't piss me the fuck off sometimes.

Several months ago I saw Save Toby. It enraged me that someone could use the internet to hold a bunny hostage and actually get money for it. I promised myself that day that the VERY NEXT STUPID IDEA I came up with, I would make a web site out of it and throw in some cheesy gimmick to make money.

Yes, this is how I Hate Dimes occurred. Like all things Splurd, the concept started because I was fucking around with my crew. I would often voice that I hate dimes for no good reason. Thus I thought: what if I asked people to send in their dimes, and used the money for a campaign to END dimes? Then I remembered my promise to myself. So I wrote the site in one night, made the flash the next day, registered the domain for $10 and tossed it up on the web. My crew laughed. It was grand.

Then it sat there and did nothing for many, many months. Big Josh and I thought it was a hoot, and it was great to show to people when the chance popped up. I programmed a little counter for it just to see how far-reached my friend network was, and for all those months the counter never passed 200. At least 100 of those were me just poking at it.

The site is ugly as shit. I decided not to put ANY work into it and leave it un-designed. I didn't even switch the text to Arial like I do on all my sites. It was straight HTML, nothing more. Putting work into making it pretty would defeat the purpose.

Last week, I was poking at FARK.COM because that's how this delightful fraud got so wide-spread. For the bloody hell of it, I registered and posted a link to I Hate Dimes.

I Hate Dimes subsequently got over 130,000 hits in 4 days. God bless the internet.

I haven't made any money with the site. I never expected to, even IF a million people saw it. No one is actually going to put dimes in an envelope and send them to me. We're talking about Americans here. If it's not convenient, it doesn't happen. I have received ZERO envelopes full of dimes, and approximately 10 paypal donations of 10 cents each, which after Paypal's transaction fees, totals zero. Rest easy, people. I did not get rich with my scam. The whole thing is just my giant HTML based middle-finger towards Save Toby and anyone else who DID get rich with such scams.

It's not all slacker-happiness for Jer though. No site becomes that popular that quickly without causing some trouble. The trouble came from the fact I put the address of the house I was living at - Big Josh's house to be more specific. Big Josh's mother-in-law of a landlady (or vice versa) was contacted by - I can only assume - many radio stations who had looked up her number from the address. I was immediately called up (I was in Canada at the time hanging out with Q) and told that I needed to find a new place to live. Yes. I Hate Dimes really and truly did get me evicted.

It's all good. Freelance work - as I said - had not been going well. I had intended to actually move into Seattle and get a real job again, and this turn of events was a kick in that direction. Still... my fucking stupid-ass site got me evicted. That's hilarious.

Through the whole thing, though, you know what really pissed me off? That no web site I ever ACTUALLY PUT WORK INTO - like say, this one - became that famous. I only got famous because of a retarded idea that everyone fell for and didn't even make money.

God I love the web.