Jim Henson is Rolling in his Grave

posted May 15, 2005 by Q

QToday (May 16th) is the 15th anniversary of Muppet-master Jim Henson's death. Anyone who knows me knows that I love this man's work.

Dark Horisons.com released this little blurb on May 14th concerning a sequil to The 80's movie "The Dark Crystal", and I am shitting myself.

Not with fangirl-ish glee at the prospect of re-living my childhood. Not for The hope that my neice and nephew will get to echo my childhood memories, but with the disgust of a jaded fan.

To those who say "Eh, it's a rumor.", Henson Co. has been emailed by fans, and they've stated that it is indeed true. On more then one occasion, Jim Henson emphatically stated that he did not want a sequil to The Dark Crystal. He had a story he wanted to tell. He told it. The end. Yes, he was interested in perhapse telling a story that took place in the same world, but not a Dark Crystal sequil. What about this man's wishes? The original screenwriter is back, along with a writer from "The Muppet Show", to that I say "Crap.". Let's face it, Dark Crystal's script wasn't it's strong point. The magic was the world around the words spoken. Creature designer, Brian Froud possibly may not be around for this next chapter, nor Producer Frank Oz. Great.

So, what's the plot? Currently, it's about Jen and Kira, king and queen of the land, and protector of the Crystal. The Crystal gets cracked again. Good job there, guys.

The movie's stated to be a combination of puppetry and computer animation, a prospect that churns my stomach. Puppetry is one of the things that made The Dark Crystal so wonderous. CG, in my opinion, does not belong on Thra. (Yes, I am such a Dark Crystal geek that I know the name of the planet on which the story takes place.)

And without the Skeksis, there is no movie. Gimme the slave-master SkekNa, or give me NOTHING!!