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posted May 15, 2005 by Con Bard Drew

Con Bard Drew

This is being written at work, hiding from my boss, between taskzors. If it gets a little disjointed, i'll edit laters to fixor.

Thursday night, picked up Ariel in philly at about 10-ish. Got on the road, and drove up to Ridgefield CT, where we got to Mel's place around 12:30-ish. Crashed for the night, was up again at 7, and on the road by 8.

Made it to Boston by 11:20, where we had a bit of trouble with the hotel. First off, they wanted us to pay for the whole room up front, plus a $50 deposit for extras. I couldn't cover that myself, as i needed the cash from everyone to pay for it. So Ariel and Mel managed to come up with the necessary $, and we paid for the first night. Then the Bell captain refused to get me a bellman/cart, he kept telling me to talk to the doorman. The doorman, in turn, also wouldn't help; telling me to talk to the Bell captain. Getting annoyed with this game, i grabbed a manager and ranted about it; and she procured me a cart to use. I unloaded all the bags and bar stock, rolled it up to the room, and simply left the cart in the room. Ran into Jeni on the way, and gave her her room key.

Ariel and I then drove out to the Oak Grove station on the Orange Line of the T to park. (Parking at hotel: $37 a night. Parking at T: $3 a day.) Rode the T back, and strolled through the mall carrying my staff, freaking the mundanes.

After having gotten back, Ariel and i went up to the room to unpack a bit; and i started setting out the bar. Jeni popped in, handing us free lunch courtesy of con ops (Mmmm, turkey sandwiches!), then went on her way to staff Karaoke for the remainder of the day. I hang up some wallscrolls in the room, making it more festive.

Ariel and i head down to the con, get registered, drop off our bags in the room, the promptly lose each other in the dealer's room. I run into Terry Chu and gank some Drama Free Zone badge hang tags and stickers, then off to Ben and Jerry's with friends, where i regale them with tales of fundies and partake of berry sorbet.

Head back to the con center, where we run into Ender; whom i spend the next hour trading psycho-bitch-from-hell stories with. Conclusion? My ex is slightly more fucked in the head, although much lower-profile; and Lori is more public-drama-slut-princess. (Yes, That Ender.)

See Mel again, and she introduces me to Abby . Fun pair, those two are. (..And i probably don't know the half of it, do i?) Also find Kris and Mikhail. Discuss with Kris the whole RPG-feel of being at cons. *Kris has joined your party.*

Wander and tell stories. Gave an idea for a NERV-logo Naruto headband to an artist-alley guy, whom took down my name and address with the promise to send me one when he does them. Stopped in Kris's Adult Swim panel, where the crowd thought she worked for AS.

*Mel and Abby have joined your party.*

Had dinner at Applebeez with Mel and Abby, along with another young girl whose name i missed. Get a steak, as i love me some flame-kissed meat. *Recover 300 hp.* Checked out a bit of Iron AMV Artist with Jeni, then eventually headed to bed.

*Party sleeps. Recover 1000 hp.*

Got out of the room around 10-ish, and had to pay for the next night with Jeni's CC. Discussing with her, she has a mini-fridge that she's not using, which she's going to donate to the con equipment collection. Start the day with breakfast at the Cheesecake Factory, hitting it at exactly the right time to not have to wait for a table. Had a chicken sandwich, of which was SO HUGE that i couldn't finish it. (An aside: I'm really getting tired of the huge portion sizes at most american restaurants. I'm going to start asking for smaller meals, or ordering from the seniors' menu.) Jeni heads off to Karaoke again, and Ariel disappears into the Dealer's room. Bump into Kris, and we head to the hotel for a bit, stopping at my room, then hers, before getting back to the con hall.

*Kris has left your party.*
*Adam, Mo, and Jeni have joined your party.*

Chill for awhile, and get ice-cream. Chat with different people, get lunch, wander.

At around 5PM, i get a call from Christian Brock, from part of the NOVA contingent. He wanted to put on an A-USA party later, and needed some help. He finds me, and we work out the details.

I head back to the hotel, and there's now message-wars going on between the north and south towers. So i hang two of the wallscrolls in the window (the fanservice ones) and tape the room number (1951) and a less-than-three (<3) to the window. We (Jeni, Abby, Mel and i) get a few calls from rooms in the North tower, and "Dancing Dan" (like, Dan from Street Fighter) stops by. We call a room on the north tower, then stop over there to use their window and look at the rooms in the south tower.

I stopped up at Christian's room and take a look. Yes, this will work nicely. I make plans to be there with the bar at 10 or so.

*You have arrived at food court.*
*Terry has joined your party.*

End up going or take-out cheesecake with Terry and some other Otakon staffers. Sit at the Au Bon Pain seating area and discuss cons past. Time flies, so i load up the bar onto my hotel cart (the one the manager gave me friday, which i kept in the room when i was done with it), and use the now-empty third floor to get the liquor from the south tower to the north, unnoticed by security. Set up the bar, Christian opens up, and Steve (from Anime Pavilion) shows with some of his crew in tow.

Some of Steve's crew are underage, so Christian makes it known that the party is 21 only. Steve proceeds to pitch a total fit, that we're throwing his people out. He rants and raves, then takes off.

Terry shows up shortly later, and we proceed to have a quality discussion about the experience of staffing cons. It stays quiet like that for awhile, but eventually Steve shows back up again, much chilled out, with Emily deJesus, Monica Rial, and troops in tow. (it almost looked like another party got shut down, and they all moved upstairs to our room as a pack.) Jeni gets off karaoke room for the night, and gives me a hand tending bar. I grab a bunch more of Terry's "Drama Free Zone" badge hang tags, and pass them out to everyone at the party. These go over as a phenomenal hit, and everyone immediately put them on their lanyards. Greg Ayres asks me about Creepo Suabe, and how he was picking a fight with me at Katsu; and we get to discussing it.

Security calls maybe 30 minutes later, and tells us that they're coming up to shut down the party. So everyone does the quick one-two step to the elevators, and they disappear off to somewhere else.

*The Party has left the party.*

Scott McNeil sticks around for a short time, and we all chat for a bit. (He still recalls quite vividly the "S&M 101"-book quoting session in the bar at Ohayocon last year, as well as the reactions the fundies had to our little session.)

$46 in tips from bartending, as well as Christian and Mikhail donating maybe $120 worth of liquor. Pack up the bar, roll it back to my room, and sack out.

Not much going on. Pack up and check out, putting our stuff in bellhop storage. Wander the con. Eventually Ariel and i head over to the T to go get the car, but they've got a shuttle bus running on portion of the orange line. It stops at the Westmont station, we walk 3 blocks to the shuttle, and wait for the bus. 25 minute ride on the bus, it drops us back at another orange line station, and no sooner do we get down the stairs does the waiting train close up and leave. Wait another 20 minutes for the next train to come in, get on it, and it sits for another 10. Just as another huge batch of people hit the bottom of the steps, it closes up and takes off, leaving them standing on the platform. (I can only assume this was deliberate.)

Get the car, drive back to the hotel. Load up everything, and hit the road. Drop off Mel in CT, Kris in Brooklyn, and Ariel in philly. I get home about 12:20 or so, and my parking spot at the end of the street is taken. So i call the borough temporary-overnight-parking number (all on-street overnight parking is permit only, but you can call in for exemptions) and report the van.

Monday morning, there's still a parking ticket on it anyway. (I later called the boro office and got it straightened out, so i didn't have to pay. But still...)

From what several people have told me, there is apparently a myth/legend about me, as the storyteller with all the old badges. As this legend goes, you pick a badge, and i'm supposed to tell a story about the particular con that badge came from.

Now, as awesome as that is (as far as con legends go), there's a bit of untruth to it. Most of the cons i've been to, I can no longer differentiate in my head what happened, what year, at what hotel, in which city. It all kind of blends together into one jumbled mass memory of all the cons i've been to; although there are some notable exceptions to this for specific occurrences. But i suppose all legends need some untruth to them, or they wouldn't be legendary.

To further add to this, i recently realized that this is my 16th year of congoing. Yes, sixteen years. My first was a sci-fi con in 1989, i was all of 11 years old. Most of those old sci-fi cons i don't have the badges for anymore, as i never knew keeping them would turn out to be so important.

So if anyone has any older con badges they'd be willing to hand off/trade for, let me know? I'm looking for anything in the '89 through '95 period, basically. Sci-fi cons preferred, of no particular con. (I also have a friend looking to replace her Neko 6 and Katsu 8 badges, so if someone has some extras, let me know?)