Putting the FUN in FUNdies

posted April 24, 2005 by Con Bard Drew

Con Bard Drew

I recently found a "Christian Store" in the shopping center where one of my hobby shops is.

So i stopped in and took a look around, curious. Amongst all the "regular" god-fare stuff, they had all kinds of anti-abortion items. Most of which had supposedly-relevant scripture passages . Feeling evil, i asked if they do custom scripture passages. They said yes, so i asked for an anti-abortion bumper-sticker/car plaque with Psalms 137:9 on it.

Three days later, i get a call. "Are you sure that's the right passage?" I confirm it is, and the lady on the fone GOES OFF about me being an evil abortionist murderer. So i interrupt, and ask her if her attitude and language is the kind of "turn the other cheek" behavior her god demands of her.

She made speechless noises at me for a moment, then hung up.

dramatic pause...

Psalms 137:9, for those who do not remember it: Happy is he whom smashes the little children against the rock.

(i don't particularly care about religon or abortion, either way. However, i do advocate killing, cooking, and eating babies for Fun and Profit.)