Sin City

posted April 4, 2005 by Jason

JasonWhat can be said about this movie that already hasn't been said? Well I'll tell you.

Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller(and at some points, Quentin Tarentino) have made a movie that not only pleases the eyes but also that inner nerd who has been waiting for a comic book movie to come along that doesn't screw around with the little nuances in characters and plot line that draws one in to begin with. The characters were not only believable but easy to realte to even if some of their escapades are at times slightly exaggerated. Kudos top the whole cast (and holy shit there were a bunch of 'em) for making the cast of characters real and double kudos to the production staff for not fucking up the story.

I give it two hits just so you'll have something to get you through the cruddy ass previews that came along with a great movie.

Rating: 2.0 bong