Frank Miller's Sin City

posted April 1, 2005 by Big Josh

Big  JoshIt takes a lot to make a comic book movie worthy and as of late some have been hits like the Spiderman flicks cause they take the important stories, change them around for the movie's sake and put em out, there have been surprises like Hellboy and Constatine that they took the characters and made movies around them to make the movie cool and last there are the sucky pieces of shit like Catwoman that makes you want to commit murders. But not one of these movies was able to rip the exact story out of the comic and paste it onto a movie screen with the same feelings and emotions as Sin City was able to do.

The movie was a flawless replication of the story onto cinema and I can tell you this because I have been a big fan of the comic for a long god damn time. So to see every character brought to life with the flare and panache that the book provided without losing anything was a blessing. The books were all my favorite gangster books of the day with the grittiness still present but the characters had "powers" that were unexplained but didn't really need to be explained because the story rolled better than almost any before or after it, but enough about me pining over the book and allow to praise the movie in all of its worth.

The use of color and scenery and green screen is going to be the most obvious thing people are going to clammer about first and rightly so, the effects provide the movie with a view that is like watching a comic without it seeming hokey or stupid because the boldness defines scenes like Hartigan's scar or Marv's bandages but seeing Becky's crosses in her silhouette was the clincher for me. Next would be the dialogue word for word straight from the masterpiece, to make the movie an equal masterpiece with grittiness and language to make me want to sing a song. I don't even need to talk about the make up in the movie. The character's appearances are spot on, so every one looks like who they are suppose to look like hands down no questions.

This movie is important to anyone that needs to see exactly what fans of Miller's have read many years ago, and if you cant appreciate that, than you are stupid and I feel horribly sorry for you. Don't mind the review I saw it baked but I would see it again in any other state without flinching. See It Stupid!!!!!

Rating: 1.0 bong