Frank Miller's Sin City

posted April 1, 2005 by Cris

CrisFucking brilliant

It is everything a comic/graphic novel movie adaptation should be. Goddamn - it was sex on stilts

Acting. Mood. Cinematography. Casting. Music. Dialogue. Pacing. Everything was beautiful.

I really needed a film like that right about now.

I do wonder what a "normal" person's (or a non-Miller fan/doesn't collect comics) reaction to this is?

Film Noir is a genre that's mostly long dead. Locked away in it's celluoid preserving vault deep in Hollywood. Brought out only for nostalgic DVD releases.

But the 1980s grittyness fit right in and may be the bridge for those too young to have grown up on Film Noir.

Anyway go see it.

The Power of Xrys Compels You!!!

Ignore the rating - it means nothing. Best movie ever. Period.

Rating: 1.0 vodka