Web Based Cookie Monster

posted September 26, 2013 by Jer


Cookie Clicker is a stupid game. The object of the game is to push the button. Each time you push the button, you get a point. Points can be spent on things to help you push the button more. For some reason, probably psychological, it is very difficult to stop playing.

Fortunately, I have an escape plan when I find myself addicted to a game. When I reach the point where the game is no longer fun and I'm just grinding for points, I cheat with the targeted purpose of skipping the dull, repetitive grinding part. It's a remarkably effective game addiction averting strategy.

The game is written in JavaScript, which I write for a living now and is completely open source. Hacking into it to give myself more points was delightfully easy. If I taught a grade-school class on web development, I would make hacking this game a class assignment.

The game was smart though. When I simply changed the number of points by setting a new value for the variable, it detected that and gave me a badge for it.

I have never been more proud of a video game achievement in all my life.