posted August 26, 2013 by Jer


To say I have insomnia would not paint a proper picture of my relationship with sleep. It's more accurate to suggest I experience insomnia. Insomnia is like tea, there are so many categories and blends that in a lifetime you could not truly know them all.

I recently have taken up swimming on a regular basis, and in doing-so have discovered a delightful new variety of sleeplessness. Swimming is giving me an excellent upper body work out, particularly in my chest. Currently, I feel very sore when I inhale deeply.

Now here's the cute part.

Whenever I get the urge to yawn, I feel that tight soreness in my chest, and my yawn instinct says "nope" and wanders off. I can't yawn. It doesn't hurt that bad, it just hurts enough to disturb the yawn process every time it cycles around. It's very much akin to having a sneeze that won't sneeze, except that instead I can't perform that essentially relaxing procedure that inherently precedes refreshing unconsciousness.

I didn't even know this flavor of insomnia existed.

It's delicious.