How To Use the New Splurd Site 101

posted August 13, 2004 by Jenn

JennAlrighty, I've spoken to a couple of Splurd visitors and it appears the new layout threw a few people off. So here's a quick run down of where everything is now.

Starting at the top on the left:
Regularly Updated Features: These are features that get updated on a regular basis. Blah and my art page are all at the moment but that's where you find them.

Latest Rants: Remember how the main page news section was at times a blog for the crew? That is now under this section. The main page is now more or less reserved for things like updates, con reports, notices and the like. You can also get to this page from the RANTS tab up top.

Splurdish Links: Straightforward, really...if we run across a neat link to share, we'll post them here.

Hope that helps any other lost souls out there to find whatever Splurdness they're looking for. SplurdLink is still down, still being worked on. Patience, my pets...patience.