The First SplurdPost

posted August 9, 2004 by Jer


Wow, I just called this a SplurdPost. I'm totally turning us into The Smurfs, only bigger, not so blue and all the singing is replaced with swearing. Anyway, the purpose of this is to explain how the new Splurd news-posting thingy works.

On the first page of the site, you'll usually see a "Welcome to Splurd, this is what's new!" sort of message by me or Jenn. Basically, we'll update that when we get back from a con or when we put up a new feature. It's generally just for news about general Splurdness in general.

So what will become of the good ol' ranty goodness? Well, when any of us feel like bitching and moaning, it'll go here in the "Rants" section. Look over on the left for a second, see that listing called "Latest Rants?" When someone posts a new rant, it'll show up there. There's a little more navigation up above the posts, too. "Rant Archives" will list all of the rants, "State of Splurd Archives" lists the stuff Jenn and I post on the front page, and "Very Old News and Rants" lists the stuff from the old Splurd site.

Above Latest Rants you'll see "Regularly Updated Features." That's a list of which new comics and stuff can be found and where. Finally, there's the Splurdish Links. These are just random things we find on the internet. See my name next to the Gothador link? That's so you know which of us psychopaths posted it.

That about explains it. Right now, the only ones set to post are myself, Jenn, and Jeff, but that's just because I haven't had a chance to explain the new system to the others. We'll be getting to it shortly, though.

Oh, and thanks for the e-mails welcoming us back to life. Moral support is loved and appreciated.