The Pacifier

posted March 1, 2005 by Jer


So, I see an ad for "The Pacifier." This movie shows itself very shortly after Big Josh finally shows me all of the Riddick series. My first though after seeing the ads for The Pacifier? Oh great, it's Kindergarden Cop 2. Vin Diesel, I was just starting to respect you.

Well, my evil Doppleganger "Playboy Jer" is in the Navy, and he occasionally gets me and Big Josh into free movies on base. Cool guy. So this weekend the movie was The Pacifier. So we's says "Hey! Free movie. Don't knock it." So we sat through it with low intentions, and with low intentions, we were impressed. You know what? It had it's lame Disney moments, but other moments honest-to-god made me laugh.

First off, you know all that shit in the ads? That shit sneaks up on you and is actually funny in context. I am ALWAYS impressed when a movie does that. It turns out it's less of a "Kindergarden Cop" and more of a modern "Mr. Mom" deal. It's obviously a family movie but Vin Diesel still get to kick some ass. True, you don't see anyone die, but they also don't go and try to hide the fact that a PERSON was in that explosion and he ain't coming out.

All in all, if you're a grown-up on your own, I'd say wait till this is on video or cable. For those of you with kids over six who need a movie to take 'em to and who JUST can't stomach Ice Princess this weekend, The Pacifier is a good plan. Big Josh gives it two and a half beers, but I'm going to go with three - not the greatest, but hey, it was entertaining.

Rating: 3.0 beer