The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

posted February 26, 2005 by Big Josh

Big  Josh

As everyone knows here at splurd that Mr. Seffinga is not the biggest fan of Halo 2 due to the obviousness of his last rant duh, I on the other hand did enjoy the game and had a gay (hands up) time about it. I would rather want to point out the fact that I think that Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay is at least 10 times the game that Halo 2 is and in my mind the best the Xbox has to offer in the sense of some of the best graphics this side of the universe. The graphic engine for Riddick is a form of low-res graphics which gives the characters and environments texture and more realism. Also the cut scenes and the in game graphics blend together so well that you feel like you are playing the essence of the other movies.

Another thing to boast about this game is the incredible achievement of how voice acting should be done in games and the writing is also top notch without any form of corniness. The big thing is that the character of Richard Riddick is written and performed as true as he is in the movies and that is usually hard and at most times done incorrectly but not in this game. In the game as well playing cool characters is X to the Z Xzibit playing main guard Abbot with his cool west coast sound and also another cool thing is Cole Hauser to reprieve his role as the bounty hunter Johns. Also the fact that the game is set as a prequel makes you playing as Riddick and building him up to the point that he is in Pitch Black more enjoyable.

Riddick has a good bout of challenge to it due to the fact that through a good portion of the game you are gunless and all the guards around you are like 50 cent, 2 pac, Biggie, and Suge all rolled into one when it comes to guns and ammo. Another thing that provides the challenge is the lack of shields and also the challenge of health recharge stations because each one gives you back 4 of your life squares back and that is it and when you use it the station is done unless you find a nano med cartridge and they are few and far between.

Last but not least in a game review is where I talk about the game play and I must say that there is not much to complain in the game except the gun play is not as tight as say Halo but the hand to hand FPS aspect of the game is some of the best you can play with. The stealthiness aspect is also a really nice touch and the stealth kills are super fucking awesome. Last, certainly not least is the Shined Eyes which makes playing the game of who's the better killer a million times more in your favor, so pick this game up if you like sticking it to Bungie and breaking it off BITCHES!!!!!!

Rating: 1.5 beer