You Can Not Kill The Splurdagumi

posted June 30, 2011 by Jer


We're back. I don't even know what to say about being back. I downloaded the full-restore this morning, hooked it up and right now you'd never know anything had ever gone wrong. So, for posterity, here's an official post of all my crash status messages. I'll tell you what I learned from all of this: Splurd is huge.

Thank you all for sticking with us while we were down! It's the support of our tens of fans that keeps us going.

June 29th 2011 - Expedition

I have gotten word that our old server actually pulled off a full-restore of our data. While we'll still be hosting on our new server, this will definitely speed up the recovery. Meaning, when he gets that to me, I'll have the site up in its former glory one hour later.

June 27th 2011 - Phoenix Class

Splurd Crew Crash Comic

This week I thought I'd have a little fun with our predicament and take a second to reflect on where we are and where we've been. Sifting through all those old rants and quips is what lead to Jer's comment in panel four. I've only very recently become much more reserved about posting strong political opinions. It's not that I think there's anything wrong with it - quite the opposite - but I think my motivation has changed, a lot of the things I've said did more to alienate people than make any positive change in the world. Though I've grown up some, I can't and wouldn't change who I was or what I've said. How else could I move forward?

A "Phoenix Class" isn't so much a production model spacecraft as it is a nickname for ships made using a modular construction process popular to junkers and scrappers. Phoenix Class ships are often amalgamations of different models, using kits to connect otherwise incompatible parts.

Jer and Jenn first assembled their own Phoenix Class while working at a carrion shop after the war. The most identifying feature is the high-powered broad-wave antenna, which allows the ship to send broad-wave transmissions from wherever the crew may travel. They make a modest living as media personalities, subsidized largely by regular fully-legal cargo hauling work. They stay - for the most part - off the radar, which is unfortunate for a group who's driving purpose is having their voice heard.


June 25th 2011 - Rebuild Journal Entry

Systems are coming back online slowly. The core issue is that I never made a good backup of our databases. I made backups for My Dad's Site, which is why it's running normally and Splurd is not. So today I'm digging through all my folders and files across four computers to figure out what I have, what I need and what to do with it. At the moment I'm shaking out 16 gigs worth of old archives.

I'm hoping that Rick can help me get a static clone of the site as it was up and running this evening using equal parts magic, science, math and brain.

I've decided that in the Serenity universe, the Splurd crew flies a Phoenix Class ship.


June 23rd 2011 - Crisis Report

Someone set up us the bomb. The starship Splurd crash landed on planet suck. No casualties, but lots of damage.

So, what happened is our host had a hard drive failure. Somehow, it failed so hard that it broke the backups as well (which - technical as I may or may not be - I don't really understand how is possible). We do have our own backups, but they're kinda old. We'll get rants and recent comics back up without too much trouble. We may be missing some older comics and images, but it'll just be a matter of tracking them all down.

The gang is all here, we're rallying to rebuild. It sucks, but it's not the first time we've rebuilt from a crash, nor the first time the crash wasn't even our fault. Thanks as always for reading, you make it all worth it.