The Quips


Mini-Update: AnthroCon rocked.

Cheers to all I've met who come visit here! Join the forum, let's get to know you!
Blah is on normal schedule this week (M,W,F).There's a mini-celebratory comic up for #250.
My art page is still up until further notice (ie the move actually happens), in case you're looking for it.

~Jenn [07/12/2004]



We have moved! We HAVE moved!! Okay, so just like in a move, the first few days are going to be a little haphazard...stuff is misplaced, stuff doesn't work bear with us, yes? It shall be all good, oh shall be all good. But you know what DOES work? My art page! Jenn's art page is UP and RUNNING!

It's been a rough few days for Splurd. Everything for the move went according to plan except for that one wrench in the gears that none of us could have predicted or done anything about. Network Solutions had their own server problems on the same day we tried to move servers, go figure. Fortunately, they fixed their server fubar fairly quickly and so now we are HERE, ladies and gentlemen. You could FEEL the relief pouring off in waves, lemme tell ya. But it's done. Boola boola!!

~Jenn [07/26/2004]



Greetings all who came by and said Hello to us at Otakon! Welcome newcomers and Splurd veterans alike! I wanna thank everyone who came by and expressed interest in my artwork. Please visit my art page to see more like it. Some of you have asked about commissions and yes,I certainly will do commissions. Just send me an Email at jenn at or contact me in the forum and we'll talk about it. Also now that Otakon's over, I will be updating it with recent work, finished and unfinished, in the upcoming week. In addition to that, I will also be looking into getting space on Deviant Art and VCL, at the recommendation of quite a few of you. Again, cheers to everyone who came by at Otakon!

~Jenn [08/01/2004]


Splurd is Rocking the Soapbox

If you're reading this, then Splurd is rocking it's new Newspost Tool. I still have a bit of work to do before everyone can start posting, but at least Jenn and I can start updating again.

~Jer [08/06/2004]


Bit by bit...

Wow...don't you love it when stuff works?

~Jenn [08/06/2004]


A little movement

Things are starting to pick up around here. For one, the Crew page looks a little cooler. We may have to change the format yet again, cuz Xrys tried to make a news post and was irritated that it didn't go on the front page anymore. Nonetheless she has posted this link, so the system is sorta starting to work. The same bad news still persists: we all have plans for new regular comics but none of us can get going with them due to life situations *COUGH*predident W. fucked the economy so we're all unenmployed*COUGH*, but there will always be Blah to read. Keep the faith, people. We will live again.

~Jer [08/31/2004]


Attention Blah Readers:

Just a heads up: Monday's Blah will be up Tuesday due to me being out of town.

~Jenn [09/01/2004]


Slight Changes

Xrys was right: it just doesn't seem right to not have rants on the front page. If you scroll down below Jenn's and my news about Splurd (the thing what you're reading right now) you'll see the most recent Rant. As an added bonus, you will see the most recent Blah! below that. Less Clicking! WOO!

~Jer [09/05/2004]


We really don't do anything

So for the first time ever, The Crew and I (minus Big Josh due to that living-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-country thing) had a meeting to decide what we want to do with We ate pizza, BSed for several hours and got nothing accomplished more then agreeing on the fact that none of us (save Jenn who shall continue to draw BLAH) really know what we're going to do.
I guess I used the right song.

~Jer [09/08/2004]


There is little news, if any...

I do wish there was more to report. I'm reporting only because I'm growing tired of seeing the same newspost every time I visit my own site. Big Josh, good man that he is, has continued to rant despite our hibernation, and Jenn never ceases to give us Blah. I hope no-one has fallen in love with our new layout, because it continues to irk me, though I can't think of a better design just yet. As for my creativity, it is continually spent preparing a meager 5 pages of The Elves of Iax to send away to some potential publishers; Fantagraphics, Image, and Dark Horse to be exact. The only other news of note is that we will be appearing at Anime USA at the end of October. Those who live nearby, we shall see you there.

~Jer [09/22/2004]


Looking for Blah?

Friday's Blah will be up sometime on Saturday. I just spent the night at the ER tending to an initially-worrying but ultimately-pesky medical problem and the day is more or less shot for me. So...tomorrow. Yeah.

~Jenn [09/23/2004]


C'est Finis

At long last, I have finished five absolutely beautiful pages of The Elves of Iax. My plan now is to first send everything I've ever done to be officially copywriten, then send packages to Fantagraphics, Image, and Dark Horse. If I impress any one of them, you can look forward to The Elves of Iax being sold pretty much everywhere. Wishings of Luck are appreciated.

~Jer [09/28/2004]


SplurdLink and Backstage

I'm working on the new verson of SplurdLink, and there's a really good chance Big Josh and I may start Backstage Season 2 within the next couple weeks. Stay tuned.

~Jer [10/05/2004]


Step 1: Raise hammer. Step 2: Apply with force.

Okaaaay for some reason or other, the server doesn't want to cooperate with me in uploading Blah. And since it's very late and I need sleep before work, Blah will be a bit delayed. If all goes well, it'll be up this evening.

~Jenn [10/07/2004]


Good Advice

I'd like to declare that this is the best forum thread EVER. No other news to speak of until I get back from Seattle.

~Jer [10/21/2004]


On Tour, so to speak

Halloween Weekend Oct 29-31: AnimeUSA - Not much hype about us being at this con, but then it's a fairly small one. It's okay. We'll have a table and we shall make an Appearance. Commissions and bumperstickers to be had by you, the public, ladies and gents. To. Be. HAD.

February 18-20: KatsuCon. Much more planning ahead being done for this one. Commissions and bumperstickers to be expected, of course. And possibly...more? Stay tuned!

~Jenn [10/27/2004]


Eminem Not So Bad Afterall

So I've never particularly cared for Eminem, though I recognized his talent. With his release of Mosh however, he has shot up a few notches on my respect chart. Check this shit out and spread it.
Official Mosh release
Torrent for Mosh and other goodies
Article on internet spread of Mosh

~Cris [10/31/2004]



Isn't it ironic when you switch to one company because their customer service rocks, then after you've been with them for oh, a year or so, they outsource their customer service to India and you can't get nothing fixed no-time no-how? That's a true story, isn't it Fuitadnet?

~Jer [11/03/2004]


The Old Days Are Coming Back

Okay, I thought it was clever to split the newsposts into "news about splurd" and "rants" but it's just not making any sense to me anymore. I'm going to set it more like the way it was before as soon as I can. Also, I submitted a bunch of stuff to PopCap Games with the intent to impress them into giving me a job. Wish me luck everyone, having some stability again would make it so much easier to start making comics again.

~Jer [11/10/2004]


No Dice

Jer from Splurd will not be working at PopCap games. Apparently, there were others they were more interested in for the tasks at hand. I'll still be moving to Seattle, but I don't know what I'll be doing when I get there. I guess things will continue to drag on slowly around dear old Splurd.

~Jer [11/14/2004]


Blah Schedule

This week: Fable #2, Mon - Fri. Wondering what's going on with Blah? Read details here.(scroll down)

~Jenn [11/18/2004]


Should have expected it...

Well, try as I might, stuff refuses to function so I won't be able to update Blah for Thursday and Friday. I'm out of town until Sunday so Monday'll be the first update I'll be able to do. So. Here's how next week will run: I will finish up this week's fable on Mon and Tues next week, then do the Gag-A-Day for Wed, Thurs and Fri. Then Fable #3 will follow the next week. I'll continue to poke at stuff and update again if I get it to work. I'm inclined to just totally relax this weekend though. 'S all good. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

~Jenn [11/24/2004]


I'm Moving!

Farewell DC! I'm off to Seattle! Once there, Big Josh and I shall begin Backstage Season Two!

~Jer [12/03/2004]



Gimmie a bickida bickida bickida bickida bickida bickida bickida bickida bickida bickida bickida bickida BACKSTAGE IS BACK BABY YEAAAH!
Dig it you bitches!

~Jer [12/13/2004]


Backstage is Up

Backstage is late, but it's up now. It's Big Josh's fault. Big time.

~Jer [12/21/2004]

Big  Josh

Merry Fucking CHRIST-MAS

Well it is finally here so everyone should try as hard as you fucking can to be joyous because I have been busting my ass at my job to provide you a better Christmas. I am tired, sick, and simply of disgust of the time building up til now, but now that it is here do a few things.... Shut up open presents, shut up and be merry, shut up and eat your food and finally shut up and go to sleep. Done and done you skeezy hoes.

~Big Josh [12/24/2004]


Happy Yule

I think Josh just means "Merry Christmas," but he delivers packages for a living so I can understand him being bitter. Jenn entrusted me to update Blah for her, but I haven't been near the internet till just now. So here's Friday's Blah. I'm all about the delays. But hey, it's X-mas, so chill out, enjoy your presents and eat some ham. Your mom made it, that's why its good. Yeah. Ham.

~Jer [12/24/2004]


Just some news

Hey folks. Updates galore today. There's a new rant by me below about my adventures getting a new cell phone and there's a new Backstage in which I die. A few people have asked why my art style has changed so drasticly in Backstage season two and to them I say "It hasn't you shmucks, Big Josh draws Backstage now." We'll also be having some newcomers soon. My sister Beak is ready to start posting "Some Shit about Pirates," and my good friend Q is moving her comic "Friends 4 Ever" to Splurd and will also start drawing a comic called "The People In My Head."

~Jer [01/03/2005]


Splurd Has Gained Light Side Points

I just donated moneys to the Red Cross under Studio Splurd's name to help out with the Tsunami damage. I was avoiding it under the excuse that I don't have any moneys to donate - what with being unemployed and all - but they tempted me with Frequent Flier Miles in return, which is valuable to me what with living on the opposite side of the country as most of my friends. In happier news, my sister Beak has begun bringing us the glorious Some Shit About Pirates. Go dig it.

~Jer [01/05/2005]


Ahoy to all!

...and more sea faring terms to come. Anyways... Some Shit About Pirates is finially started. I havn't determined how often they will be posted. Possibly once a week at first, or just when I feel like it. I'm going to try and at least get the initial comics posted asap just so the plot can get started. That's about all I have to say for now, so enjoy!

~Beak [01/05/2005]


Fresh out of the box

There are some new things coming to pass here at Splurd and it has nothing to do with the gastrointestinal system. Okay, one of them does but in name only. 1) Didja notice? The main Splurd page has a new look! Go ahead, ooh and ahh. 2) As mentioned before, Some Shit About Pirates has begun. If you haven't seen it yet, stop reading this, go read it NOW, then come back. 3) There is now a tutorial on how to get Splurd stickers for any of you who've wanted your very own Splurd sticker but somehow couldn't get one otherwise. See them here. And 4) still in the works but coming soon, Splurd will have a Rating System and will be rating media of all kinds, books, music, games... Stay posted for that. Should be all flavors of interesting!

~Jenn [01/10/2005]



Backstage is up. Laptop is on the fritz. Other then that, all systems are jimminy-mcfubar. Have a nice day folks.

~Jer [01/17/2005]


Nobody's Home, Just Me & My Mouse...

If I can fit Alice Cooper into anything, you know I will. Take the title of this post for example. Hi. I'm Q. First thing you should know about me, is that I feel Alice Cooper is a God amongst creative people. The second, is that "Q" is not a Star Trek, nor a James Bond refference. I'm mearly a lowly, 17th letter of the English alphabet. Anyways, I'm writing this to introduce myself, which I have, and see if this all works, which I hope it does. I've moved my sprite comic Friends 4 Ever!!!! to Splurd, far away from it's former Keenspace host. Enjoy.

~Q [01/18/2005]


Enter Q

Everyone give Q a warm welcome. And - to our forum-friend "uziel's" delight I'm sure - Splurd is now home to a sprite comic. Q, however, is a phenominal artist as well, and hopefully I'll be able to adminster enough kicking to get her to start an actual drawn comic.

~Jer [01/18/2005]



HA! Despite my best efforts to laze about and never work on pirates again, I have sucessfully shot 7, count it 7 new strips. I was going to post them weekly, but I felt it neccesary to post more than one right now, for the complete lack of postings. I'm thinking of posting every thursday, but we'll see.

~Beak [01/19/2005]


Enter Con-Bard Drew

You've already met two of the newcomers to Studio Splurd, Beak and Q. The third will be making his first post shorty. If you've ever been to a comic or anime convention on the east coast, you've met Con-Bard Drew. He's that guy with the sign. He just returned from Ohayocon, and will be relaying his exploits in his very first Splurd rant.

~Jer [01/20/2005]

Con Bard Drew

Greetings, Programs!

As you can tell by my nickname, i'm the one that travels the world far and wide, in my quest for cons. (For the curious, my 2005 World Tour schedule. This will be my 16th year of congoing. Am i insane, or what?) Anyway, If you'll be at any of the cons listed above, feel free to find me and ask to spin you a tale of cons past. I'm not hard to find.

~Con Bard Drew [01/23/2005]


General News

Backstage is up. No comment about that. Best dad ever if only he used blanks. I've also done a community service, because I think it's retarded how much money people are making selling ringtones right now. Also, Beak has posted another installment of Some Shit About Pirates. Enjoy.

~Jer [01/24/2005]



Ok, I'm not a Fan of Megatokyo. Never have been, never will be. The hard core rabid fans irritate me, quite honestly, and like an old friend of mine said: "Letters are not numbers and numbers are not letters!" With that in mind, I bring you Wank on the 'break up' between Piro and Largo. But I'm not totally callous, Congradulations on the Daddy-to-come job Largo!

~Q [01/26/2005]


So Much Pain

Big Josh, Q and I decided we would hurt ourselves as a group. We're into that self-injury stuff, ya know. So we rented Catwoman with Halle Berry. It was so... so very bad. We will be putting up a review of it shortly, in which we shall rip it to bloody shreds. Right now, we just need to talk amongst ourselves to decide if it deserves to be rated by vodka shots or bong hits.

~Jer [01/30/2005]


The Fucking Whip

Ok, we all know that Catwoman sucked the cock of a rancid decomposing donkey, (Like a CAT!) but my real issue is the CG whip. Michelle Pfeiffer had to learn how to use a whip. She clocked Tim Burton while training. Snapped him IN THE MOUTH! He BLED for his film! Halle Berry got to wield a whip made out of zeros and ones. Not Fucking Fair! AAH! So full of rage. In further rage, I ask you who would win?

~Q [01/30/2005]



Backstage is up. Big Josh kept falling asleep instead of actually drawing it. Ironic, considering the subject matter. Also, Q has started her comic PimH. Have fun.

~Jer [02/02/2005]


Co-Writer of THE MAXX Having it Tough

I found this on LJ today, in The community dedicated to THE MAXX, a shortlived comic/animation that I worship. Bill Messner-Loebs is delt the short end of the stick. This affected me for countless reasons. THE MAXX was a very good copeing tool I used after a traumatic point in my life. It also sparked my interest in psychology and comics other then the superhero genre. And we're both amputees. Go figure. I wanna do something for him...

~Q [02/02/2005]



I'm here and stuff.

~Jason [02/03/2005]


Emerald City ComiCon

Big Josh, Q and I went to E.C.C.C. yesterday. Very different from the Anime cons I'm used to. Much less cosplay, no badges and the whole thing was basically a Artist Ally/Dealers Room with a couple of panels. Fun though. Met Gabe and Tycho, very cool guys. Didn't bother meeting Jhonen Vasquez though. I'll wait till I'm somebody before that. I'd rather have a beer with him as another artist than wait in line to have him sign some shit.

~Jer [02/05/2005]


Because fans are people too

If I ever become famous, hopefully I'll respect my fans, but more then that, I hope they'll respect me enough not to tackle me and throw around fragmented Japanese slang at me. Some artists and guests at the con were both things. Some were stupidly patiant and helpful, while other 'bigger' names were...well...not. Some fans are closet masochists, I'm certain of it. Just you wait...just you wait. (This veild comment was brought to you by the letter Q.)

~Q [02/05/2005]


People in My Head. . .

The People In My Head has updated, with the introduction of Suicide, the self proclamed gay bondage elf. Oh, he's so very gay. To learn more about 'Side, I invite you to take a peek in his personal Livejournal

~Q [02/07/2005]



Backstage is up. The director's cut had Jeff in the trunk with an exploded head, IE: Marvin from Pulp Fiction. However, I haven't talked to Jeff in a while and I don't want him to get pissed off. Sorry Big Josh. 'Twas funny though.

~Jer [02/07/2005]



I'm reformatting, thus, I might dissapear for a few days. Oh, Don't worry, I updated Friends 4 Ever a day early, so you all won't miss me as much.

~Q [02/09/2005]



Yeah sorry to everyone about pirates not being updated in 2 weeks. Exams and such, plus getting ready for Katsucon. My bro Sean took the liberty of arranging my playmobiles in interesting poses. I'll be posting the pictures soon. Come and check me out in Artist Alley, I'll be selling jewelry. Or walking around with a giant llama puppet. -Beak- "Llama llama DUCK!"

~Beak [02/09/2005]

Mr. Seffinga


OOOHHHH, Face!!!! Such fantastic witty...heh.

~Mr. Seffinga [02/09/2005]



Big Josh has pointed out a mistake. In Backstage, I typed Kurt Cobain's name "Kirk" by mistake. Please rest asured the sacred godfather of grunge's name has been corrected and I have been beaten severely for my error.

~Jer [02/10/2005]


Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday was the day of Big Josh's birthday scavenger hunt. I took a pie in the face from the big man and drank 15oz of creamed corn. Our team won, and THANK GAIMAN. I don't want to guzzle creamed corn for nothing. Ugh. We got footage, we're going to see about putting video on Splurd for the first time. Should be fun.

~Jer [02/11/2005]

Lunchbox Mike

Lunchbox has arrived!!

Lunchbox has finally arrived on Splurd! Plenty of alcohol induced reviews and rants to follow.

~Lunchbox Mike [02/13/2005]


So good it hurts!

In case you didn't notice, there was no Blah on Monday. This is because I was skiing, tubing and sleighing the wilds of the WV mountains. Just got back late Monday night. Due to EVERYTHING hurting and being exhausted (6.5 hour car ride each way), Blah will run this week Tuesday to Saturday. The first page of Fable #8 will be up Tuesday evening followed by pages 2-5 on the modified schedule. Owie.

~Jenn [02/13/2005]


Well...this is new

Ok, I said Blah would run today through Saturday. My computer, however, is unwilling to cooperate with me. I have the oddest feeling that my hard drive has finally had the heart attack I've been expecting for several weeks now...two days before I buy and ghost a new harddrive. So. Blah may be on hold until I can get that figured out, first time in Blah's 2 year history. See my forum post for more details. Why do the catastrophic computer failures tend to happen in the day after I get back from a vacation?

~Jenn [02/14/2005]


So close...

Update: I have acquired some new hardware and am in the process of transferring the functioning components from the old box into the new one. This won't be finished tonight, as I am too exhausted from spending the weekend traipsing all over Crystal City, VA at Katsucon. Ahem. You'll be hearing about THAT relative disappointment later, but I digress. My laptop is now equipped to continue Blah (Thanks Jer!) but that'll have to wait until Monday so I can finish classwork by midnight tonight. Blah will continue where it left off, at Fable #7. More on the computer issue later.

~Jenn [02/19/2005]


RIP Hunter S Thompson

One of the greatest writers of this age has died. I am very sad. If you've never read anything by him then you're missing out. Full story here

~Cris [02/20/2005]

Con Bard Drew


Krapsucon report will be up in a bit. But for now, Penguin Sweaters.

~Con Bard Drew [02/20/2005]



Katsucon '05 was a terrible, horrible con. All the fun I had this weekend was seeing friends and hanging out. The con was a disorganized clusterfuck. I would rant about it, but I think it's fitting to let Con Bard have first crack at it.

~Jer [02/20/2005]


Blah Hiatus is Over

Blah is back, starting with Fable #8, not 7 like I had mentioned before, running Tues-Sat this week. The computer is back up as well and (mostly) running and I have backup now in case it fails again so there should be no more hardware-based Blah outages.

~Jenn [02/21/2005]

Con Bard Drew


I present to you: The Ballad of Creepo Suabe.

~Con Bard Drew [02/22/2005]


Backstage Up

Backstage is late, but it is now up. It was my fault this time. My excuse is that I was busy doing the job that I get paid for. You can believe it if you like. I don't really care.

~Jer [02/22/2005]


Backstage is Late Again

You know, I COULD just make the post date for Backstage Wednesday from now on, but I know full well that would just make us lazy enough to start posting it on Thursday. Man, we are slackers. Beak is swamped with college, so no new Pirates planned. Q is struggling with her Canadian POS computer, so we can't get any PIMH or F4E. We've got Jenn's computer back though, so Blah continues. There's actually some talk of Jason putting up his artwork. I think he just needs to get to Jenn's place to hijack her scanner and we'll get to enjoy that. As per my catch-phrase during the Splurd downtime last year: We're not dead, people.

~Jer [03/01/2005]


I'm Alive!

(That was the day my dead pet returned to save my life!) See? More Alice Cooper. Anyways, I'm not dead. Friends 4 Ever !!!! became a year old on Feb. 22nd. Expect, upon my return, a double sized F4E strip.

~Q [03/04/2005]



Wow, how long has it been since I took SplurdLink off line? THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO! Well, it's back. Sort of. You can't register or edit your account so there's probably a dookieload of broken links. But hey, SplurdLink is living and breathing. Or um... working. Or something. Go play with it already. Jeez. Oh, and I said "ZOMFG." I'm such a dick.

~Jer [03/04/2005]


Violence in Video Games

Splurd fan Allison sent me this link. I do so enjoy reading the un-researched arguments of an ideologue. My favorite line in this is this judge's theory as to why in 2003 there were 48 school shootings, while there were 16 and 17 in the years before: "I submit that the video game generation is coming of age." Should I point out that we glorified Columbine all throughout 2002? I am 26, and I am the video game generation. I came of age long ago, pal, and I'm not shooting anyone. You can also read Tim Buckley and Scott Ramsoomair's answers to the same questions.

~Jer [03/07/2005]

Lunchbox Mike

R.I.P. Lunchbox Mike the Drunk 3/13/05

Today, Lunchbox Mike, in a stunning move, denounced alcohol in all its forms as a means of escape from reality. The move came after a Saturday night in which Lunchbox became close with his toilet and suffered massive dehydration. Although he was able to pull through and make it to morning, he has decided that alcohol is the Devil and will be ignored from here on out.

~Lunchbox Mike [03/12/2005]


Congrats, L.B.M.

In other news, after four months of living with Big Josh, I officially renounce sobriety. ...just kidding folks. Having more then two drinks in a night makes me feel depressed for the following three days. Occationally it's worth it, but usually it's not. Anyway, welcome to the lightweight club, Mike.

~Jer [03/12/2005]


In response to Mike's abstinence...

I'll believe it when I see that shit.

~Jason [03/13/2005]


Where is Backstage?

So Monday Night, Big Josh and I put on Samurai Champloo and got to drawing. I sketch out another page of Elves of Iax (Yes, I'm working on it. I never stopped.) and Big gets about half of Backstage done. Big promises to get the rest done Tuesday Night. So I spend Tuesday Day answering PMs from fans who want to know where Backstage is. "It's Coming" I tell them. Well poor Big had a really shitty day at work on Tuesday, and said he didn't want his anger to bring down the quality of his drawing. He also begged me not to fire him. No, really. He begged. UPDATE: Backstage is up now.

~Jer [03/15/2005]

Con Bard Drew

Say, does anyone want to buy an Aircraft Carrier?

~Con Bard Drew [03/16/2005]


Quality viewing. Seriously!

If you don't know of SamBakZa, you should. This crew puts together some amazing flash work. Top o' the line storytelling, direction and animating. Very nice stuff. Check out their There She Is! series. I saw the first one a while ago and loved it. I was just shown the second one today. It totally made my day. WATCH THEM!

~Jenn [03/16/2005]


Some Shit About Pirates

*waves white flag* You win! The constant bitching has to stop! I finially started work on pirates again. I do appologize for it being on delay for so long. To try and make amends, I posted a triple sized pirates. One script related, and 2 bonus strips, cause I love my fans that much. so Please be happy now!!!

~Beak [03/17/2005]


I'm Baaaa-aaaack!

No, really, I am. Complete with A new PC. Yes, ShitBitch is dead. I need a name for my new HP 1 Gig tower. Any suggestions?

~Q [03/19/2005]


Paradigm: Shifted.

This week, Blah will be running its 10th fable. You may notice there's nothing telling you so on the left. After around 20 weeks of this new schedule, I figure that, if you're a regular reader, you know the how it works by now (Fable week(daily)one week, Gag-a-day (M,W,F) the next week, then fable week again...) If you're not, no worries, you'll catch on quick. Another change, the speech in Blah is now lettered digitally instead of by hand. Perhaps that'll make it a bit easier to read, especially when there are long speeches.

~Jenn [03/20/2005]


Celabrate Friendship!

It's that time again. It's been a while, so I don't think anyone minds that it's this time. Friends 4 Ever!!!! has updated! A very special update, even. This week, it's twice as long, because on February 22nd, F4E became a year old! PRAISE IT! So, go read, laugh...celabrate friendship the way only horror videogame sprites can!

~Q [03/20/2005]


Tuesday Updates

Backstage is up. In other news, I hate my clients and I'm sicker then two sacks of dog shit, so I'm going back to bed. Peace.

~Jer [03/21/2005]



When it rains, it pours. My scanner drivers have gotten themselves corrupted and their replacements aren't playing ball. This might sound familiar to those of you who know about my video driver fiasco a few months ago. Yeah, the function is different but otherwise it's the same old Kacke.
*UPDATE* 3/25: Issue resolved. Thurdsay's Blah is and will be up through Saturday, Friday's will be up on Sunday.

~Jenn [03/23/2005]


Same ol' Same ol'

Well okay, more people didn't like the new text than did, so Blah is once again hand-lettered. Making my own font from my handwriting is now a project. With any luck, it won't settle into the 'Back Burner' status that so many other projects have managed to do.

~Jenn [03/26/2005]


Back Burner

Now now, Jenn, the 'Back Burner' is pretty much the standard place to put any work involving Splurd. Update: Backstage is up.

~Jer [03/27/2005]

Mr. Seffinga

Feel the Power!!!.......Shit!

I apologize in advance if this runs off course, I'm heavily medicated on good old fashioned over the counter sleep-aid. Anyhoo, picked up a PSP on Tuesday, I should have more to say on it in a few more days. I can say right now that it has one gorgeous mother of a screen that awes me every time I turn it on. I'm thinking that it's really awesome to have this kind of power in the palm of your hand (but then that makes me think of the powerglove and I weep on the inside). Stay tuned...

~Mr. Seffinga [03/31/2005]


Sin City

I'm poking at the programming of Splurd so I can add a review of Sin City to Xrys' without knocking her's off... because I think we're ALL going to want to throw in our two cents on this one. The movie was perfect. Absolutely perfect. In other news, Pope John Paul II is dead. If you haven't heard it anywhere else, you heard it on Splurd first.

~Jer [04/01/2005]



Today's the day Today's the day Today's the day Today's the day Today's the day! DooM III is out on X-Box. I shall buy it. and Play it, and scream and die of a heart attack and you'll never see me again. *To the tune of "Good Bye cruel world" from The Wall* "Goodbye cruel world. I'm goin' to Hell. Today. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye all you people. Zombies gonna rip me up. Today. An' Arch Vile's gonna burn my ass. Away."

~Q [04/03/2005]

G.L. Jeff

I think I might be evil..and you might be too

I am a terrorist. I live in comfort and assurance that I have a better chance of seeing tomorrow than not. I have because they take. We drink posion my friends, There is no easy out. I know this tunes been played out. I sing it because Im being told to sing. Now get me an old priest and a young priest. Im going to exorsize a Demon. The DEMON. I REVOKE your mandate. I call you sinners. There is blood on my hands, it came out of a coke can, and poured forth from my 32 inch television screen. I want and want and want, who put this hunger in me. Real hunger in brown eyes. We are still that fat child, filling a hole in ourselves with butterscotch krimpets. Nuetered cats grow fat. WHAT DO I DO MOTHER? WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO? SOMEBODY SAVE ME. wheres my suburban messiah? DONT MAKE ME DO IT. i cant take the lies anymore...can you? there's so much noise. how are we supposed to react to this?

~G.L. Jeff [04/05/2005]


Friends 4 Ever!!!! Updated.

I've been dying to do this joke, and in honour of my purchasing DooM III, I finally had the opportunity. IDSPISPOPD is the original "No clip/walk through walls" cheatcode in DooM I. Screw "Idnoclip" from DooM II. Oh, and screw those who think I had to look up the code. I remember that sucker from HEART. IDSPISPOPD was the first sequince of keys I learned, save for my name. Yes. Jer can say "Q, I. D." and I will blurt out "IDSPISPOPD! Now I can walk through walls!" Dmn, I want that on a T-shirt.>< oh, yeah. F4E updated.

~Q [04/07/2005]


This Weekend is Brought To You By

Wrigley's Doublemint Chewing Gum.

Unfortunately I'm not the one chewing it.

~Jer [04/07/2005]


Sleepy Times at Splurd

Not much going on round here. Big Josh copped out of Backstage this week cuz he had a craptastic weekend. Q's got ideas for PIMH but even with pleading fans she hasn't found the motivation to draw them. Beak's caught up in classes, so making more SSAP has been far from her mind. Blah continues unhindered though, and Jenn and I are actually making progress on "SplurdNet," which will be the new super-duper crunchy cream-filled version of SplurdLink. I'm also getting Elves of Iax done at a rate of two pages a month. I'm almost up to 9 of the 30 pages it needs to be. Wee.

~Jer [04/13/2005]


Productive Q.

Friends 4 Ever!!!! was updated on Friday, but I did not post that because..hey. I didn't. But more amazing then F4E is the fact that....waaaait for it...People in my Head updated! This week, I introduce all you lucky people to the mute elf in my head. As opposed to the gay elf in my head....

~Q [04/16/2005]


Stuff, as it were...

New Backstage. Big Josh and I had fun coming up with this one, so enjoy. Also, I wrote a review for Sonic Advance 2 for the GBA. Why would I review a game thats over two years old? Cuz I have a cool website that I can do whatever I want with and you don't. Dig it. Oh hey, I also updated The Elves of Iax. Whoa.

~Jer [04/18/2005]


Puzzle Pirates is a Good Game

Beak, Jenn, Q and I are all huge fans of the game Puzzle Pirates. On the midnight ocean we sail as "The Pirates of Splurd." Here's one reason the game is fun: our old crew, The Forsaken wanted to find out how many people could fit in an apothicary stall. There are 18 in this picture, but we got it up to 22.

~Jer [04/25/2005]


PiMH Updated is. This week, meet one of my furries, Gideon. Possibly the most disturbing anthro you'll ever see.

~Q [04/25/2005]



Curse you Jer!!

After clicking the Puzzle Pirates link in a moment of weakness (bored at work) I am now greatly interested in playing. It's sweet, coloful, CandyLand artwork has mesmorized me! I've worked so hard to avoid the sinful addiction to World of Warcraft and now you have jepardized my online purity and social life with your sick little Peter Pan Complex inducing game!!

~Cris [04/28/2005]


PiMH Updated

People In My Head updated. S'funny, this is one of my older characters, and I wait till now to introduce him. Yes, the punchline is true. No, he's not an elf.

~Q [04/28/2005]


Peter Pan

Man, I always catch shit for not growing up despite being "the responsible one," at least among the male-population of the Splurd clan. Anyways, to Xrys for getting hypnotized by the adorable-ocity of Puzzle Pirates, I can only say "Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Oh yeah, and Backstage.

~Jer [04/28/2005]


No Backstage

We're not going to see a Backstage this week. Our mighty artist Big Josh totally copped out on us with the promise, nay, the GUARANTEE that we would get THREE new Backstages next week. In the mean time, read Mr. Seffinga's review of Jade Empire. Feel the anger!
update: Damnit, deep down I KNEW I spelled GUARANTEE wrong, but spell-check didn't catch it. It's only fixed because I was paranoid and looked it up with Google (my fallback spellcheck). Man my spelling sucks.

~Jer [05/04/2005]


F4E updated.

Friends 4 Ever!!!! updated. Also, I just saw Kill Bill Vol 1. Last night and started a topic in the battle arena because of it.

~Q [05/05/2005]


Another good Time Wastin' Website! Here, take an hour or so out of your day and poke around at this site. 'S got some funny videos on there, occasionally subpar in quality but you still see what's going on. It's got some interesting stuff too, notably this one. Nintendo generation, brace yourself; you should rather enjoy it.

~Jenn [05/08/2005]


Happy Birthday Dear Narky!

Today's the 5th anniversarry of one of my oldest websites. Wow...the fact that this character is five today puts characters like Drow in an odd sort of perspective. HAH! DROW'S ANCIENT! OLD MAN DROW! Drow: Shut up, Q! Q: *Snicker* Anyways, PiMH updated. I had this whole idea that I'd be drawn in a school-girls outfit and make a veiled comment about amputee-Schoolgirl fetishests in the audiance, but my sketchbook sucks, and wouldn't let me pump out any quality.

~Q [05/11/2005]


Q is wierd

Wow Q, I hang out with you regularly and know full well you're verging on insanity, but to see your character argue with you in a Splurd Quip was almost too much for my fragile psyche. Just got my hands on the first of TWO issues of *Backstage* that Josh drew us. I knew that fool couldn't do three. Still, he got a subpoena and has to go to court on Friday. That's true. I'll let all you out there decide whether to forgive him or not.

~Jer [05/11/2005]



New *Backstage*, the alleged 2nd one we were supposed to get last week. M'eh. Other new stuff, (if you hadn't noticed) is that Big Josh, Q, and myself need to fly from west-coast to east-coast if we're going to be at Otakon this year. Since we are all really god-damned poor, we're taking a collection. (note the top right corner). I don't expect much - fundraising never worked before on Splurd. Also, I made a calendar so you out there can anticipate when there will be new rants, assuming my peoples actually write. Most of the crew is detached from the internet these days. It sucks.

~Jer [05/15/2005]


This Just In

Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight. Cool huh? Too bad it's a fraud. Also, there's a couple new toys on the site. I implemented The Splurd Dictionary, which can be accessed by means of The Crew Page. If you take a look at The Toons Page, things are looking a little more neater. Hooray for deliberately botched grammar!

~Jer [05/16/2005]


PiMH Updated

Damnit. Whenever I do something out of my routien, these guys know. It gets there attention. If whatever I'm doing is creative, my characters get up in arms and defend their places tooth and nail. On that note, *PiMH* updated.

~Q [05/16/2005]

Big  Josh

Big Josh's Review of Star Wars Episode III

Holy Shit!!!!!!

~Big Josh [05/18/2005]


Episode III

I'll give it a full review later... but it is worth a movie ticket. Episode III did what it needed to do: concluded man-kind's last great mythology. Don't listen to any critic, whether they say it's good or bad. Go see it and decide for yourself.

~Jer [05/18/2005]


Friends 4 Ever!!!! Updated.

*F4E* Updated. As for Star Wars....GO SEE IT! I have plans for making Greivous my"Body Massager"...yes. Shut up.

~Q [05/19/2005]

Lunchbox Mike


All hail the Sith!!!

~Lunchbox Mike [05/23/2005]


I mean who doesn't hate dimes?

So the roller coaster described in my rant continues to unravel. Since the mentioned eviction occurred due to a radio station's phone call, I wrote to 107.7 The End - a rock station in Seattle - To see if it was them. It wasn't, but they think the story is funny and are going to put me on the radio tomorrow morning, according to DJ Timberlake. All this thanks to the stupidest web site I have ever made. If you can handle the excitement, you can also check out this week's *Backstage* comic.

~Jer [05/24/2005]


Jer needs to settle down

I will readily admit that I'm an attention addict. This morning I was on Seattle's 107.7 The End to talk about Splurd and I Hate Dimes. It was a bloody magnificent experience and I'm using all my will-power not to let it go to my head. For those of you visiting the site cuz of the show, welcome to my crew's beautifully half-assed web site. We mostly use this site to amuse ourselves, but we do hope you end up being amused as well. Enjoy this stuff we do.

~Jer [05/25/2005]



Just a heads up: *Blah* will run Tues-Sat this week. There could also be another tectonic shift in the Blah format in the coming weeks. So don't say I didn't warn you...

~Jenn [05/30/2005]


Lazy Bastards

You'd think with 11 of us, someone would have something to rant about. I particularly need to get Mr. Seffinga to talk about why he did not, in fact, enjoy the conclusion of the Star Wars series. As for me, I'm busy moving today due to the whole eviction thing. I added a new feature to the site so we can just post artwork whenever we feel like it... though I doubt even that will get the slacker-squad to actually do anything. Check out the first entry, the dokunaijitsuhedronai, a concept by myself and Big Josh for the STUPIDEST, most dangerous weapon ever.

~Jer [05/30/2005]


Big Josh's presence is everywhere.

I feel that it is not only neccesary but my duty to spread the word of my sighting. Last saturday, while driving in Shanandoah National Park, I did in fact see Big Josh on fire falling from the sky in the form of a cloud. Had I not been driving and with an already uneasy passenger I would have fallen to my knees praising the vision in the sky. Just another reason to always have a camera with you.

~Beak [05/31/2005]


Tally Hall

Go to this site and watch every one of their videos RIGHT NOW! I'm not messing around here! If you don't do it, I'll know! After that, check out this guy's music. One of my new roommates and he sounds pretty good.

~Jer [06/01/2005]


You prolly know this by now...

X-Men 3 Director walks out. Yeah, well fuck you AND your supermodel wife!

~Q [06/01/2005]

Con Bard Drew

I love free stuff.

I totally got my batch of new Con handout cards printed up for free.

~Con Bard Drew [06/01/2005]


News and Whatnot

If you're wondering where *Backstage* is, Big Josh and I are trying to figure out how to keep working together on it while he's in Oak Harbor and I'm in Seattle. We plan to update on weekends. To hold you over, theres some new art by Big Josh in the Art Dump. Also, my latest stupid web site is up. There are three cheat codes to enter. Here's a hint on one of them: what did Dr. Light write in his journal about Blues? In other news, check out this Gerk of the Day.

~Jer [06/03/2005]


Friends 4 Ever!!!! Updated.

*F4E* Updated. I'm very, very slowly working on a *PIMH* but I've another project currently whetting my appitite, and more then that, Drow just doesn't want to be drawn. Meh. In other news...I just saw what Big Josh put in the art dump. BAODIN!!!! Maybe I should pop my Nosferatu in there...

~Q [06/03/2005]



I wanna say thank you to Jer for the webspace, first of all. Second I wanna say thanks to Aeon of Sorrow, the artist. This project, in some form or another, has been in my brain for nearly 10 years, and it's finally seeing light of day. So, go read the meager three pages of Elven Lacryment.

~Q [06/03/2005]


Zomg! Color!

*Backstage* is now in color. It's an interesting side effect that has occured from Big Josh's and my living situation. Dig it. Also, an old doodle I did of Me, Big Josh and Jenn as Jedi in the Art Dump.

~Jer [06/05/2005]


Time to play "Trace the drama"

I'm sure you probably all already know this, but there's a bunch of webcomic creators all hot and bothered because some guy named Cat Garza headed a webcomic documentary. It's now being released. In it contains footage from interviews taken three years ago. We all know how old that is in the wide world of the 'net. Details can be found Here. Unfortunately, the trailer for the film is no more.

~Q [06/06/2005]


The most recent Blah!

I actually saved it as my desktop background cuz I thought it was that funny.

~Jason [06/08/2005]



So I finally have the focus to work on SplurdLink MK2, but I keep getting sidetracked by webcomics that were in the original list! CURSES! The image to my right was found by Q in a forum. If you don't get it, click here. In other news: Sing it with me! "C-Eight H-Ten N-Four O-Two, How we totally frikken love you!" Caffeine! Caffeine! The best drug ever! WOOOOOO!

~Jer [06/10/2005]


Whatever shall we do!

Michael Jackson has been found Not Guilty on all counts against him. Celebrate/Become enraged/Fail to care less as you feel necessary. Well! Now that THAT particular distraction has reached its denouement and is in its dying stages, I wonder what the next great big media hype that has no bearing on ANYTHING will be. OJ? Ex-Con Stewart? Mmm, love me some ad nauseum media hype.

~Jenn [06/13/2005]



There is now *Backstage*. Enjoy. In other news, I am not underwater, despite the scary news reports of a tsunami headed to the Washington coastal areas that alarmed Q enough to call me up in a panic suggesting I flee Seattle. Adventure! Also a shout out to Ian McConville's Rant. I here ya bro. Here's a middle finger to all those pussies bitching about how to make a magical living with web-comics. Some of us do it just cuz it's what we have to do, or want to do, or are expected to do. Fuck, sometimes we don't even know why we do it. Bottom line: Scott McCloud's first book was an intelligent analysis of comics, his second was pretentious academic masturbation.

~Jer [06/13/2005]


F4E updated.

Yeah, I know, I've been horribly neglectful of my comics here on Splurd. S'cause I've a new passion in the form of Elven Lacryment. I've also been looking for a job, and upsetting the wonderful western coast of Washington with Tsuname warnings. Anyways, *F4E* updated. Yes, *PiMH* is a month overdue. Hush. They don't wanna be drawn. OH! and read Bunny. It's fucking adorable!

~Q [06/16/2005]


Chris's review of Batman Begins...

She's right. The movie is Bad-Ass and the casting is/was amazing. Raz Al Ghul was indeed one of the highlights of the movie. Kudos to Christoipher Nolan and all involved. PS- Although Chris based her love of the movie based SOLELY on the Scarecrow's sexiness, she's still right. PSS- I'm only teasing Chris although she is a hormonal sex fiend. PSSS- Just kidding. Not really.

~Jason [06/18/2005]



I am back from OBXNC. I am lightly toasted to a dark(er) golden brown. I am also DSL-less. Let's do a little math: No DSL + exhausted from traveling = Blah will be late today. But also take note: Blah will be making some changes in the coming week. Another paradigm shift is at hand. Embrace the metamorphosis. More details to come later this week. **Blah is now updated**

~Jenn [06/20/2005]


Conspicuous Consumption for the Conscience

Read this article on the BBC. It's about where people can give away perfectly resuable items (that they can't sell on Ebay) that have been replaced in their homes by newer ones - the idea is for people to give things away, so that less shit ends up in landfills. Sounds A++ to me.

~Cris [06/20/2005]


Jer is Weird

*Backstage* updated on Monday, but I didn't say anything cuz I didn't want to disturb Xrys and Jason's comments about Batman Begins to Not Suck. The photo essay below was also supposed to run Monday, but I pushed it to today for the same reason. Heh heh... Daleks.

~Jer [06/22/2005]


YAY! No porn for you!!

Your have no rights over your own nekkidness as of Sept 7th. Period. You guys can keep your 'land of the free.'. I however, am gonna smoke up, screw a 14 year old, marry another woman, OD, and let my countries free healthcare tend to me. God, I love the country of the beaver.

~Q [06/24/2005]


I warned you...

Wait a minute...where's the next Blah fable? Here's the short answer: As of this week, Blah is going back to its old 3 per week/gag-a-day format. So basically Mon, Wed, Fri. Fables will continue and appear twice a month, as they always have. I started them with a specific purpose and it's time to get moving with it. See the forum post for more details.

~Jenn [06/26/2005]



After months of ignored e-mails and continued persistance on the part of Beak, Studio Splurd has indeed secured a table at Otakon. I swear to fucking Gaiman, they make it a war every damned year. Oh yeah, and *Backstage* was up monday. Josh and I are actually keeping the weekly thing going now. It's neat.

~Jer [06/28/2005]



*PiMH* updated. I'm sure you're all crapping yourselves over that surprise. *F4E* Will be updated on Friday, with me doing a crossover/guest strip with Alien loves Predator because he's gonna have some babies next week. And F4E and AlP have a common vein. Enjoy.

~Q [06/29/2005]


We're all doomed.

In case you havn't already heard, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has decided to retire after 24 years of service. Her fairly liberal views will most undoubtedly be replaced with horrible conservative ones. There's no telling what an evil Supreme Court could do. I fear for my and everyone else's rights.

~Beak [07/01/2005]


I know what I said.

Finally, the new version of the old Blah fables will debut tomorrow July 3 and will run every other week after that. It will officially be known as Mythos, the Grecian word for fable/myth. Catchy. I intended to have it up this week but it took more time than I thought it would. Being the first, it's not the best as far as layout or finished product. This will change as time moves on.

~Jenn [07/02/2005]


What's So Amazing That Keeps us Stargazing?

Ok, ready for a history lesson? In 2001, I started a webcomic called A Girl Called Kermit, to relieve myself of some of this emotional crap that my medical problems rendered upon me. AGCK was how Jer and I met. In 2004, AGCK was taken offline. A few days ago, I discovered JACK the disturbing and dark anthro comic about Heaven and Hell. I emailed the creator, David Hopkins. At his request, I re-uploaded the small AGCK archive. And he drew me fanart. GO! READ! JACK!!!

~Q [07/03/2005]


Taken from

Ratner Spices Up 'X-Men' Yes, there was a canon character like this a while back, Stacy X. She was a dumb idea anyways. Fuck this noise.

~Q [07/04/2005]


No Backstage This Week

Our mighty artist Big Josh was a bit too heavy on the 4th of July festivities, and was unable to draw a Backstage for us. I myself got to watch the Seattle fireworks from the 45th street bridge. Pretty! I haven't watched a real BIG fireworks display in a long time. Anyway, to distract you from your Backstage loss, check out some cartoons by Vinnie Veritas.

~Jer [07/05/2005]


I don't like fish

unless it's in the form of Sushi, a can of tuna or - on rare occations - something that is both caught this morning and grilled. So when Jer goes to QFC and shells out $6 for a turkey panini sandwich and gets something involving spinach and some fishy-minced something-or-other that includes the fish's skin and smells like fish, some fools may have gotten ghetto stomped. I'm just sayin'. [discuss]

~Jer [07/06/2005]


Damn you Becky!!!!!!

I wants more pirates.

~Jason [07/07/2005]


Happy Monday Everybody

Big Josh had a work function to attend over the weekend, so rather than go two weeks without a *Backstage*, I did a quicky to keep the story going. Big Josh did however draw some concept art based on what we heard about the upcoming Superman movie. We're pretty sure it's going to be called Superman Extreme Polarbear Racing. In response to Drew's post, I say WTF is wrong with you! BACON!

~Jer [07/11/2005]

Con Bard Drew

Now, With More Bacon!

I ordered the BLT at a restaraunt last night, thinkng it wasn't too heavy a meal. Fucking thing had a POUND OF BACON in it. One leaf of lettuce, and two tomato slices. It was maybe 4 inches tall, 90% bacon. WTF, yo. (i had the waitress box half of it immediately. I don't need to be eating that much bacon in one sitting.)

~Con Bard Drew [07/11/2005]


Con Weekend!

Splurd is off to Connecticon! This promises to be an interesting trip, especially with the con moved into a larger space than last year. I shall Report on the con on Sunday, when I get back.

~Jenn [07/15/2005]



*F4E* has updated. Yep.

~Q [07/15/2005]


Moon's Day

*Backstage* is up. Dig it. Hopefully we'll get a report from Beak and Jenn about Connecticon. Last I heard, Splurd didn't get the representation we did last year, but then, we haven't been doing as much since... well, ever. M'eh. THIS JUST IN! The Gorillaz have completed the video for the second song off of Demon Days, "DARE." The video stars Noodle almost exclusively. Go dig it. THIS ALSO JUST IN! Not that Splurd's meager fan is more then a drop in the bucket, but if you've got a moment and a couple dollars, please help save connecticon.

~Jer [07/18/2005]


Vacation break

Ever open up a bottle of something like hand lotion and have the bottle explode in your face, getting lotion everywhere but where it ought to be? (the same thing can be said for secretively shaken soda.) That's what happened to my carefully laid plans for comic updates while in CA this week. So, in short, Blah and Mythos are on vacation this week along with me. All three of us will return next week.

~Jenn [07/21/2005]


No longer hung out to dry!

WOOHOO! Butch is back!

~Q [07/21/2005]


He Done Got Beamed Up

Less than a week after I made a Dylithium Chrystal gag in *Backstage*, Scotty himself James Doohan get's beamed up to that great starship in the sky. (I mean he died.) In happier news, the turnout of support for Save CT-Con is nothing short of a Christmas Miracle. Keep it up, folks. Many of the Splurdagumi are producing fundrasing art for E-bay.

~Jer [07/21/2005]



*F4E* updated. FINALLY we find out who won I Can Be an Idol!! Did YOU vote?

~Q [07/22/2005]


The Genesis HURTS ME!

I'm trying to keep this as non-offensive as I can... Damn that comic hosting website for changing its name and making me message former colligues because it's the right thing to do, morally. MEH!

~Q [07/23/2005]


Back up to speed...almost

I am back from the desert-like valley that is Vacaville, CA at the height of The Dry Season. What's it like? Three words: Dry Roast Oven. Anyway, Blah is back to normal this week. Mythos is also up now.

~Jenn [07/24/2005]


Tim Burton's Willy Wonka

Wow, it's like that drug trip in that movie I saw when I was on that drug trip. Actual review pending

~Beak [07/25/2005]


Still Saving CT-Con

Well, the Save Connecticon effort is close to it's goal but slowing down. Though we're no Ian McConville or anything, the Splurd Artists are trying to get some artwork to Auction. We'll be putting four prints up for bid as the Studio Splurd Art Bundel. Q's and Big Josh's are done. Jenn and I will have ours tomorrow.

~Jer [07/26/2005]


No Point, As Usual

Haven't bothered finishing my Save CT-con art, mainly cuz they saved CT-con just fine without me. I never get to have any fun. M'eh... maybe it'll make a good poster to show around in 2006. Doubt it though. &lt;dejected&gt; Jer &lt;/dejected&gt;

~Jer [07/28/2005]


Everybody Riverdance!

*F4E* has updated. The Friends party as they've won I Can Be an Idol. This comic was inspired by DJKid, creator of The Valtiel Comics. It is also F4E's 40th strip.

~Q [07/29/2005]



Okay! I'm not really depressed about my status in Internet obscurity! I just did that comic cuz the idea made me laugh! Stop e-mail me people!
Heh heh. No-one really e-mailed me.

~Jer [07/29/2005]


On your guard...

Heads up...Microsoft's latest OS creation.

~Jenn [07/31/2005]


Elven Lacryment update

Page 21 of Elven Lacryment is up, because Alex is back from France!
Q &amp; The rest of the Splurd Crew will be at Otakon this year. While away updates will be stalled yet again. However, while Otakon is going, all merchandise in the store will be lowered by a dollar. If you plan on buying some EL gear, that would be the time to!

~Q [08/01/2005]


Well...My childhood was just raped.

Lookie at the DooM Trailer. That is one of the stupidest things I have EVER seen. Thank you for that Mr Bartkowiak. I Shall now make a F4E comic in retaliation!!

~Q [08/01/2005]


I might be a little behind but...

I am praying to the Elder Gods that the new live action Transformers movie (I just found this out myself) does NOT, I repeat NOT, rape my love and respect for this franchise. On the bright side, it can only go better than the DooM movie.

~Jason [08/02/2005]



Both *F4E* and Elven Lacryment are updated. *F4E* is a snub to the DooM movie that is so horrendously going to screw me over.

~Q [08/05/2005]


FYI This Week

I'm sure some have noticed: Mythos didn't show up this week. This is due to the calendar that I am currently finishing, busting what ass is left, after all the Interesting Things happening at work, to get finished in time for at least a short run to sell at Otakon (more on those later). The next Mythos will appear sometime the week after Otakon, when I'll have some ass left for that. And Blah will be late today. I was in western NY last weekend and got back way too late to do one. And so it goes. Oh by the way, FF7 fanatics, prepare to go 'Ooooooo!'

~Jenn [08/15/2005]


More DooM Crap.

There's a new DooM movie trailer online. It seems there's a a bit of first person footage in the thing. Oh. And the guns talk to the Marines. The the Marines!

~Q [08/25/2005]


Broken Splurd!

Know what I love? I love it when the host of my website makes major changes to the software without telling me. That's just grand. Especially when it leaves huge chunks of my site totally non-functional. I'm busy reparing shit now. It's mostly back end stuff that just helps us update the site - not that we use it that much. All should be working again now.

~Jer [08/26/2005]


Elven Lacryment updated

Elven Lacryment updated with Page 27. Just in case....y'know...any Splurd fans read it too.

~Q [08/29/2005]


Oh my god! Oh my god!

Where did you get that brownie?!?!? In other news, while crusing the wonderful site of IMDB I found out that despite what I had previous thought, there is going to be a Third Pirates of the Carribean. Actually starring Johnny Depp in all his hottness. I'm still not sure if I should be excited or run from the room screaming in horror.

~Beak [08/29/2005]

Con Bard Drew

Gas Prices

You may or may not have been aware of this, but there's some price gouging going on with gasoline. I'm glad i didn't go to DragonCon.

~Con Bard Drew [09/01/2005]


Gas Prices

... and we're not even getting a country-wide high-speed train out of the deal like the French! Go Go Gadget Hindsight! In more important news, the poor and the dark skinned are getting left behind for dead, and are infact dieing from lack of food and fresh water. Discuss Here.

~Jer [09/01/2005]


F4E is back.

*F4E* is updated. A new plot which I concocted on the seat of my pants begins. Watch as the friends try to stop the DooM III movie from being made. All is not what it seems... EDIT: F4E is NOT up. The update/comic date thing is buggered. Please be patient until Jer can fix it. EDIT AGAIN: *F4E* is up now.

~Q [09/02/2005]


Yes. A webcomic telethon supporting Hurricane Katrina survivors. All coinage is donating to the Red Cross. I myself am doing a *PiMH* for it, and my Buddy and co-creator Alex is doing a Silent Hill based comic. You all have 10 days to do your comics. DO it. Oh, and one more thing: Roger Avery, the Screenwriter for CATWOMAN, is matching, dollar for dollar, any and all Red Cross donations you give through his PayPal link. Let's make him pay, LIKE A CAT!

~Q [09/03/2005]


There Is A New Backstage!

That's what I would be telling you if I hadn't left my god damned laptop at the Doppleganger House. It'll be up eventually... whenever I can get my hands on my laptop again. I guess I should add "Doppleganger House" to the Splurd dictionary.

~Jer [09/06/2005]


Well SOMEONE remembered!

My family rocks. Hands down. The Lost have been found!

~Jenn [09/07/2005]


Well SOMEONE remembered!

My family rocks. Hands down. The missing cousin and family I mentioned in my last rant have now been found! This was originally posted in the forums, but I've moved it to the front page, as it's a continuation/resolution to my last rant. Huzzah!

~Jenn [09/07/2005]


Cheney Pleased With Rescue Effort

...based on what he viewed of "a nice neighborhood where people have insurance and most are Republicans." Cheney. Meanwhile, Mexican military troops cross into the U.S. to assist with New Orleans, making it the first time since 1846 Mexican troops operated in the U.S., though that time they didn't recognize the Rio Grande as the border. Mexican Troops.

~Jer [09/08/2005]



*F4E* updated. Elven Lacryment updated. Webcomic Telethon. That is all.

~Q [09/09/2005]


Katrina Timeline

My dad sent me this link that documents the line of events leading up to and after the Katrina disaster. Related is this link that Xrys posted in the forums. Don't be discouraged by the aggressive post name. Seriously people, name-calling is not going to do nearly the damage that accurate fact reporting is. Read and tell the whole story calmly. Use the anger. Focus.

~Jer [09/09/2005]



There's finally a new *Backstage*, marking the start of the Otakon story arch. The idea here is to spend 30 comics or so making fun of cons in general. Enjoy.

~Jer [09/11/2005]



President George W. Bush Takes Responsibility for blunders over Hurricain Katrina! I have no commentary. Despite wanting to get my shot at Dubya in, I'm going to take my own advice and let the facts speak for themselves. I'll leave the commentary to my well-qualified crew-mates.

~Jer [09/13/2005]


A very Special....

Both the comics I submitted to The Webcomic Telethon have run there course, and so now, I added them to Splurd. Thusly *PiMH* and *F4E* have updated. Also, I added a picture of A Girl Called Kermit in the Art Dump

~Q [09/13/2005]


I did something yesterday

Jenn and I met Terry Pratchett at a book signing. Bask in our awesomeness. *angelic chorus in the background*

~Jason [09/14/2005]


I did something yesterday

Jenn and I met Terry Pratchett at a book signing. Bask in our awesomeness. *angelic chorus in the background*

~Jason [09/14/2005]



I was listening to NPR this morning from a guy who used to be a reporter and is now a volunteer for the red cross. You know what... I seriously wish I could just bail on my life for a couple of months and go help people in the gulf coast. Skip the "who's fault is this?" bullshit and go help people sort what's left of their lives out.

~Jer [09/15/2005]


Donating, it's more than just money.

Please, PLEASE don't forget about donating blood. While donating money and time are both wonderful and helpful, nothing can replace blood but blood. Which is why I went to my local Red Cross Center today, gave an hour of my time and pint of my blood so that someone could have another shot at life. Still don't want to donate? Rewards include - knowing you're helping, free food, and meeting some awesome people.

~Beak [09/15/2005]



*F4E* has updated. I like fish.

~Q [09/16/2005]


Say it like you mean it!

Avast! Today is Internatinal Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day! Don't forget to get yer ARRR!! on!

~Jenn [09/19/2005]


Say it like you mean it!

Avast! Today is International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day! Don't forget to get yer ARRR!! on!

~Jenn [09/19/2005]


Vissage Vicissitude

THIER HEAD IS PASTEDE ON YEY! For more information on "Pastede on yey!", please see the Monstrocity known as CrystalWank

~Q [09/19/2005]


How much your government gets paid

Check out this link. I'm guessing most people don't think about this sort of thing; it's a list of how much each member of the White House staff gets paid. Personally, I think the President of the United States should have all his expenses paid for... travel, food, living, housekeeping... but be only paid a modest, livable 50K a year. You get the power, but not the money. Currently, Mr. Bush makes 400K a year. Just want people to be thinking about it.

~Jer [09/20/2005]


My First Favorite PC Game

You remember Oregon Trail right? RIGHT? Check This Out! From this site, you can play just about any old game made for the Apple II and Apple IIGS computers. I just finished a game of Oregon Trail, naming myself, Jer, Jeff, Josh and Xrys as the emigrants. 3 of the 5 survived the trip: Jer broke both his legs and died and Jeff died of exhaustion. And there was typhoid and people getting lost and snakebites...much much fun!

~Jenn [09/20/2005]



*F4E* Updated. As you were.

~Q [09/23/2005]


Re:Corpse Bride

I actually really enjoyed Corpse Bride - never really cared for Nightmare (aside from the art/character designs). I found the music to be clever and appropriate. Animation was top notch - Edward Gorey is who Jer was thinking of. And the Ray Harry Hausen homage was fucking brilliant. I <3 Christopher Lee. This movie was an homage to all the stuff that Burton grew up on (Vincent Price, Edward Gorey) - if you read Burton's "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy" then you'll understand the brilliance of Corpse Bride...

~Cris [09/25/2005]


This weekend...

I went to the huge ass protest on Saturday and then met Neil Gaiman on Sunday. My voice hurts and I'm tired but it's been a good time.

~Jason [09/26/2005]


Being a Fan

I met Terry Pratchett today as he did a book signing here in Seattle, and subsequently had my innate chattiness shushed very politely by a man who was at the end of a very long day, which was notably near the end of a very long tour. I did get my copy of Thief of Time signed "Remember Rule 1!" but I really hoped to get to talk to him. I figure if I'm going to remember meeting him, I'd like him to remember meeting me in exchange. It doesn't work that way though. That's why I usually don't hold with meeting famous people. When it all boils down to it, if they're behind the table and you came to see them, you're just a fan.

~Jer [09/27/2005]



I had a talk with Jason tonight, he pointed out something that simply hadn't occurred to me: No two of us live next door to each other these days. A lot of us are seriously up for doing cool shit (for the site or otherwise), but there's no one around to do it with. But it doesn't matter, Beak is right. Why are you reading Splurd when you could be watching Serenity until your eyes bleed? Get to work, damnit!

~Jer [10/04/2005]

Con Bard Drew

Serenity? It was a good watch. I don't need to sit through it till my eye bleed, tho; as i have a con to go to this weekend: OnnaFest!

~Con Bard Drew [10/07/2005]


I broke backstage

Hey folks. My temper and stupidity caused a situation that's going to put a hold on Backstage for a while. We're all still friends out here, don't worry. It's just some key players aren't in a very comic-y mood right now - myself included. One of the other Splurdagumi may step up to the Backstage plate in the meantime, but I can't say for sure.

~Jer [10/10/2005]


News about the Forums & Blah

If you use the forums, I'm sure you've noticed weirdness going on. At the moment, the forums are down as its software is being updated. Hopefully, that'll put an end to the weirdness and add some bells and whistles to it as well. ADDENDUM: Wednesday's Blah is up finally. It's late due to burnout from classwork and occasional DSL problems. Friday's Blah will be up on Saturday.

~Jenn [10/10/2005]


F4E updated.

*F4E* is updated. Can you pin down where the final panel is from? Here's a hint: The comic title has something to do with it. Cookies for anyone who figures it out. Elven Lacryment is going to be late. Sorry about that.

~Q [10/14/2005]


Splurd's first published Comic-er is...Q!

I am now technically a published comic creator o.o Elves on a Wet, Wood Roof is on page 53 in the Webcomic Telethon Book. If you're wondering why *F4E* isn't in the book, I couldn't bring myself to offer up sprites that were not mine for publication, even if it was non-profit. I didn't want Konami or Namco or what-have-you up my butt. Anyways,you can buy the book for under 12 dollars US. All coinage goes to helping rebuild New Orleans.

~Q [10/18/2005]

G.L. Jeff


SO, apparently it's time for a few guest artist spots for this seasons backstage. AND NOW without further script revision I present to you the first of GL JEFF'S SPLURDAGUMI SUPER 3 PANEL ACTION ADVENTURES! Hand crafted with my camera phone!

~G.L. Jeff [10/21/2005]


F4E updated

My Brother: DooM looks stupid. Me:...The movie? Him: Yeah. Me: *Snickersnortsnirkcough*yeah. On that note, *F4E* updated.

~Q [10/21/2005]


The classic dance of little children and drunken adults.

With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed last week. Larry LaPrise, the man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey," died peacefully at age 83. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started. Shut up. You know it's funny.

~Beak [10/22/2005]


Well done, Rosa Parks. Well done.

Yesterday, Rosa Parks died of natural causes at a ripe old age of 92 years old. By her brave act of defiance (considering the social climate and time period) to give up her bus seat to a white man, she pushed the civil rights movement as we know it into existence, including inspiring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and started the downfall of the Jim Crow laws. Hats off to you, Rosa Parks, and thanks! Because of you, I can, among other things, park my butt in any seat I damn well please...with IMPUNITY!

~Jenn [10/25/2005]


Halloween isn't allowed to suck

But this one sure is so far. Went to a crappy costume party at a crappy bar in a crappy town. Josh's and my costumes were awesome, but we didn't even stay to win the costume contest, the party was so bad. Details and pictures to come after I get some sleep. Peace.

~Jer [10/30/2005]


The Broken Need Fixing

There's some wonky broken stuff around Splurd these days that I really need to get around to fixing. For instance, that calendar script sure doesn't like Daylight Savings Time. Today is November 1st, 2005, which means Episode III is now out on DVD. To celebrate, I will be posting a new Flash on the site later today. It's mostly done, just needs some fine tuning.

~Jer [11/01/2005]


Death to the Wish

Tarja was fired from the band Nightwish. Finally. Now my beloved Within Tenptation can rise up with After Forever and rule the Operatic/metal scene with an iron voice! Go Sharon and Floor! Make me proud!

~Q [11/01/2005]


The Ani Song

For better or worse, (mostly the later) I present to you The Ani Song, featuring the Life and Times of Anakin Skywalker, just in time for the Episode III DVD release. This was inspired by Burton Earny's Llama Song and an LJ Icon Q showed me ages ago. If this little toon gets anywhere beyond the Loyal Splurdlings (both of you), I'm sure I'll find out who made the original icon.
...and yes, that is me singing. (sorry j.b.)

~Jer [11/02/2005]



*F4E* Updated. I am shameless. But, really, doesn't it seem like something Valtiel would do?

~Q [11/04/2005]


I hate Election Season!

Ok. Election Day this year is a big deal for VA because we'll be voting on a new Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and a House of Delegates member, all at once. The polls have been in dead heat for weeks now and campaigning has been quite fierce. For my own reasons, I'm favoring most of the Democrat ticket, but both sides have been increasing their SUCK levels with me with their campaign methods. The Republicans have been clogging my Inbox with propaganda spam and the Democrats have been filling up my answering machine with VOTE FOR ME phone spam. One is just as bad as the other. And people wonder why some folks vote Other just to deny the Rs or Ds a vote. I move for a bi-partisan kick in the teeth for all candidates who endorse Spam campaigning.

~Jenn [11/05/2005]



Would REAL pirates use rocket-propelled granades? According to the BBC this morning, HELLS YEAH THEY WOULD! Being a pirate myself, I'm trying to come to grips with what this all means.

~Jer [11/07/2005]


Theft is not cool.

Ebaumsworld sucks It's amusing AND carries a message! Oh, by the way: Brilliant ol' Texas voted to abolish gay marrage. Unfortunately, due to the vague wording and poorly written bill, Texas managed to outlaw all Marrage RESPLENDANT!!

~Q [11/09/2005]


Hope at last!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to report that Democracy has not yet totally died in America! There is still hope that our country is not totally fucked! Also on the BBC, it's interesting to see that someone eventually listened to my idea. Hands are up though. Totally not gay.

~Jer [11/11/2005]



*F4E* Updated. Yes, I finally saw DooM. Um. Ok, so it wasn't crap incarnate. I actually enjoyed a part or two. The sets were awsome, and some of the effects were good. The monsters still looked like melting wax though.

~Q [11/14/2005]

Lunchbox Mike

R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005

Eduardo Gory Guerrero, arguably one of the most popular pro wrestlers of this generation, was found dead in his hotel room Sunday morning, hours before his main event title match. The cause of death is believed to be heart failure. Eddie always entertained the fans in a time when wrestling has become stale and repetitive. He will be truly missed.

~Lunchbox Mike [11/14/2005]

Big  Josh

Keep dropping like flies.

Apparently anyone the Splurd crew enjoys in the world of entertainment just does not have much time left on this world. Viva la Raza, we will miss you Latino Heat (Best Frog Splash ever!)

~Big Josh [11/14/2005]


"Buildings reach so high, they copulate with the stars"

Hooolyyyyy shit! My brother sent me this link. I recommend you all start watching RIGHT NOW! Better yet. Buy it! Broken Saints.

~Q [11/15/2005]


Silent Hill strikes again. I guess.

*F4E* was a bit late last week. And this week it's early. I really loved this one, and so, I posted it early. In other SH news: Tools of Suffering=Q's Silent Hill fanwork.

~Q [11/17/2005]


Better late than never

At last! Almost 3 weeks after it was taken! I finally managed to wrestle the picture of at work with my pumpkin mask on from my co-worker. Not the best pose, but it gives thee an idea of the costume. See!

~Jenn [11/17/2005]


Rest in peace Sam

Sam, a Chinese crested hairless dog who was voted Worlds Ugliest dog in 2003 has passed away at the age of 14 on Nov 22nd. He expired of heart failure. Some say he looked in the mirror. Rest in Peace Sam, you were too beautiful for this world.

~Q [11/29/2005]


On this day in History

Dominic Deegan:Oracle for Hire has reached it's 1000th strip! Congradulations Mookie! T'is a proud day in webcomics! Oh. and *F4E* updated.

~Q [12/01/2005]


Aeon Flux

Just posted a review, to show up tomorrow - thought I'd let Mr Bah Humbug down there have his anti Xmas rant up for another day:P But go see the movie!! It is teh sexay!

~Cris [12/03/2005]


RE:damn calendars that begin with "Sunday"

oops...oh well.

~Cris [12/03/2005]


Did I miss something?

So like...where did the forums go????

~Cris [12/07/2005]


A moment

I would like everyone to take a moment to remember the horrible tragedy that struck The Beatles 25 years ago this day. On December 8th, 1980, Yoko Ono continued to live.

I am so going to hell.

~Jer [12/08/2005]


Silent Hill absorbs me. Really. It does. Hush!

*F4E* updated. The punchline is not my quote. It's actually from Biomechanical on the Silent Hill forum. In other Silent Hill news: Silent Hill movie blah blah everyone and there cousin knows blah blah belch blah! I have to say it looks promising. Oh. I did something stupid and Silent Hill related, go look at it.

~Q [12/08/2005]

Lunchbox Mike

R.I.P. Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor has died at the age of 65 from a heart attack. He had been battling with multiple sclerosis for years. He now joins Eddie Guerrero and Pat Morita(Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid movies) in making the last month a bad time to be entertainment icons.

~Lunchbox Mike [12/10/2005]


Let's rework it.

Ok, so most Silent Hill fans think the 'teaser' looks fuckin' awesome, but trailers can be misleading. Take for instance this one. Or this one. or especially this one.

~Q [12/10/2005]


more procrastination from studying for organic chemistry

On another note, The USA should take an example from Sweden.

~Beak [12/11/2005]


Tookie's Dead

If you haven't read it already, Stanley 'Tookie' Williams has been killed. Personally, I think the death penalty is stupid. If the goal is punishment, I'd rather make sure murderers and rapists live a nice, long life under lock and key before they're allowed to die. In Tookie's case, yes he reformed and spent his incarceration as an anti-violence spokesmen, but I don't think he worked off 4 murders yet. Tookie wasn't special - I just think using murder to punish murderers is the height of human ignorance.

~Jer [12/13/2005]


Two Milestones! One Low Price!

Today is a special day, aside from it being Wednesday. First of all, Blah is officially 3 years old. This actually happened a couple of days ago, but I saved it to announce along with the second of the two milestones; Today, Blah has reached its 500th comic. Mein gott. 500 comics. I just wanna say thanks to all Blah readers, new, old and ancient. Thanks to all who stuck with me these 3 years. If you didn't and are coming back after a long break, welcome back! And the rest of you who haven't bothered to return, come see what you're missing! **The image in Blah looks a bit pixel-y. A better looking .jpeg of the picture has been posted in the Art Dump.**

~Jenn [12/13/2005]



*F4E* and Elven Lacryment are both updated for the holidays. I'll be away until the 5th, so both comics are now on haitus until I return. Ta.

~Q [12/22/2005]


I'm feeling festive

Today is Xmas eve. Most of the time, a grumpy, angry, anti-establishment, anti-commercialism, anti-religion bitchy opinionated jerk, but you know what? I'm with friends right now. I'm away from my family but I'm in touch with them. I'm going to Big Josh's party in a few hours. Right now, I'm actually feeling the holiday spirit. So to the Interweb at large, this agnostic dick means this with full honesty: Peace!

~Jer [12/24/2005]


Bender Awards Update

More nominations are coming! Beak, Big Josh and Mr. Seffinga are writing theirs, and I'm fairly certain Jeff won't miss this opportunity. I don't know about Xrys though, and Jason has no Internet currently - though he asked me to nominate the Fantastic 4 movie for his Bender. He called it 106 minute of pure tripe, if I remember correctly.
UPDATE: We're just wating on Mr. Seffinga, and maybe Jeff!
MORE UPDATE: M'eh. I'll wrap things up on Friday so we can get back to our normally scheduled bitching.

~Jer [12/27/2005]


Regarding Yes and No

Since DJ W. Noname and Jennifer White have vanished from the world of Seattle radio, I've found myself listening to NPR once again. This morning, I caught a bit of the Senate questioning supreme court nominee Samuel Alito. The gist of it was Senators asking Alito very straightforward questions and Alito responding with a lot of words that were not an answer, or even really a sentence with any substance. What really is sad is that I'm not even shocked anymore.

~Jer [01/10/2006]


Best Pirates Ever

Ashe played by Jer.
Briquette played by Jenn.
Kauterize played by Q.
NON-RELATED BREAKING NEWS - Pat Robertson Fails At Life!

~Jer [01/12/2006]


I'm new to Pratchett....

It's shocking to me that I am the one to quip this since I've just recently started reading Terry Pratchett, but that's the way these things happen. Sam Raimi to direct "Wee Free Men".

~Q [01/15/2006]


Silent Hill Movie poster contest

Vote for me please? today's the last day.

~Q [01/17/2006]



After many nail biting months, I have finially recieved my Katsucon Artist Alley Conformation! I'm hoping it wont suck again this year. but once again, WOOOO!!!!

~Beak [01/17/2006]


The Voice of Testosterone

I would just like to thank Vanity Fair magazine and their cover this month featuring Lindsay Lohan for reminding me just how much I love freckles. In other news, I found a couple links (FAIR and NewStandard) relating to my Bender Award Nominee, the U.S. media.

~Jer [01/17/2006]



*F4E* updates finally! Look! It's the first comic of 2006! Edit: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG *PEE!* Silent Hill Movie Trailer!!!!!~Q!!1

~Q [01/19/2006]


Creating Life

This is god damned beautiful.

~Jer [01/23/2006]


It is done

At approximately 8:43am pacific time, I sent Elves of Iax to the Xeric Foundation with an application for a self publishing grant. I hope the force is with me. I think it just may be, because against all odds, today just happened to be a bright, beautiful, sunny day in Seattle.

~Jer [01/24/2006]


I knew it!

I've been saying this for a long time! Republicans and Democrat politicans may have different stands on various issues and will even divide themselves over issues they publicly claim to have bipartisan support, but there's always been one thing that they have been 100% bi-partisan about; Republican and Democrat politicians BOTH are virtually incapable of making good, rounded, well-informed decisions. Looks like they are just two sides of the coin.

~Jenn [01/24/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* updated. OH! And Alex, the other half of Elven Lacryment will be attending The UK Web & Mini-Comic Thing. Stop by her table for a glimps at her portfolio, and original Elven Lacryment art!

~Q [01/26/2006]


Get into Q's head

Holly fuckin wheelbarrows! *PiMH* UPDATED! Yes, everything about this comic is true.

~Q [01/27/2006]


What is he up to, really?

It should be no secret I hate George Bush Junior. Quite a few of the Splurdagumi are with me on this. However, this article on the BBC poses the best, open minded scenario to suggest Bush Junior is not as inept as people like us like to say. The result: There's still a pretty good chance he's inept.

~Jer [01/30/2006]



So now Descartes' classic proof of self awareness is both AoL's new slogin, AND blasphamy? Fun. (read). In equally frustrating news, I now have proof that habanero peppers have balls, because I now know what happens when you cut them off: You get "Firey Habanero" Doritos.

~Jer [01/31/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* updated. Another blaitently Silent Hill-y in-joke in the title. Sorry, but I do this because I hate you.

~Q [02/02/2006]


Acid test

Well... it was down forever, but after much kicking and stabbing, the FORUM lives again. Everyone who used to be registered still is... I hope everyone remembered their passwords. I expect there to still be a glitch or two, but only way to find out is to start using it again. Welcome back, gang. In other news, be sure to keep your parents off the internet.

~Jer [02/06/2006]


PiMH Updated

*PiMH* updated. The ironic thing about me introducing Esiila? That V:TM Campaign is over now. Heh.

~Q [02/08/2006]



Check out the forum for this is a poll. Fill it! And it will fill you...

~Cris [02/08/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* Updated. I do know that DJKid, Fellow Valtiel groupie and creator of The Valtiel Comics is going to be royally pissed at this particular strip. Hm. Valtiel fans need a name. Valve-heads! Crank-heads. Turners. M'eh. I give up.

~Q [02/09/2006]


Jer's Dark Secret

Sometimes when it's late at night and no-one's around, I make animated gifs.

~Jer [02/14/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* updated. Also, I'm going to try vainly to get *PiMH* to update on Tuesdays. That should be entertaining to watch.

~Q [02/16/2006]


Oh the drama...

Some of you may have noticed, Blah hasn't updated in a week. This is a direct result of my scanner crapping out and all of my voodoo, hollering and kicking hasn't made a difference so I think it's finally gone for good. Not entirely unexpected...I've had it for 7 years. So it looks like Blah is going to be forced into being produced with the Wacom tablet, at least until I get a new scanner. Which is good, I guess, cuz it'll get me working on it more. Expect a Blah revival on Monday.

~Jenn [02/16/2006]



*PiMH* updated. LOOKIT! I made my deadline! Want more information? Click this. The DooM Song is pretty much my ticket into Hell...but it's also 33 seconds of hillarity. EDIT:I updated *F4E* a day early since it's officially *F4E*'s second birthday today, on the 22nd! May the world quake in the path of The FRIENDS

~Q [02/21/2006]


Hail to the Kings

When you do a comic/rant site like we do, it's easy to feel like the bigger players in this field are bigger simply because they were here first. Today's happenings over at Penny Arcade put me at rest by reminding me that they are huge because they simply are the best at what they do. The comic and subsequent rant were entertaining and informative from start to finish, utterly satisfying on a human and geek level. Gentlemen, masters of this trade, I salute you.

~Jer [02/24/2006]


Over the Hill

Elven Lacryment has finally hit page 50! Ironically, it just happened to be a page where the so-far title character has life altering character development. Oh, let's all applaud Alex for the detail of the page by screaming "Oh my god, the PUPPY!"

~Q [02/24/2006]



I just thought I'd let the world know that I've FINALLY taken SplurdNet off ice and started working on it again. Tonight I drank 2 Red Bulls, a Sobe Adrenaline Rush and 20oz of good ol' 7-11 coffee to rebuild the search functions to work off FULLTEXT. This included learning how fulltext searches work from scratch in one night. I feel like I've been in a cacoon for 2 years and I'm only just busting out of it. More details in the Forum.

~Jer [02/27/2006]



*PiMH* updated. This is technically the end of the little Tabletop rpg 'plot' I could either go into inane joke-a-weeks, or pursue Algol/Hecate/Esiila because there is a lot of material there. But Algol and Esiila are bitches to draw. Vote for me.

~Q [02/28/2006]


It's That Time Again!

*F4E* updated. It is my sincerist hope that some reader will scream "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!". Let me know if you do. Help me win Silent Hill stuff, please? It's just a click, then a dropdown, and costs you no money what-so-ever.

~Q [03/02/2006]


Look! Webcomic Drama!

Follow he pretty little links. A book on the History of Webcomics is coming out by "world-reknowned webcomics historian" T Campbell. One half of the Megatokyo-ex-team is not mentioned, Keenspace is not mentioned, and the good ole cover uses character liknesses without permission. Enjoy! EDIT: Updated the link to something a touch more clear and strightforward. I love you all.

~Q [03/03/2006]


Spring Break

It's Spring break time again and rather than go to sparkling beaches or stay home for the week, I went to Seattle to hang with my favorite bro. All I can say so far is that Seatle freaking rocks!!!! With a complete passion!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!!!

~Beak [03/05/2006]



*PiMH* updated. Once agains we're treated to a visit from my resident furryfuckup, Gideon. Now, for a smoothe seguy: Whoever's behind this are a bunch of fuckers.

~Q [03/07/2006]



For the rest of this week, Blah is going to have its first Guest Strips! Li'lJenn of our forums has done up a couple of Blah strips for me so they will run for the rest of this week! Perfect timing for me, as this week has been super busy for me with class obligations, work and an unexpected medical situation all piling themselves on my precious 24 hours each day this week. Thanks, Li'lJenn, you ROCK!

~Jenn [03/09/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* Updated. Don't forget about the UK Web Comix Thing this weekend. Alex WILL be there, wandering around aimlessly like so many fleas.

~Q [03/09/2006]


The Start of a Slippery Slope

Now, certain distant members of my bloodline have been known to have major issues with alcohol, so I typically have very strict rules for myself about drinking. The foremost of these is "never drink alone." I must admit to breaking that rule tonight by mixing up an Irish coffee whilst I work on SplurdNet. The result, however, is that New User Registration is working again. PROGRESS! I'm dying slowly on the inside for the good of the webcomics community! YAY!

~Jer [03/13/2006]


People In my Head. . .

. . .Will be late this week, as I was laid down in bed sick all day yesterday and did not have time to finish it. Just letting you know what's up.

~Q [03/14/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* updated my li'l sesame seed nubbins! This week, the Friends make commentary on a film sure to be a classic in its own spcial way...

~Q [03/16/2006]


My Brainpan updated for you all

*PiMH* updated. This week, we get a friendly "Hello" From Moroi "Snailgirl" Kagyuu, my existentiallist. She's the one I put through hell in Silent Hill fan fiction, AND was originally my Boogiepop Phantom character. Not only that, but she will also be making an appearance in the next Call of Cthulhu game I play. I am SO mean to the poor little Snailgirl.

~Q [03/21/2006]


Happy Birthday Mr. Yuk

Mr. Yuk, who was obviously a major inspiration for the emblem of our site, has turned 35 years old today. Here's to three and a half decades of keeping children from drinking bleach!

~Jer [03/21/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* Updated. Can you name everyone? Well, here's a little help...Included in the front row are Abe & Korenen from The Story of Abe & Kroenen, a fun little webcomic about the gay love between ...well..Abe & Korenen. Go read it!

~Q [03/23/2006]


SNAKES!...on a Motherfuckin' PLANE!

The trailer for Snakes on a Plane! is out. Also, this is a fun read about SoaP. Absinthetic calls it Cinamatic Dadaism. Jer calls it "The Stupidest Shit Ever Made".

~Q [03/26/2006]



*PiMH* updated. This week, I am cashing on former glorey and noterioty. I'm a shill. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, read this and then this. Also, I did another fan made music video. This one was Big Josh and Seffenga's fault. Rabbit In your Headlight.

~Q [03/28/2006]


Issues and Delays

Alright. Some of you may have noticed that quite a few Blahs have been missed the past couple of weeks. This is due to my schoolwork, a near week out of town (Seattle! Woo!) and the bloody flu (Virii! Boo!). I am slowly getting better, just broke the fever late yesterday and still not quite right yet. I should be back to what passes for normal by this weekend and, by the end of Monday, Blah will be CAUGHT UP. So your continued patience is appreciated and for Gawd's sake, DON'T TOUCH ME.

~Jenn [03/28/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* updated. I just let Pastor Galswells ramble on and on and on. I've no idea where he was going with it. In other news...A while ago, I posted about the co-writer of The MAXX having it rough. I googled it. Help Bill Messner-Loebs. PLEASE, please, please...if you're a fan do what you can to help this wonderfully talented man. And I Before J is interviewing Sam Kieth and wants your questions to ask him.

~Q [03/30/2006]



And Blah is back! There are still a couple to finish and upload, but there is now a bit of a pile up that can be browsed for days missed. And look at that! Weird squiggliness is gone! My scanner drivers and I have come to an agreement...for now. So Blah is back to looking the way it used to, though I'm pondering continued use of the handwritten fonts for the lettering. That did save a lot of time, y'know...

~Jenn [04/03/2006]



*PiMH* updated. Lost? read this and all your questions should be answered.

~Q [04/04/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* has done a mighty update. Can you tell I'm wearing thin of this path of plot? Ah well, it'll be over soon. Then *F4E* will truely becomes masterbatory Q fun!

~Q [04/06/2006]


Show of a Lifetime

So, there's this site where if you'd like to see a performing artist put on a show, you can voice your demand and hopefully convince the artist to perform. I'm rather fond of this show called Impeachment by the artist George W. Bush. In happier, less political news, a friend from the old days has started making comics again. YAY, WDGIE!

~Jer [04/07/2006]

Big  Josh

Congrats to Bastards

Congratulations are in order for Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, they had a boy and named it Moses. Good for you, you self righteous pieces of shit.

~Big Josh [04/10/2006]



All I got to say today is that I fucking hate it when a DVD or someshit says it's "Uncensored" when what they really mean is "Totally fucking censored." That is all.
Update: This does not include when they censor wang. That can stay censored.
Totally Unrelated Update: Didn't I see This in The Watchmen?

~Jer [04/12/2006]

Mr. Seffinga


A wonderful day has come to pass. Our fun-loving shit-movie watching friends at Night of the Creeps have returned. You will dig!

~Mr. Seffinga [04/13/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* has updated. There was no *PiMH* this week because when I finally could be assed to do it, the last two panels came out as shit and I didn't feel like redoing them. We'll see what happens...

~Q [04/13/2006]


My Mind!

*PiMH* Updated. Note the play on words in the title...

~Q [04/18/2006]


SplurdNet Progress

Just finished up the user-side functions for SplurdNet. This means I just need to make some backend administration tools for us to manage the damn thing, then we can start testing and hopefully launch soon. Wow... a project that might actually succeed. Such a wild concept for Splurd.

~Jer [04/20/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* updated. Now screw you all..I'm seeing Silent Hill tomorrow, which is more important then all your sad little lives. Expect a review on Friday.

~Q [04/20/2006]


There are no words...

Clerks II and Sin City II I'm not sure what to think. Update Fantastic Four II Has Hollywood completely run out of ideas?

~Beak [04/23/2006]


My brains updated

*PiMH* updated...The end.

~Q [04/25/2006]


Good Reading

There were a couple of good articles on the net today about the world violence addiction. On the BBC, they discuss the express goals of Osama Bin Ladin vs the goals of the US (read here). In slightly good news over on slate, it turns out the people that created and hyped the war to make money are having a really hard time making money. (read here)

~Jer [04/25/2006]


F4E updated

*F4E* updated. No, this didn't happen to me at the theater. Had it, there would have been blood. SO MUCH blood. I hate people. Especially these kind of people.

~Q [04/27/2006]



Maybe it's racist, but Chris Kohler bring up one and only one good point about the Wii. "Revolution" is a pretty tough word to pronounce if your language has no distinct R and L sounds. Has anyone else ever noticed that the Japanese R-L sound actually comes across as a soft D? "That's Fdied Dice you Pdick!" I'm going to hell.

~Jer [04/30/2006]


Dear American Justice System

I want to see more of this. The death penelty is not a punishment, it is a mercy. I want to see the most horrible crimials ALIVE and ROTTING for a long time before they are allowed to die. Who knows, they might even redeem themselfs. Life is a long time, anything can happen.

~Jer [05/03/2006]


Big Words

Amnesty International reports that "The US government is not only failing to take steps to eradicate torture, it is actually creating a climate in which torture and other ill-treatment can flourish, including by trying to narrow the definition of torture," to which the US says "Allegations about US military or intelligence activities have become so hyperbolic as to be absurd." Lies with multisyllabic vocabulary are still lies, my friend. (read more)

~Jer [05/05/2006]

Big  Josh

Aeon Shmaeon

The movie was meh with some kinda interesting Hollywood ideas thrown around. Also Charlize Theron is not slutty enough and the guy who plays Trevor Goodchild is a certifiable Puss to the Y.

~Big Josh [05/06/2006]



So I went to add some new links to the Splurd Link box down there, and discovered there's a major flaw in my programming that caused all my old links to get erased. So... I'm in a linkish mood. If anyone out there links to Splurd, let me know in the forum and I'll try and link back to you.

~Jer [05/07/2006]


The Wonderful World of 8bit Nintendo

Live action Mario

~Beak [05/09/2006]


What ever became of Q?

I'm gonna assume some people care about what happened to me. I've been sick in ways healthy people should never be sick. So I haven't felt up to working on my comics. Also, my PC died so..I'm a bit SOL anyways. But I AM alive and the comics WILL return...eventually.

~Q [05/18/2006]


SplurdNet Lives

SplurdNet now lives. I (nervously, cuz I hate spamming) sent out a mass e-mail to everyone who was originally listed in the webcomic database. Spread the word!

~Jer [05/23/2006]


Jer did some arts

With SplurdNet at a breaking point, I'm back to work on Elves of Iax. It's cool to see people coming back to add to the SplurdNet database. It's mostly for artists right now, but I've got some plans to make it more about readers finding comics. It still needs a lot of work, but it feels good to have it up and running proper again. EoI needs my love right now though, and I have a bug to publish it while I'm 27 years old. It's a multiples-of-nine thing. You wouldn't understand.

~Jer [06/05/2006]


The Bonds are Broken

June = end of spring semester = class over = mental energy for OTHER things = BLAH!! Oy...this semester has been particularly draining. If a grad student ever tells you graduate school is easy, IT'S A FILTHY LIE!! I thought I could handle everything back in April, but then some really stupid stuff happened in one of my classes (those who know, know) and that was it. Blah had to stop for the interim. BUT. The impromptu hiatus is OVER and Blah is set to own the summer! Starting today!

~Jenn [06/06/2006]



*F4E* updated with an update stating that updates will begin next week.

~Q [06/08/2006]

Q Downtime will be down for a few days while we switch Server hosts. Please remain calm. To remain up to date, watch the forum.

~Q [06/09/2006]


Amnisty International

Never mind that it's in french, this ad campaign by Amnesty International is nothing short of stunning. In more entertaining news, it appears that Albino Blacksheep is suing eBaum's World. I want more of that.

~Jer [06/13/2006]



*PiMH* updated this week. It looks like shit because A) I'm not on my pc, and the one I am using has a shit moniter. & B) I had a very small window of oppertunity in which to use said PC which is not mine, so it was a rush job. is still down while the server is switching. We're going to talk to the server tonight. Stay tuned.

~Q [06/13/2006]


In the news today

Rich and powerful people got a little more rich and powerful. A handful of people complained about it while a handful of others defended them. Most people suffered a minute loss of money, privacy and individuality but because it was so small, they ignored it and moved on. Expect this trend to continue for about as long as the human race exists.

~Jer [06/14/2006]


It's That Time Again!

*F4E* is back! Yeah, yes I know it looks like crap. same reasons as with *PiMH*, rush job and shit moniter. I also didn't have the sprites. is STILL down because of server swapping. Yep. Enjoy F4E.

~Q [06/15/2006]

Q is back!

Elven Lacryment is updated and BACK! Jeeze! sorry for the week-long downtime. But it's all good. We're back, updated, and almost finished issue 1.

~Q [06/16/2006]


Stirrin' up Shit

*PiMH* updated, a day late, but m'eh. If certain people see this story arc, they'll be pissed, but I don't care. Drow considers this one of the most badass things he's ever done.

~Q [06/21/2006]


Best Robot Chicken Skit Ever

I've sent this link to about two dozen people already, so I might as well post it. This is what happens when Darth Vader had to call Emperor Palpatine and tell him a bit of bad news.

~Jer [06/22/2006]


PiMH updated.

*PiMH* updated. I'll apparently have my PC, Crapweasle, back in a week. I am seething. This is crazy. In other news:Bad Axl! Bad! You're only hurting yourself. Ahh, remember the good ol' days? Enjoy the comic.

~Q [06/27/2006]



FYI - There are 6 new Blah comics! Go read! More to come next week, pending connectivity. For those of you who remember my run to OBX last year, yeah. I'm doing it again. Cheers!

~Jenn [07/01/2006]


Elves of Iax Pre-Orders almost ready

I finished the cover for Elves of Iax this weekend, but I couldn't quite get PayPal sorted out. I'm busting my ass though. Hopefully the word will go out next weekend.

~Jer [07/04/2006]


Them. In There.

*PiMH* updated and I got Crapweasle back!! Elven Lacryment also updated.

~Q [07/11/2006]


Comic Updates

*F4E* is officially back with strip number 74. Enjoy it. After over a year, three server moves, and sixty pages, Elven Lacryment has compleated it's first issue. Expect Issue 2 to come soon. Not as soon as you hope, but soon enough. Thank you for your readership.

~Q [07/14/2006]


My Head

*PiMH* updated and I popped the cherry on my new scanner. Yes. Drow popped my scanner's cherry. There's a mental picture for you.

~Q [07/18/2006]


F4E updated

It's that time again, my little cartiac malformations.*F4E* updated. This week, .....they bitch. I hate when famous people bitch. Shut up, guys.

~Q [07/20/2006]

Big  Josh

Hooray for Bush?

The approval rating for the President amongst African American is holding strong at 2%. Approval rating amongst Splurdagumi is at a stellar high of 0%. Fuck you Mr. Bush, oh yeah I have a new Backstage.

~Big Josh [07/21/2006]


Camp Hyrule!

Have you ever heard of Camp Hyrule? I sure have, seeing as how I help build the site. If you've got some spare time next month, sign up and let me know what you think of the whole thing. I don't ever get to play with it myself.

~Jer [07/25/2006]


Miss me?

Sorry for the lack of People In my Head. I've had a busy week so far, no time to work on it. Yesterday involved an ultrasound on my swollen foot. Since I only have one foot, it's kinda important that we figure out what's wrong with it.

~Q [07/26/2006]


It's That Time Again!

It's that time again, all you little toasted wheat pillows. *F4E* updated. This week, they float. A lot.

~Q [07/27/2006]



*PiMH* updated. If you thought I was going to draw NPCs and shit, you don't know me very well.

~Q [08/01/2006]


It's That Time Again!

It's that time again, all my little furious angels. *F4E* updated. This comic was a long time in coming. In other news, if you're looking for a place to promote your comics, a brand new place just opened up. Go visit Choice Comics

~Q [08/03/2006]


Fear, Damnit!

Isn't it amazing how we're less than 4 months away from a major election and suddenly a ton of Sept 11 tapes get released and a movie comes out about Sept 11? Hey America! Why aren't you scared! You should be fucking scared! ALL THE TIME! Here's a shit-ton of stuff to remind you of Sept 11 so when you vote this November you'd be good and scared!

~Jer [08/04/2006]


Liquid Explosives

So I assume you heard today's news. Personally, it doesn't bother me that water and soda bottles are going to be banned from all flights just like scissors and plastic butter knives. If this keeps up, we'll all just have to fly naked. UPDATE! The planned chemistry experiment might have killed the chemist if he was lucky, and would certainly have made a loud scary noise. If the terrorist was REALLY PATIENT, he might just puncture the hull, forcing the plane to land a bit early, inconveniencing hundreds.

~Jer [08/10/2006]



*F4E* updated. Sorry about the downtime, Medical reasons and I just can't get the urge to draw *PiMH* right now. (I think I need more porn.) But look! F4E is commencing with plot! And if you can't figure out what's going on, don't worry, it'll be explained next week. If you can figure it out? Good for you.

~Q [08/17/2006]



While this IS hilarious, I can't help but question the academic credentials of a university that holds a lottery for applicants.

~Jer [08/29/2006]


PiMH is sorta back

*PiMH* updated, and I am very proud of the last panel. This story is almost over. hell, the final panel condenced a huge chunk of it. Abridged version yey! I'm now going to listen to the string tribute of Guns n' Roses just...cause Drow likes GnR. *F4E* will be up tomorrow.

~Q [08/30/2006]


Both are updated

Both *PiMH* and *F4E* updated. Enjoy.

~Q [08/31/2006]


Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin -...DEAD!


~Q [09/03/2006]


Vancouver Comicon

On September 10th, Jer and I will be at the little Vancouver Comicon at Heritage Hall, pimping his comic Elves of Iax and I'll be selling (non fanart) prints. If by chance some of you other then myself live in or near the Vancouver BC area, come by and visit! Admission is only 3 bucks. By the By, *PiMH* updated. YEY!

~Q [09/05/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* updated. On Sunday, Jer and I will be at the little Vancouver Comicon at Heritage Hall, pimping his comic Elves of Iax and I'll be selling (non fanart) prints. If by chance some of you other then myself live in or near the Vancouver BC area, come by and visit! Admission is only 3 bucks.

~Q [09/07/2006]


Botox Face

Botox, a chemical that is injected into your face to make you pretty again, may be adictive. Oh shit, I've heard this before somewhere...

~Jer [09/18/2006]


Mushy F4E

*F4E* updated. And it's a mushy one! You'll note I'm re-using a line, but if you haven't figured it out now, *F4E* is comming to a close. Fun, huh? Elven Lacryment updated yesterday, and is having it's very first contest. More info is in the forum.

~Q [09/22/2006]


Goodbye, Machall

Mac Hall is ending. It's a damn shame, but I've been there, and know sometimes good things need to end. I don't read web comics much anymore, the list was pretty much down to Penny Arcade and Mac Hall. Guess I'm down to one, now. Ah well, those guys will do alright, I'm sure of it.

~Jer [09/23/2006]


I hate doing this...

I am about to type my least favorite grouping of words in the entire english language. I fight having to say this with every fiber of my being, but every once in a while, the time comes to be a man and say what must be said: Jeff, you were right.

~Jer [09/29/2006]



October 5th

~Jer [10/04/2006]


I Like Canadians

David Rakoff has officially been added to my list of heroes.

~Jer [10/05/2006]


Gasping for Air

No... they still haven't killed us, though they keep trying. Our mostly-ignored e-mail services on the Splurd domain were apparently pretty insecure, because was sending shittons of spam without my knowledge. Because of this, Fuitadnet took us offline. I've deactivated a bunch of user names and I'm trying to work with Fuitadnet to prevent this from happening again. Sorry about the outage.

~Jer [10/09/2006]



This proves to me that daily, even monthly polls don't mean jack. It also makes me wonder how great W's opposition is if they couldn't find one person who could beat a president whom half the country was iffy about BEFORE the election. Face it, everyone running our country sucks.

~Jer [10/11/2006]


National Nacho Appriciation Day

According to FurAffinity, today is National Nacho Appriciation Day. Respect the Nacho, for it is the food of life and sustenance. Together we gather and pay homage to this delectable corn-based foodstuff. Bow your head and hold your hands in prayer (as you clench pencils in paw, and doodle your love to the Great Lord Nachonian Khan)! You, OBEY THE NACHO, for it is crispy and goes well with salsa.

~Q [10/12/2006]

G.L. Jeff

Quote of the day

"We've turned so many of our children into fat drug addicts, it's like Rush Limbaugh had puppies." Bill Maher

~G.L. Jeff [10/13/2006]


Back, back and birthday!

Well, Splurd's no longer broken, so we're back. Elven Lacryment was down, but now it's up, so it's back. The webcomic Suicide For Hire turned two this Friday. Congradulations! Here's hopeing that Hunter and Arcturus keep reciving many more satisfide customers!

~Q [10/29/2006]


Holy shit! COMICS!

I updated *F4E*! A day early, even! A skytrain ride was all I needed, I suppose. . .

~Q [11/08/2006]


I love the English language

What better way to break long long posting silence than to point this out? This is why the English language is so much fun to play with. AND it's why it's so bloody hard to learn. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. This is a completely viable sentence. I will not be held responsible for any cerebral meltdowns as a result of trying to figure this one out.

~Jenn [11/10/2006]


Dec 22 2006 - International Mass Orgasm For Peace

According to this article, we can make the world a better place if we all have an orgasm on December 22, 2006, then directly afterwords think really hard about world peace. I support this. End war with sex. Get to it, folks.

~Jer [11/15/2006]

Lunchbox Mike

If you need to smile, watch this


~Lunchbox Mike [11/23/2006]


And Q updates

No turkey for me. For I am Canadian, and my turkey day was back in October. Anyway, *F4E* updated.

~Q [11/23/2006]


About Child's Play 2006

Now, Q is gonna guilt trip you. Donate to the hospital that kept Q from dying.

~Q [11/25/2006]


Happy Birthday Algol.

Yeah, I updated *PiMH* ...and not F4E. And not with actual plot content. Ah well.

~Q [11/30/2006]


Tis the season for giving

On thursday, I'm climbing a whole bunch of stairs to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! Go sponsor me! Now! Donate $10, $50 or $100! Seriously! Get to it! Let's all cure some shit!
UPDATE: Success! 53 flights of stairs and over $122,000 total raised at the event! Wee!

~Jer [12/05/2006]


Selflessness is fun!

So, a while ago, I posted about donating to BC Children's Hospital or Child's play itself because BCCH kept me alive, and CP is a good cause. I'm happy to announce that I scraped together enough for DS number 17. Now...Q is the 17th letter of the english alphabet. This was fate. So, thank you for all your help! And if you can- feel free to donate more. It's for a wonderful cause! EDIT: Thanks to Jer's place of employment for matching our donation dollar for dollar. Not only did we give BCCH something fun, but we also now gave them money for life saving equipment! Who says we Splurdagumi are lazy?

~Q [12/10/2006]


Jer's thinkings for the holidays

I am an atheist. I am comfortable being an atheist because god told me it was okay. The nice thing about being an atheist who talks to god is I am certain that either god has a sense of humor and an intelligent awareness of his own paradox, or there is no god and I'm schizophrenic. Either is fine by me.

~Jer [12/14/2006]


Forum Suspended

After getting tired of weeding the spam out of a forum that rarely gets used, I set it to 'suspended' for a little while. This is not permanent, it's just until we can get it cleaned out and better protected. If you need to contact us in the meantime, use the e-mail address at the bottom of the page.

~Jer [12/27/2006]


Transcendence of Soul

For all you late-comers: To quote L.A. Style, James Brown Is Dead. There went the man that germinated much of just about every current music style that is championed by American black culture. Hip hop to modern R&B to funk... Thanks, James Brown, for everything.

Now, if we could just get Al Sharpton to fade back into the background...

~Jenn [12/28/2006]


It's not about the cloning!

If the forums were working I would totally shred your fucking pro-FDA no lables "argument". Leaving out the science-ignorant morons, there are plenty of people who want their Right to know where their food comes from and what's in it to be recognized. This has nothing to do with questions of safety and everything to do with being an informed consumer. Maybe when you decide to have a family and you're told to avoid Mercury and given a small list of foods but then find ABSOLUTELY NO LABELING to help you in your choices you'll realize who's side the government is really on.

~Cris [12/30/2006]


Saw it coming...

Yeah... somehow I knew that someone might miss the point, but didn't expect this angle. My rant wasn't an 'argument' pro or con the FDA and it wasn't about not telling people what's in their food. My rant's focus is that cloned beef byproducts isn't any worse for you than non-cloned and that's all. Anything beyond that is assumed based on the reader's own perception and views. Sure, I like being told what's in my food, but my point is I will still eat a burger made from a cloned cow because there's nothing wrong with the meat itself while avoiding artifical sweetners, which are shown to cause problems. And I do have a family, a very large one, thanks.

Happy New Year!

Edit: I clearly stated my point and it was still missed. I'm finished here. Xrys, you can call me if you want to talk it over.

~Jenn [12/31/2006]


What point?

If you wanted to only rant about the "clone thing" then making sweeping generalizations about the Organic Movement/or similar movements - as well as baseless claims as to the quality of non-altered food products are wholly unecessary and inflamatory for those of us that adhere to a natural foods lifestyle. Your use of "guilt by association" rhetoric puts intellegent, discerning consumers in the same "ignorant box" as the mindless reactionary peons who make judgements on new technology without doing the research.

~Cris [01/02/2007]


Alright you two...

I want you to talk this out in person before you make any more posts, preferably without the venom and daggers. If you ask me on the matter, I don't hold with food that's never had sex, be it cuz of cloning or artificial insemination or whatever. Give me a label to insure me my cow was allowed to copulate. "USDA CERTIFIED BEEF bred with a little of the ol' in and out." Hey, we could even get "In and Out" burger to sponsor the campaign. As for Xrys and Wolf, sort this out before we end up on the Internet drama sites.

~Jer [01/02/2007]


Fight Club - The Return of Hobbes

What if Calvin was Jack and Hobbes was Tyler Durden? This film analysis compairing the similarities between Calvin and Hobbes and Fight Club is amazingly interesting and insightful. Read it. Now.

~Q [01/04/2007]



I'd eat a cloned cow. I mean, it can't be any worse for me than these cloned babies I've been eating all these years.

~Jason [01/07/2007]


It's about time

Don't be fooled, the world is still going to shit. But the stubborn little optimist in me has been counting on news like this for a good long time.

~Jer [01/08/2007]


Hey we're Space, no less!

*F4E* updated! Now I get to fuck around with my intended plot, YAY! This Sunday, Jer and I will be at Vancouver Comicon. If you happen to be in Vancouver BC, stop by!

~Q [01/18/2007]


EDGE - Bringing awareness of endangered animals

This is a good, and fun cause. Play with it.

~Q [01/22/2007]


Dear Mr. Kayes,

We have no interest in no-name artists. Everyone on our artist ally is an established professional working in the corporate comic industry. Suck it you unwashed hippy independent scum. Sincerely, San Diego Comic Con.

~Jer [01/24/2007]


A rerun of F4E?

*F4E* updated and I truly don't know why I found this one funny. Eh. It made me giggle at least. And yes, I sort of re-used a joke.

~Q [01/25/2007]


Look-y Looky at what's back to the realm of the interwebs!

(Layout is just temporary)

~Q [01/29/2007]


And the cast grows...

*F4E* updated. Again, I am going somewhere with this. Jer and I will be at Emerald City Comicon March 31st-April 1st. Come stop by for comics, prints and Ashcans!

~Q [02/01/2007]



*F4E* updated. With new sprites.

~Q [02/08/2007]


Oversight accountability and Occular Improvements!

Secrecy is important and necessary for business within a government or corporation but sometimes that blanket of secrecy is abused. Know something that's being kept secret that should be brought to light? This little project should prove to be

And this just in... keep on playing those action video games! They help your vision!

~Jenn [02/12/2007]

Lunchbox Mike

Grindhouse full length trailer on Yahoo

link And there was much rejoicing

~Lunchbox Mike [02/15/2007]


F4E updated

*F4E* is new! Sorry for being a day late. A migrain floored me yesterday. Not my fault, yay! Anyay...I think this comic is a sign that I've been watching too much House MD.

~Q [02/16/2007]


Israel vs Palestine, both lose

When love is against the law, the law is doomed.

~Jer [02/28/2007]



This message goes out to whoever pick-pocketed my white, scratched up, busted-ass iPod with a broken screen and the Pop company logo on the back and a resale value of "good luck." Congratulations, you're a blithering idiot and a complete dick hole. PS: If anyone sees an iPod of the above description on eBay, please let me know. I love that broken little box.

~Jer [03/04/2007]


Elven Lacryment updated

Holy COW! Check outside to see if the moon's blood red! Hide your superheroes from girlfriends, snipers and watchmakers! Elven Lacryment updated with page 6 of it's second issue! And it has dialog! Dialog is so rare in EL. In other news, Jer and I will be at ECCC shoveling out our crap to the masses on March 31st to April 1st. Come see us there!

~Q [03/08/2007]


Obituaries for March 07

Richard Jeni, a reasonably funny actor, committed suicide by shooting himself in the face. I hate to see a comedian go this way, but I regret to say we are likely to see more suicides of this nature as more funny-but-unsuccessful comedians realize they live in a world where Will Ferrel is rich, famous and loved by many.

~Jer [03/12/2007]

Big  Josh


Man I just cant believe the Platypus Man would eat his own gun. I guess bullets are tastier than I give them credit for.

~Big Josh [03/12/2007]

Lunchbox Mike

More obituaries from the entertainment world

In the past week and a half, the wrestling world has lost three legends. Bad News Brown, The "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd and The "Golden Boy" Arnold Skaaland all passed away. This follows the suicide of wrestler Mike Awesome in February and the death of Bam Bam Bigelow in January.

~Lunchbox Mike [03/14/2007]


The Pirates who don't do anything finally DO something!

The Leukemia Cup Regatta is a yacht race and fund raiser held in Elliott Bay on Saturday, June 9, 2007 Jer an I volunteered to be crew members Pirates aboard the Early Delivery, racing! Jer shall sail, and my job is to try to pillage donations from you landlubbers! So please, donate any pieces of eight ye can! Or ye may find my peg leg up yer booty! ARRRR!

~Q [03/27/2007]


Todd Goldman sucks.

Dear Todd Goldman, Good artists don't go around ripping off DAVE FUCKING KELLY! and ROMAN FUCKING DIRGE! Twice! More details here

~Q [04/09/2007]


VA Tech

You're doing it wrong. Shoot yourself first, THEN go on the rampage. If you fail that hard at life, fail by yourself. Regardless, I had a minor heart attack this morning because someone I know (who will name themselves if they feel it is necessary) goes to VA Tech. Said person is alright, leaving me with not but anger at CNN for taking an amazing three minutes to blame this all on video games. Most 3D shoot-em-ups I've played lacked the "kill all your peers and then yourself" feature. In most games I played, that would have cost you an extra man.

~Jer [04/16/2007]



I liked this show better when it was called "Watchmen". Linderman, you are NO Ozymandias and Ozzy articulated the whole "0.07 percent is an acceptable loss" thing better then you could ever hope to. Go back to being Alex DeLarge and get off my TV screen.

~Q [04/23/2007]


Comics = Terroristic!

I'm sure you've all heard about this now, from more reputable sources then our own, but Matt Boyd of MacHall and Three Paneled Soul was fired. For liking guns. Around the time of the VTech shootings. Then he made some comics about it. And the cops visited him. Because it was "Borderline Terroristic". Read more about it here.

~Q [05/06/2007]


If it's dead, it's on

Jerry Falwell is surprised to find himself in hell today. Demons are trying to explain to him that it happens when you live a life of hatred and bigotry, but he's having a hard time with the concept. Fortunately, he's scheduled for extended excruciating education.

~Jer [05/16/2007]


It's what time again?

*F4E* updated. And it either updated a day early, or forty something days late. Take your pick.

~Q [05/23/2007]



You know, I don't rant a lot anymore, so when I do, I put a lot of effort into it. Then weeks later, I'm up late bored and restless and I'm reading what I wrote, and realize I REALLY like the word "stunning." You know, I try to have a good vocabulary, but there's only so many ways to say something is good. Fortunately, the words "Aw, crap" are universal.

~Jer [05/24/2007]



I've always said, if you want to really Punish Someone, give them life in prison. Yeah, you fucked up good. You don't get to die yet. You sit in there and you rot till god or whatever decides you've rotted enough and you die pathetically of old age.

~Jer [05/31/2007]



Dear internet, please destroy this guy. Your weapons are your extensive vocabulary and strong, well researched arguments. I'd do it myself, but I am le tired. In other news, FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! Oh, wait. Nevermind.

~Jer [06/06/2007]


Poof of Warcraft?

So ends the WoW subplot of *F4E*. Yes, it updated. Elven Lacryment updated last week as well, and I added some goodies to The Silent Hill Fanfiction Archive. Oh, I didn't mention that I created that? Yeah. The 'net has a centeralized SH fic archive now. Yay!

~Q [06/08/2007]


Power thirst!

So in the news today, I got mildly excited about the Soporono's finally only to be distinctly reminded why I never watch TV in the first place. Also, drink the energy drink made with REAL LIGHTNING!. Then, if you mix animated gifs with cat macros, you apparently win internets. It's just what I'm told. Not enough news for you, well then how about the charming story of a Russian ninja who wanted to be Robin Hood? Wait, what?

~Jer [06/12/2007]



So apparently the internets is a series of TUBES! Yeah, It's old but it makes me laugh about how absolutely retarded politians can be. Take a hint, don't talk about something you have no freaking clue about, unless of course you're going for the Jackass of the Year award.

~Beak [06/13/2007]


Preeesenting Splurd's newest web comic!

Ladies and Gentleman, Jenn, Allison and Q present Splurd's newest online comic Botched Role! Ok, you know the funny thing? All the creators behind this comic are legitimate artists and can draw, but once again we're doing a sprite comic. Yeah. The WoW Model viewer IS art, Damnit!

~Q [06/24/2007]


Gearing up for Otakon '07

Oh, you bitches don't even know what we've got planned for you this year. We Splurdagumi have been around a long time, and we spent a lot of that time now knowing exactly who we were or what we were capable of. But all that's about to change. We've rocked faces in the past, but this year, we'll be rocking planets like Unicron. Here's a little thing I finished for our table. If you've been wondering whatever happened to Splurd, you're about to discover we've just been resting. Preparing. Rebuilding. Our time is nigh. Prepare yourself.

~Jer [07/06/2007]


People in my head? REALLY?!?

In the spirit of gearing up for Otakon 07, I updated *PiMH*. Follow SailorAnubis (Yes, SailorAnubis) as she guides you through the do's and don'ts of talking to Q.

~Q [07/06/2007]


Dad's At Work

I've been told that this is actually a very accurate representation of what I'm like at work.

~Jer [07/09/2007]


When we say FOX news is special, we use air quotes.

FOX news Vs Mr Rogers. Be angry.

~Q [07/17/2007]


Simpsons movie mini review

I saw the Simpson's movie last night. It was just a long typical episode with Futurama-style cg backgrounds and transitions. This is not to say it was bad. It was funny as all hell. It just wasn't nearly as epic as I hoped it would be.

~Jer [07/30/2007]


People In My Head updated

*PiMH* updated! And it updated with plot! I finally finished the whole "Drow Got Married" story. Next plot involves even more characters joining the cast. HUZZAH!

~Q [07/31/2007]


Well Hi!

Hello, all! I am totally psyched to be here. If school doesn't get in the way, you should see lots of comic updates and whatnot from me. Hopefully. Well, that's all I've got for now. *flee*

~Allison [08/06/2007]


It's about time!

Everyone can relax! They found the Cure For Gay! It's in a children's book, so it must be chock full of science, right? Thank god for the ultra-conservatives, teaching us moderates and liberals how the world really works.

~Jer [08/16/2007]



I am officially in college now! I sit here, writing to you all, from my very own dorm room! I'm really psyched. Oh, Backstage isn't going to update Monday, but look for it later in the week.

~Allison [08/19/2007]


Anime Evolution

So when I crossed the northern border to push Elves of Iax to people who know what butter tarts are, I met Sam Logan. There was a time when something like Sam and Fuzzy wouldn't have escaped my radar, but unfortunately times have changed for Jer. To my complete shock, Scott Ramsoomair knew who I was. Go figure. Good to see ya, Scott. I totally didn't know you were Canadian. update: As long as I'm calling out comics that are already famous, this may be Penny Arcade's finest work to date. I died laughing. Twice.

~Jer [08/22/2007]


Anime Evo and helping people.

By now, long time readers of Splurd will know my pet cause is BC Children's Hospital. Well, there was a charity auction at Anime Evo, which Jer and I sketched and gave posters for. All together it raised over 3,400 dollars Canadian for BCCH. Yay, a new life saving machine!

~Q [08/22/2007]


I'm trying!

Backstage is shinier now.

~Allison [08/26/2007]


The Mighty Chris Malone

A friend of mine here at VCU introduced me to Chris Malone, the artist/writer of the webcomic Blue and Blond. Chris is very chill, and his comic rocks hardcore. I highly suggest checking it out. In fact, I demand that you read it. And since I know that Chris will be reading this, I just want to send a warm welcome to him. I hope you enjoy our little corner of the web, Chris.

~Allison [09/04/2007]


On behalf of Alex (ninja)

So. Mountain gorillas. Not quite the first thing to pop into your head when you think of the victims of African conflicts, right? Sadly, this is not so.

In short, WTF?!

~Beak [09/04/2007]

Big  Josh

Reel Fiction!!!

Well this is to all the people that wanted me to do Backstage again (Sorry position filled by a much more talented artist) all I can say is that I have been JERKING OFF with pencils, pens, and the end result is this. All I can tell you about it is pulled from all elements of comics and movies and even music when I get bored enough. So please ENJOY this piece of Guh-Su.

~Big Josh [09/09/2007]


Brain Power

So, Republicans vs Democrats have different types of brains. Here comes the science! Now, based on this research, which would you say is better suited to survive inevitable changes in environment? The future is looking brighter...

~Jer [09/11/2007]


Seven Years of Infamy

Here's a little thing I've been working on. Jenn and I made the very first version of Splurd back in 2000, so this picture commemorates seven years of infamy. Crazy. Still needs a little polish and a few more details, but it's mostly done. I think it turned out rather nice.

~Jer [09/12/2007]


Freedom of Speech

Sweden cartoonist gets protection. Good thing there's a country out there that is willing to step up and protect freedom of speech at all costs. Too bad it's not the one that's also the worlds military superpower and largest economy.

~Jer [09/17/2007]

Lunchbox Mike

The end of the world as we know it?

It seems that a meteorite crashed in Peru over the weekend. Apparently there was a bubbling pool of water at the bottom of the 20 foot deep crater that released gas that has gotten around 600 people sick with various symptoms including headaches and vomiting. To me this means one of three things. The first is an impending zombie apocalypse. The second is the arrival of a Godzilla villian. And the third is worldwide pandemic. Time to get a shotgun.

~Lunchbox Mike [09/18/2007]


Big Damn Redesign

Would ya look at that? Splurd's all shiny. More important then the new sheen is the fact that I finally updated the HTML to be compliant and stuff. Even MORE important is that we finally have an about us section complete with splurdagumi biographies. Enjoy it! Enjoy it hard.

~Jer [09/19/2007]


Virgin Abuses Virgin

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but I don't actually fear the U.S. Government. I actually fear the giant multinational corporations who are currently driving the global media juggernaut that guides the sheep-like populous into surrendering the social liberties their parents worked so hard to secure for them. It's like fearing the thug instead of the gun. Where's the link that sparked this realization? Why, it's Right Here: Virgin Mobile uses 16 year old Texas girl in Australian ad reading "Free text virgin to virgin."

~Jer [09/21/2007]


People amuse me...

There's not a whole lot I can say about this article.

~Allison [09/23/2007]


Free Speech... Again.

Okay... letting someone talk is not dangerous. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia University where we got to hear precious gems like "In Iran we don't have homosexuals like in your country." He's a madman, and when placed in front of an open, public forum, he sounds like a madman. I don't need to take the TV's word for it anymore. What IS dangerous is letting someone with strong political views speak in a controlled environment to a fully sympathetic audience, then televising that performance as supported public opinion. That's not happening around here anywhere, is it?

~Jer [09/24/2007]


Elementary Reminiscences

Once, in 3rd or 4th grade, I made a tape of music from video games to listen to on the schoolbus ride. Naturally, I got picked on and bullied for this. I thought of these events today while I listened to various Overclocked Remixes at work. Dear everyone I knew in elementary school: I'm still a bitter about that, and I fight with this guy every now and then. Maybe it's best if you stay lost to the ages. Just a heads-up.

~Jer [09/26/2007]


Gods are men who people think are gods

It's really easy to convince people that you are a god. All you really need to do is start calling yourself a god and see who listens. People want to believe there's a force more responsible than them so they don't need to take responsibility. Once a person finds a god, they will spend infinitely more energy defending that god than being responsible ever would have taken. This is because living responsibly is scary, but god loves you.

~Jer [10/01/2007]


Fasten Your Seat Belts...

...cuz I'm gonna piss off the liberals AND the conservatives with this one: Hillary Clinton is the Antichrist that George Bush has spent the last 8 years summoning. Think about it... a coven of very evil men, doing very evil things and crushing everything good in the world, using a witless dope as a focal point. The result? They're bringing to power the greatest, most manipulative evil imaginable. You fools, prepare to reap what you sow. My biggest regret is I have to listen to everyone complain about it.

~Jer [10/16/2007]


Hospital fun!

Ahh, October, my favorite time of the year. What a perfect time to have two blood transfusions and tell your niece you're a vampire. Yes, I was in the hospital most this month. Twice. Back now.

~Q [10/28/2007]


PIMH updated!

I was in the hospital all month and before that I was sick as a fucking dog. So PIMH FINALLY updated. F4E is still MIA and I can't Update Elven Lacryment until I get back to my own computer. But that's the situation. Enjoy.

~Q [11/02/2007]


I feel Vindicated

Some of us here at Splurd have felt...well...that Heroes has sucked lately. We were right.

~Q [11/08/2007]


Free Speech Weekly

No. Bad England. A person can say whatever they want. They can own whatever books they like. That is not a crime and never should be, in any society. Killing people is a crime. Seriously planning to kill people can also a crime. Aggressively harassing people, definitely a crime. But if owning books and writing scary things is a crime, best lock up that Stephen King terrorist, too. He's a menace, that one.

~Jer [11/08/2007]


You don't have to live like a refugee

Play this game. Seriously. Play it.

~Jer [11/09/2007]


Little Spiderman saves baby

Five year old dressed as Spiderman saves baby from fire

~Q [11/13/2007]



Well, since no-one else is going to say anything about it...Jenn and Allison will be at AUSA this weekend. Go check out their table and purchase authentic Splurdchendise!

~Q [11/16/2007]


Happy Slaughter a Turkey Day!

Since I am Canadian, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, but I come from American family, I also celebrate the American Thanksgiving, therefore, I get two Thanksgivings a year. Neener!

~Q [11/22/2007]


Happy Slaughter a Turkey Day!

Since I am Canadian, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, but I come from American family, I also celebrate the American Thanksgiving, therefore, I get two Thanksgivings a year. Neener!
PS: Elven Lacryment updated.

~Q [11/22/2007]


Punishing the Victim is... OKAY?

I've been following this story of a woman being legally punished for being a rape victim in Saudi Arabia. The very last line is the special one to me: "The US, a major Saudi ally, declined to condemn to sentence, but did call it 'astonishing'." Two questions. 1: how hard is it to say this is barbaric? Canada did it! And 2: who, exactly, is calling themselves "The US" in this article? I can only guess.

~Jer [11/26/2007]


This is the best thing EVER!

Desert Bus for Hope - These people have been playing The most tedious game ever for four days, in an effort to raise money for Child's Play Charity. The more we donate, the longer they play. Let's prolong their suffering!

~Q [11/27/2007]


'Tis that time of year again.

No matter how many times I've seen it, I still want my house to do this.

~Beak [11/30/2007]



I was in the middle of writing a really long rant, then it dawned on me I could sum it up in a quip. Rock Band is substantially better than Guitar Hero 3, and if you can only get one this XMAS, get Rock Band. The difference in experience is beyond vocabulary.

~Jer [12/02/2007]


Happy Holidays

If you watch only one short cartoon about LARPers ruining a nativity scene this year, let it be this one.

~Allison [12/03/2007]


Public Education

Here is an interesting story on the BBC about how Finland and South Korea are leading the world in public education. Not a good day to call your self a United Statesinite, but at least we're... wait... where are we? OH! Oh there we are on the full list, right after Azerbaijan.
God I wish I was making that up.

~Jer [12/04/2007]


Alien Vs. Preditor - Requiem

First 5 minutes of AVP-R.. Don't say I never get you anything for the holidays.

~Q [12/11/2007]


Jer says I get bragging rights.

I just got finished with my last class for my first semester of college. *Rocks out to Thunderhorse*

~Allison [12/11/2007]


common enemy

Who's the terrorist now? Who knew the key to bringing Jews and Muslims together was teaming up against Christians in a fist fight? Tolerance, people. Seriously.

~Jer [12/12/2007]



It just occurred to me, Ike Turner died and Lunchbox didn't call it out. Mike, put down the vodka, we count on you for this stuff!

~Jer [12/14/2007]


FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!! 100!

If you're looking for F4E's 100th strip, you can find it here. Enjoy F4E X-TREME!!!

~Q [12/18/2007]



Hello Internet. I'm drunk. Like... the second drunkest I've ever been. But... the point is... if I remember one thing from tonight, it's that I wish I was a taxi driver. Because those guys have the best stories of drunk people just trying to get home safely. The end. Enjoy your day. Love, Jer.

~Jer [12/19/2007]


The truth has it's boots on

Awww, look at the sad little white house. You know what? I love the U.S. Sure, it's got it's problems, but I've held out hope that no one can really get away with anything forever. More of this, please. And furthermore Mr. W and friends: if you don't have anything to hide, don't act like you're hiding things. That's so very Saddam Hussein.

~Jer [12/19/2007]

Lunchbox Mike

R.I.P. Oscar Peterson

I know I neglected my Splurd duties by not mentioning the death of Ike Turner. God knows that this is all I really do around here unless something is really pissing me off. So with that out of the way, I was saddened today to hear about the passing of Jazz legend Oscar Peterson at the age of 82 from what is being reported as kidney failure. While I mostly listen to metal, blues and jazz have always had the ability to make my high strung self relax. Oscar was truly the best at the piano.

~Lunchbox Mike [12/24/2007]


Why is it always the good ones?!

Damn, the one person who could truly stand toe to toe with Pakistan's dictator puppet Musharraf has been assassinated. Benazir Bhutto was the one that Bush should have been supporting over there, not trying to bolster and keep Musharraf afloat. Seriously. This administration sucks.

Rest in peace, Bhutto, wherever that may be.

~Jenn [12/27/2007]


Dear Marvel

Dear Marvel, please stop fucking up your own continuity. No love, Q.

~Q [12/30/2007]


Suicide for Hire!

Hey look! Drow is on this weeks Suicide for Hire!. It's a filler strip but ...shut up, it's cool!

~Q [12/30/2007]



Seriously... talk about rodents of unusual size. Princess Bride has nothing on this guy.

~Beak [01/16/2008]

Lunchbox Mike

Are you Serious??

Hey buddy, give me a break. It's called a speed limit for a reason.

~Lunchbox Mike [01/25/2008]


We're doomed

Yay, Democracy. However, if we Vote for Obama, the world might just end up liking us again. Fancy that.

~Jer [01/31/2008]


As a fan of HBO's "The Wire" and an occasional visitor to the city of Baltimore, MD, this is pretty neat.

~Jer [02/04/2008]

Lunchbox Mike

I need Star Wars fix......

And here it is!!

~Lunchbox Mike [02/13/2008]


Oil is sticky and covers EVERYTHING

Here's something I found interesting and amusing: A graphical representation of what candidates (from this election and bygone ones) have ties to the oil industry by contribution. It would seem that Guliani had a pretty strong influx of cash from oil companies in this race. I don't even have to tell you who had the strongest oil related ties in the '04 race. Go for the info, stay for the laughs!

~Jenn [02/14/2008]


Eight comic books to read before you die.

Eight comic books to read before you die.. Awww, no WE3? Or The Maxx? Or Strangers in Paradise? I demand a re-count!

~Q [02/22/2008]



It takes massive stones to try something like this, but to them I wish all the luck. My favorite line is this: "The argument is that Islamic tradition has been gradually hijacked by various - often conservative - cultures, seeking to use the religion for various forms of social control."

~Jer [02/26/2008]


The first joke is too obvious

If you've ever made a character sheet and chucked dice to deal damage, the guy who made that possible just died. Gary Gygax just failed his last saving roll against death. Gygax was responsible for numerous atrocities, including but not limited to the unnecessary extension of human male virginity and THAC0. As Dungeons and Dragons was the world's most effective home Satan Worshipping Kit, Gygax has been confirmed as new first prince of hell, and already instituted new torture systems such as having denizens sit in the back of the junior high lunchroom while a smarmy know-it-all with coke-bottle glasses and acne lords over them with supreme power and attractive girls use them as the baseline for everything they find pathetic in the world. Gary Gygax, Dicechucker Prime, you will be missed. update: this just in: even more cheep shots.

~Jer [03/04/2008]


Muppets and foul mouthed kids

So, Kermit the Frog lobbies for congress. Check out the guy on the left who can't seem to get it that Muppets break the fourth wall, which is one of their many charms. Oh, did I mention there's to be a Jim Henson biopic? I am giddy. Also, Matt and Trey offer every episode of South Park online. For free. Well played, boys.

~Q [03/20/2008]


Elves of Charity

Hey everyone. I'm trying something new to get my comics out there. The short of it is that I'm going to auction off one-of-a-kind prints of the pages of Elves of Iax, and donate the proceeds to charity. Q and A for this will take place here, or feel free to e-mail me with questions (address below). And please help spread the news. I'd like this to become something wonderful.

~Jer [03/23/2008]



Indeed it has! Scroll down to see the continuing adventures of these wacky friends.

~Q [04/04/2008]


Elves of Iax Production Art

It's just a little thing, but I'm really proud of how this desert background turned out.

~Jer [04/05/2008]



Just a heads up: The world in general really hates it when you try to auction your artwork and give the money to charity. I am still unable to actually start the auction, but at least it'll be more official when I do. Also, American televised news totally has its priorities straight. I am full of rage and tacos.

~Jer [04/30/2008]


Happy Birthday, Silent Hill fic archive

The Silent Hill Fanfiction Archive is a year old as of May 1st. Happy Birthday!

~Q [05/06/2008]


One of my heroes

"Remember the horror from which we come; never forget the greatness of a nation that could overcome its divisions and bring itself to where it is; and let us never again descend into destructive divisiveness, no matter what the considerations are," -Nelson Mandela, May 13, 2008

~Jer [05/13/2008]


It's Aliens

The title of this rant is a spoiler for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Also, Shia Lebouf is Indie and Marion's kid. SHOCKING.

~Jer [05/27/2008]


At long last after many delays...

I have started my charity auction, benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound. Please check it out and pass it on.

~Jer [05/27/2008]


Famke Janssen rips into X-Men 3

Not even Jean Gray liked X3

~Q [06/07/2008]


Why I care about charities

It's not about sin and redemption, heaven and hell, good and evil or any of that god fearing crap. It's not about guilt or obligation or even conscience. It's about happy memories. I do charity shit because the world is kind of a crappy place to live, and I discovered it's within my power to give people more happy memories then they would have had if I sat on my ass and played a $60 video game I hate anyway. There. My thought for the day.

~Jer [06/19/2008]

Lunchbox Mike

R.I.P. George Carlin

This fucking sucks.

~Lunchbox Mike [06/23/2008]


R.I.P. Michael Turner

Michael Turner, artist of the comic books Witchblade and Fathom has died at age 37 from cancer. I admired his art, and without Witchblade, there would be no Darkness. My condolences.

~Q [06/28/2008]


Fuck the iCrap

I have a $20 MP3 player. It broke this weekend. Seeing as how it wasn't an iPhone or iPod, I didn't feel too much risk about opening it up, fixing it with either solder or hot melt glue (turned out to be the later), re-assembling it and continuing to listen to music. Fuck iCrap.

~Jer [06/29/2008]


The Great DC Freeze

Inspired by Improv Everywhere. At two minutes and 38 seconds into the video, the camera man zooms in on me and my friends. Look for a guy wearing a maroon shirt (my boyfriend, Eben) looking at his brother, who is wearing a white shirt. I'm in front of them, wearing black. You can only see the back of my head, though. See?

~Allison [07/06/2008]


The Boomers Aren't Very Happy

Go Figure.

~Jer [07/10/2008]


Elven Lacryment RETURNS!

Elven Lacryment has returned! We're starting issue 2 from scratch so there's very little new content, but we're back with a new style! All the old pages can still be found in the archive. Also, there is still time for you to be featured in issue 2 of Elven Lacryment. All information can be found here.

~Q [07/11/2008]


Tiny Signs of Peace

Afghanistan has declared it's first National Park. I consider this a positive sign towards world peace. Loving the earth is the very first step towards realizing it needs to be repaired.

~Jer [07/15/2008]


More of this!

The Second American Revolution will pit the workers against the owners. It will be like the French Revolution, but instead of guillotines there will be the legal seizure and distribution of assets. Viva La Revolution.

~Jer [07/16/2008]


LeRoi Moore


~Jer [08/20/2008]

Big  Josh

What is important

I know that this will sound petty to the world with a struggling economy and rotting global standards, but I think we as Americans can unite for a single cause at this point in time. Go see the Dark Knight so that it out grosses Titanic and we can take that off our record book PLEASE!!!! Like I said it may seem petty but this is important to me. So unite cause in Japan Spririted Away is what beat the boat and we can be cooler that them.

~Big Josh [08/21/2008]

Lunchbox Mike

Cinema Bites

So, check out this blog. It's like dinner and a movie only there was real thought put into it and it doesn't suck. Cinema Bites

~Lunchbox Mike [08/24/2008]


Optimus Rhyme

If you live in Seattle, go to the Highdive in Freemont Thursday to see Optimus Rhyme. They're one of my favorite bands of all time. Doors at 8:00pm, show at 9:00pm, Cover $10, and MC Frontalot will also be there. Go. If you read Splurd you will like this show. Fucking go.

~Jer [08/27/2008]


Holy Crap!

Hey, you remember that Optimus Rhyme show I mentioned? Yeah... It was so good that when Optimus left the stage, I suddenly remembered I was a human being on planet earth. I don't know where I was during the performance, but evidence suggests I was someplace not earth. And all I was on was the music. It was that awesome.

~Jer [08/29/2008]


More to come

I shot quite a lot of video this weekend, between making a custom DS, seeing Optimus Rhyme, and talking indie with a bunch of folks at PAX. I'm busy trying to cut it all together, and YouTube is giving me issues, so it'll take a couple days to get it all up. Please stay tuned.

~Jer [08/31/2008]


This Just In

We are just hearing a bit of news from the Republican National Convention coverage, it seems that former Hillary supporters are not impressed by the fact that McCain's running mate has two X chromosomes, possibly due to the fact that she's a religious nut-job with barely any experience who's politics are the polar opposite of Hillary's. So, it seems women aren't easily placated, gullible morons. Who knew?

~Jer [09/02/2008]


PAX 08

Still working on my interviews from PAX. I'll be uploading it in pieces, because it is pretty long. The main two problems are that iMovie is terrible at placing subtitles, and youtube deleted part one because of profanity. Fucking youtube.

~Jer [09/03/2008]


Sometimes There Are No Words

This is one of those times. Read the full article.

~Jer [09/09/2008]


Cast your Scream Awards Vote!

The Scream Awards are once again upon us! Cast your votes for best Comic book writing, Sci-Fi, and Horror of the year. Also, as a personal comment, the last vote asks you to submit your choice for what movie you're dying to see. I humbly suggest REPO! The Genetic Opera as the vote you cast.

~Q [09/11/2008]

Big  Josh

...And that is why the sky is blue, Clay Aikens is gay.

There I ended my sentence and all my sentences with it. Now it is your turn world.

~Big Josh [09/25/2008]


Paul Newman and the Federal Wall Street bail-out


~Jer [09/29/2008]


I'm in a good mood and feel like spreading some cheer

You are going to die someday, probably of something horrendously painful. Also, your parents had sex to make you and now you're thinking about it. Enjoy!

~Jer [10/07/2008]


Those pesky dimes...

Hey, look what's back.

~Jer [10/07/2008]

Big  Josh

Here is a really good humdinger for those dudes runnin for the White House.

Wutz really hood bitch? Thank you.

~Big Josh [10/15/2008]


Oh Snap! RSS!

That's right, kids! Splurd finally has RSS. Go on, hook it up!

~Jer [10/15/2008]


Live from Fake Virginia!

Oh, Republicans.

~Allison [10/21/2008]

Big  Josh


What did you do today?

~Big Josh [11/04/2008]

Lunchbox Mike


What a great night! Virginia goes blue and we can now say President Barack Obama! Yes we can!

~Lunchbox Mike [11/04/2008]


I've been waiting quite a while to say this...

Obama, Yo Mama.
I now live in a country who's leader rhymes with Yo Mama. As a guy who tells jokes, I am so happy I'm crying.

~Jer [11/04/2008]


Beautiful red sunset, brilliant blue dawn

Out-freakin'-standing!! Blue is such a nice color on VA, especially since it's the first time in my lifetime I've seen it happen. And a blue DC is a nice, refreshing change from the rather stifling red and ineffective purple of late. Well done, Barack Obama! Well done, Mark Warner! This whole deal means so much to a whole freakin' lot of us, you know.

To John McCain: Thank you, sir. Thank you for being professional, graceful and prompt in your concession. Thank you for not dragging this out into a long, bitter and bilious fight. Quite a few of your supporters could learn from that example.

~Jenn [11/05/2008]


I love tempered glass

I spent this morning thinking about everything that's wrong with our society at this point in human evolution. Then while doing the dishes, I poured cold water over my hot glass coffee pot and realized how completely amazing it is that we have material that doesn't shatter in this circumstance. I mean, glass is supposed to be fragile! Sharp temperature changes like that should be enough to fracture its brittle molecules from each other but we found a way around that! Seriously, think about it. Tempered glass is awesome.

~Jer [11/09/2008]


New national CTO

Pres-to-be Obama is going to appoint the nation's first CTO (Chief Technical Officer). This post and staff will pointedly cover the nation's concerns about anything and everything IT. For a nation so advanced in technology, it's a bit surprising (or maybe not, considering who was in charge) that this hasn't been done yet. Issues like net neutrality, the DMCA implications and intellectual property rights will be covered by this office. Go to ObamaCTO and vote on what you think should be the national CTO's top priorities!

~Jenn [11/17/2008]


This shit will change most people's lives

Go here. I'm fucking serious. Don't believe me? Fine. Go there anyway.

~Jason [11/24/2008]


Of course. Drugs.

Drugs have never been my thing, but since college I was always fine with people who wanted to use them. Whatever, it's their thing. However, a lot of people who do drugs think that I'm anti-drugs simply because I don't do them. So it has always offended the living crap out of me when people who blow their mind out on drugs - which is fine - insist that everyone needs to do it as well to see what they see. Live your own life, believe what you want to believe, and leave me to my path. I spoke to god once, and I'm a sober atheist. I just figured, what, an omnipresent being doesn't need spokesmen. If he has something to say to you, he'll just say it. So out of curiosity, I listened, and heard one word in my head, clear as day: "Draw." So, either I've got a great imagination, or god, in his wisdom, took the one moment he knew I'd be listening to tell me, as simply as possible, that I'm on the right path for my life. Woot. In a nutshell, religion is personal, trust yourself and your own path and don't get taken up by people who are so excited about their path that they simply must share it with you.

~Jer [11/24/2008]

Lunchbox Mike

These people don't deserve to breathe....

How pathetic are people today? Look at these assholes . I'm all about spending my money on mindless entertainment and needless goods, but to trample a guy who's just trying to earn a paycheck so you can get a "great holiday deal"? I am so fucking pissed off right now.

~Lunchbox Mike [11/29/2008]


Speaking of Grant Morrison.

No! Bad Morrison, BAD! First you green-light a WE3 movie now this? I'm just going to hide behind my copy of Batman: Secrets and ignore this. Huzzah for Sam Keith drawing the Joker.

~Q [11/29/2008]


Repo! Sticker Campaign

I went and did a thing, because I liked Repo! and I want to help the cause. Please check it out.

~Jer [11/29/2008]


On a Happier Note...

This article made me smile.

~Allison [11/30/2008]


Thank you, John Stewart and John Oliver

I enjoyed this greatly, enough to bother linking it on my site.

~Jer [12/02/2008]


Portal Bar

I stumbled upon this link today. Maybe the over-twenty-ones can enjoy this more than me.

~Allison [12/24/2008]


Xmas Colors

My wardrobe consists of two color schemes: green related shades and red related shades. There is but one day on the calendar where I allow the two sets to mix. Merry day, one and all.

~Jer [12/25/2008]


Fear is Fake

The Internet! Inventing paranoia since about September 2007. Ancient prophecy my ass.

~Jer [12/31/2008]

Lunchbox Mike

RE: Fear is Fake

But Jer, we will surely all be destroyed by the planet Niribu in 2012. It has been foretold by the Mayans and Nostradamus. On December 21, 2012, the day the Earth will supposedly be destroyed, I will be piss drunk. Not because I fear it is the end of the world, but because it is a day of the week and that's what I do during the week.

~Lunchbox Mike [12/31/2008]


Lasantha Wickrematunga


~Jer [01/16/2009]


Today is THE DAY!

Mister Bush: You had your run. You could have done better, you also could have done worse. And remember, there are thousands of people involved in the lack of a major US-soil terrorist attack since 2001, INCLUDING the terrorists themselves. You were just the figure head. Know that. Understand that. You had your run, now GTFO. President Obama: We are eager to see what you can do! Thank you for not just glossing over everything and being open about how hard this will be, especially with so many people with influence against you for a multitude of reasons. Good luck, make us proud of the presidency again!

~Jenn [01/20/2009]


Today is THE DAY!

Mister Bush: You had your run. You could have done better, you also could have done worse. And remember, there are thousands of people involved in the lack of a major US-soil terrorist attack since 2001, INCLUDING the terrorists themselves. You were just the figure head. Know that. Understand that. You had your run, now GTFO.

President Obama: We are eager to see what you can do! Thank you for not just glossing over everything and being open about how hard this will be, especially with so many people with influence against you for a multitude of reasons. Good luck, make us proud of the presidency again!

~Jenn [01/20/2009]

Big  Josh

OK Nation:

We got our b/lack up, let's not fuck this up.

~Big Josh [01/20/2009]



"All are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness," Barack Obama.
That's the line that got me. He had the forethought and vision to take the words "men" and "created" out of a great American cliche, and that simple gesture showed just how cognizant he is of the world we're a part of.

~Jer [01/20/2009]


Couple denied the right to name their son "Q"

NO! Go lowercase q, go!

~Q [01/22/2009]


What's the song that plays in the Little Big Planet trailer?

I am not impressed by Little Big Planet. I'm so jaded by modern games that I've buried my DS in the closet and have regressed back to GBA, Kongregate and Puzzle Pirates. Sure LBP looks cute, but I think any game cut to Get It Together by The Go Team would seem endearing and lovable. I'm not so cold that I don't find little burlap creatures adorable, but the game just isn't gripping me. Of course, this is a guy who hasn't enjoyed a single FPS created between Duke Nukem and Left4Dead. I'm a picky bastard like that.

~Jer [02/04/2009]

Big  Josh

Oh yeah about that DS...

Did you not bury that thing buried in your closet cause you murdered down a flight of concrete stairs?<----(accusatory question mark)

~Big Josh [02/05/2009]


No, that was the other DS

The DS I murdered down a flight of stairs was packed away long before the one that I case-modded, which still works, it just has a crack in the hinge contributing to the facts that I don't want to break it worse and there's not a lot of games out there for it anymore. I dig that you're into FFTA2 right now, Josh, but honestly the main character is giving me creepy, uncomfortable memories of my short time in the boy scouts.

~Jer [02/05/2009]


This is not Studio Splurd the Business

This is a comic blog maintained by me and my friends. This is not a web development and publication company. Well, not technically. The lines are all blurry these days and I'm working on drawing them more clearly. I've made a site for Studio Splurd the business, I just haven't written any content for it yet. I'll get back to you on that.

~Jer [02/18/2009]


Social bookmarking post at

I wrote a post about options regarding social bookmarking your comic or blog on Choice Comics. I also touch on privacy issues each service comes with. Hopefully you find it useful.

~Q [03/04/2009]

Lunchbox Mike

We like to support an artist trying to make it.......

Here's an author who is getting ready to put out an awesome horror novel. Check it out Convict Grade . He's also on Facebook! Azrael Paul Damien. Get the word out!

~Lunchbox Mike [03/29/2009]

Big  Josh

Another green man has to say good night,

I am a little late posting this but Andy Hallet who played Lorne or The Host on Angel passed away 2 nights ago. First it was Glenn Quinn who played Doyle sidenote a character who was also green with blue spikes and then Lorne a character with green skin, red eyes, red horns, orangey highlighted hair, and a sweet voice. Kermit was right.

~Big Josh [04/01/2009]

Lunchbox Mike

Pre-order this book

If you're a fan of horror, don't miss out on this Convict Grade !

~Lunchbox Mike [04/15/2009]


FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!! has moved

F4E!!!! Click it!

~Q [04/16/2009]


FEAR! PANDEMIC! Madagascar safe.

Is it me, or is this pandemic turning out to be overwhelmingly not epic? I've got to fly on an airplane tomorrow and I'm not even packing a face mask, Purell or antibiotic supplements. Maybe it's because I don't watch faux news, but I'm just not feeling the fear that the rest of the world is going on about. People see danger, but I just see stupid people.

~Jer [04/27/2009]


Thanks, Dom, for all the good times

In case you haven't heard yet, we all lost a very funny guy this Sunday past, Mr. Dom DeLuise at age 75. My first introduction to this man was via an animated film in which he portrayed a love-lorn, slightly neurotic, very cat-allergic and, above all, highly amusing crow. For a long, long time, Jeremy from The Secret of NIMH was among my favorite cartoon characters and I know now that it's all due to Mr. DeLuise's performance. He went on to become a favorite part/character actor of mine thanks to his appearances and performances in several Mel Brooks films, of which I am a huge fan, among other films. Here's a guy who played a sentient mound of pepperoni pizza, a canine partner in crime, a Roman emperor, a Jersey mob boss visiting the 12th century English countryside... ahhh good times. It didn't matter whether a part was compelling, slapstick or raucously ridiculous; Mr. DeLuise could pull them off and make a 3-minute character as memorable as one that has screentime for the whole movie. Thank you, Dom DeLuise for the many laughs.

~Jenn [05/07/2009]


More Death

Bill has been killed. Kung Fu master David Carradine achieved perfect zen Wednesday, June 3rd 2009. David spent his life bringing Asian culture to the US through such works as Kung Fu and Kung Fu, The Legend Continues. David Carradine, we salute you.

~Jer [06/04/2009]


Elven Lacryment downtime

Elven Lacryment will be moving servers, so expect some downtime. If you want to be kept up to date, follow my Twitter.

~Q [06/10/2009]




~Allison [06/11/2009]


Wake up, look at Iran

I am ashamed to say I've been ignoring the headlines from the middle east. I really should know better then that. This is amazing, terrifying and hopeful. We're on the verge of either a massive cultural revolution or a new Tiananmen Square. Pay attention, people. Update: Looks like there's some censorship going around both there and here. You know, in the name of decency and all. People, if you get your hands on images or footage out of Iran, save it and spread it! You can't stop the signal! (more, even more)

~Jer [06/16/2009]


Ed McMahon

You have have already won one million death. Jeez, how long ago was it that Lunchbox started us on this whole obituaries kick? It's been a Splurd tradition for years now. But seriously, McMahon's dead? Who's going to run The Famous Corporation? Yeah. I just reminded you of Down and Out in the White House. Your mind is now blown.

~Jer [06/23/2009]


More Death

Oh boy! I get to report some death! Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

~Allison [06/25/2009]

Big  Josh

1 2 3 go...

BILLY MAYS NOT HERE TO NEVER SELL YOU ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. I really wish Vince Shlomi would lay down his arms at hocking shit out of respect.

~Big Josh [07/01/2009]


Four Hit Combo!

No love for Karl Malden. Amid all the other celebrity deaths, barely anyone noticed the guy who never left home without his American Express card.

~Jer [07/04/2009]


Actually, I think they do want a war

Ever wonder what it's like to live in China, where the government censors pretty much all of the internet? Well, AT&T is there to help your dream come true. Begun, the /b/ wars have.

~Jer [07/27/2009]


Organic Food

So apparently, organic food is no better for you than normal food. That's interesting, considering that the point of organic farming is to be better for the planet.

~Jer [07/30/2009]


Buried in Pink

Today we lost a filmmaker who was very important to most everyone's teen life. Goodbye, John Hughes.

~Allison [08/06/2009]


It's true...

Walt Disney was a fanfic writer.

~Q [08/12/2009]


Stirring up mud in a bucket

Michelle Obama wore shorts while on vacation with her family at the Grand Canyon. And somehow this has become Newsworthy... and not just Newsworthy, it has become the subject of Debate. Debate?! What is there to debate?! This lady is a human, woman, mom and tourist! She's in the bloody Arizona desert! If she wore a stuffy pantsuit or a dress to vacation at the Grand Canyon, she'd be less human and more automaton to me. What's wrong with her Dressing Appropriately For The Circumstances? Is MSNBC's style section so dreadfully strapped for anything interesting that they have to create some kind of stir over the First Lady's SHORTS?! That aren't even 'short' shorts! You'd find shorts like that on any Respectable Lady of The Community. Cripes, leave her alone. There are plenty of attention-whoring celebrities elsewhere you can feed from if you simply MUST report on something.

~Jenn [08/19/2009]


Papyrus and Kennedys

All of you out there who draw or write, I highly recommend self publishing. It's really an adventure like no other, full of frustration, aggravation, setbacks, work, more work, work for your friends, hatred, anger, bugs, bug fixes and even more work to produce a product completely unable to generate money anywhere near the cost of producing it. Fun fact: I'm actually really excited, because we've sent Papyrus to print for the third time now, and this time I really think we mean it. In other news, Ted Kennedy will never again drive a car into the water off the coast of Chappaquiddick island, unless we here at Studio Splurd prop him up like a marionette ala Weekend at Bernie's because in our various sates of intoxication we came to the conclusion the night before that it's the only way to prevent a war between the Republic of New Guinea and sentient nano-machines from the liquid core of Jupiter.

~Jer [08/26/2009]


Tyler Durden says:

You're a mutant. Just like everybody else.

~Allison [09/02/2009]


Reporting Live From PAX09

I'm at PAX09. That's... really all I have to say about it. There's a lot of gamers here. Actually, there's more gamers than there are games. All in all, it's kinda a sad state of affairs. Also, the console room lacks Ikaruga, and I find that gravely offensive. Papyrus is ALMOST done. The technical issues are all resolved, right now we're just making some last minute adjustments.

~Jer [09/05/2009]


Garrison Keillor Lives...

...but just barely. Here is a man who's work I've admired, yet every time I hear his voice on the radio I'm reminded that he could at any moment reach not death but completeness. He has today survived a stroke, and I suppose that means his work is not done. We shall see.

~Jer [09/11/2009]


Patrick Swayze

The President of the Dance is dead.

~Jer [09/14/2009]



I have finally, FINALLY approved a proof of Papyrus for print. Have I mentioned the fact that self publishing comic books is HARD?

~Jer [09/16/2009]



Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar is so awesome that when I played it, I laughed and cried at the same time. I am writing this review five minutes later and I am STILL LAUGHING MYSELF TO TEARS.

~Jer [09/20/2009]


It's a Video Game Reference

I earned my white mage robe today. I uh... I'm kinda humbled. I've been looking to help out with the Red Cross for a while and it's finally official. Any day now, I'll get my first call in the middle of the night to go give food cards and teddy bears to house-fire victims. It's one of those weird things in life that is both little and huge.

~Jer [09/25/2009]


Papyrus is Here!

The books were delivered yesterday! Now I just need to drive around town convincing people to sell it, update the website to have links to our sponsors, mail out stacks of them to the Splurdagumi in other towns, build an online store to actually start SELLING the comics we put so much work into making, put the money into printing the next issue, try to drum up more sponsors, get everyone to finish their artwork (including me) all while prissy Marvel/DC fans are turning up their noses like cats who were fed kibble and maintaining my day job and new obligations as a Red Cross volunteer. PIECE OF CAKE.

~Jer [09/29/2009]



Our friend Rick got tickets for me and Big Josh to go see Dethklok with Mastadon. We were slightly worried that because the headlining band was an Adult Swim cartoon metal band, the concert might be slightly less than completely metal. WE WERE WRONG.

~Jer [10/04/2009]


Self-Inflicted Anyalation

Huh. It sure sucked to be the Nasca, who in searching for more farmland clearcut all of the huarango trees that would have protected them from the very floods that eradicated their civilization. Good thing that here in the modern age, we can predict such detrimental environmental disasters well in advance, giving us the foresight to alter our practices and preserve our culture. No, wait...

~Jer [11/01/2009]


Oh, Disney...

I admit I'm a pretty jaded and cynical guy these days and I'm really quick to hate something whether it deserves it or not. That said, I really, REALLY want to like The Princess and the Frog. I think it's a great concept and I have a special place in my heart for traditional animation, Disney or otherwise but... it just... doesn't look good. It looks really badly written, badly edited, not even well voiced. It's hitting me like an embarrassment skwick - like a teenager's dad trying to talk like a teenager to be cool. Maybe they're just marketing it bad. I hope that's all it is.

~Jer [12/02/2009]


The Dance of Business

Ohhh-kay, so normally my quips are social or political, but this time it's about business. This Youtube video isn't for everyone but anyone who's been in a vendor/client relationship situation will know the pain contained herein and laugh because it's SO TRUE! Artists, designers, contractors: You'll laugh! You'll cry! At the same time!

~Jenn [12/09/2009]


Fuck you, Fox Television Network

God help me I think I like Glee.
update I take it back. The more I watch it, the more it bugs me like the rest of television.

~Jer [12/26/2009]


Back To Work

I'm starting to feel creative again. I finally learned object oriented programming over the axemas holiday and I'm putting it to use by attempting to make an Elves of Iax Roll Playing Game. My day job is kicking back into gear but I already have character creation mostly done.

~Jer [01/05/2010]


Jamin Winans

I would like to officially declare that I like Jamin Winans because he is the coolest. Thank you Allison for enlightening me. Unrelated Serious Update: The Red Cross sure would like some money to help people in Haiti. Protip: Designate your donation AP 2885, that's the code for Haiti Relief and Development.

~Jer [01/14/2010]


Papyrus 2 offical! Well, more official. Officilaler than it was.

I paid for the printing of Papyrus Issue 2 today. We still have a lot of artwork to do but it is official! This means we can start selling ads soon! (As a rule I don't sell ads in a book until it is bought and paid for) More info coming as it develops.

~Jer [02/04/2010]

Big  Josh

Just recently turned 29...

Take that Heath Ledger.

~Big Josh [02/15/2010]


I love it any time the 1st amendment wins.

No, seriously. Any time.

~Jer [02/16/2010]


Andrew Joseph Stack

This is the story of a man who's life sucked because he was rich enough to afford his own airplane. He rage-quit life so he wouldn't have to pay taxes anymore and burned his wife and kid out of a home. The bar for douche-bag of the year has suddenly been set really high.

~Jer [02/19/2010]


February 25th is Tony Stark's Birthday

I'm trying to decide how I'll celebrate. I figure I need to either build something, do something entrepreneurial, or drink. Truth be told, I'll probably build something.

~Jer [02/25/2010]


I don't get serious very often, but...

...this is all kinds of bullshit. I got an email this morning. "Virginia Commonwealth University received a letter from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli requesting that the Commonwealth's public universities and colleges rescind policies that ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation." I don't even know what to say.

update:VCU made a difference today.

~Allison [03/06/2010]


I am filled with humility and inspiration

Emerald City Comic Con is going on this weekend. I had a pretty epic first day. Steve Lieber (Illustrator: White Out) kicked my butt with constructive criticism for Elves of Iax. I feel like I sparred with Pi Mei and he chose not to kill me. More on ECCC to follow, still deciding how I'm going to post it all.

~Jer [03/13/2010]


Writing The Indies

I'm working on more pages of The Indies. I haven't done a regular web comic in a while, so it'll take me a couple weeks to figure out my update schedule. I'd like to have a new one up every Monday. (Jeeze, I haven't even added it to the comics page yet. Let me get that done right now). I'd also like to do something about my ECCC adventures, but the day-job is taking up a lot of time at the moment.

~Jer [03/19/2010]


On it

Look! Look! I am making more comics. I'm just far far away from a scanner! Fate conspires against me but I laugh in the face of fate. Course, that could be why he keeps conspiring against me. Man, screw fate.

~Jer [03/23/2010]



Everybody who knows anything about anything knows that anybody who says something like everybody who knows anything about something is lying
Exactly 140 characters, by the way.

~Jer [03/27/2010]

Big  Josh

Let's ask Allison...

Go here and ask her anything. ANYTHING!

~Big Josh [03/30/2010]


What? Regular Updates

Eh... kinda. There are now three pages of The Indies up. Eventually I'd like it to be a weekly-update sort of thing. For now though, I just want to get a bunch of strips up there as fast as I can so new folks have enough substance to dig into. I must say, its really nice to just be having fun with a comic again. Man... now that I'm back I keep seeing little fixes the site needs. Its the old stuff, Billy! I'm feelin' it again.

~Jer [04/04/2010]


Final Fantasy XIII is Unplayable

I managed an hour before I had to quit. The "gameplay" doesn't care what I think, opting for the default combat button to be "here, loser, let me do it for you." As for story, the characters dropped seven different pieces of undefined gibberish (Cocoon, Purge, Pulse, Elsee, Falsee, Yuge, Nora) that were important enough to warrant a beautifully rendered emotional reaction but not an explanation or even a hint as to why I should care. Josh - who finds the good in everything - is raving about this game, but $65 for a RPG that literally doesn't want me to play it is just insulting. (hey Allison, you want my copy?) The next episode of The Indies is 50% done. Had to deal with that Tax thing this weekend.

~Jer [04/12/2010]


The Delema:

I have a ton of day-job work and taxes to file, yet I really want to get comics done. The solution: eschew sleep, draw until 5:30AM to finish said comics. Voila: another page of The Indies. If I can't get another page done this weekend, I'll at least put a characters page up. UPDATE: Check it out, I told you I would.

~Jer [04/17/2010]


Indies Every Monday

Okay! I really think I can keep this up. Sunday is a good day for drawing, so let's make it official: Swing by every Monday for a new page of The Indies! Isabella is probably the closest the story will have to an antagonist. I want to make this as clear as I can, though: Isabella is NOT based on a real person. No one in The Indies has a real world counterpart. For once, I'm actually writing total fiction.

~Jer [04/26/2010]


Vampires Have Bad Taste

Okay, I'm noticing something about general vampire fiction as I chill out at Josh's house and try to ignore The Vampire Diaries until Supernatural comes on: what the hell is with 200-300 year old vampire guys getting all goofy for 21st century babes? I suppose people are cleaner and smarter nowadays than they were over the ages, but in three hundred years of style and culture, you guys pick now to "challenge the elders in the name of love" or whatever the hell the plot of this tripe is. Oh, hey, I forgot Bones is on. Oh, Temperance Brennan, you're such a Mary Sue.

~Jer [04/29/2010]



I actually talked to my fictional characters about this one. Fan-service, perhaps, but its canon and gives us a glimpse at the gang's history.

~Jer [05/03/2010]

Lunchbox Mike

May the 4th be with you!

One of the coolest Star Wars costumes ever!

~Lunchbox Mike [05/04/2010]


Indies Late

I fell asleep drawing The Indies last night. I'll get this week's page finished after work today.

~Jer [05/10/2010]


Twilight is Creepy

I'm having twisted fun inventing a fucked-up creepy parody of Twilight in The Indies, though on my best day I will not be able to top a vampire fang Caesarian section. Sorry the comic is late. Isabella is a tough character to write for. I don't want her to be an unrealistically horrible person, the idea is she just doesn't mix with this crew at all.

~Jer [05/11/2010]


Vespa? A Wasp Woman?

New page of The Indies, on time this week. I've been looking forward to drawing this one for weeks now - it sums up who Penny is quite succinctly.

~Jer [05/17/2010]


Yeah, those may very well be Pokémon fridge magnets

The Indies this week introduces Jet's parents. I had a lot more fun writing the dialogue for this one than doing the art. Its funny, this cast is really coming to life for me in a way none of my other characters ever have. Its less like writing and more like just letting them do their thing and recording what happens.

~Jer [05/24/2010]



I just posted on Twitter about deleting my Facebook account. I feel like the Internet's biggest hypocrite.

~Jer [05/24/2010]


Almost Indies

Hey Internet. I know I'm already late with The Indies this week. I planned on having it up for you when you got back to work this morning, but I just got a Red Cross call. Comic is 90% done, should have it up for you by lunch today.

~Jer [06/01/2010]


Talk Conspiracy To Me

New page of The Indies is finally up. Sorry for the delay. This is a bit of a landmark for me. First off, with meeting Armand this week, I've officially introduced the core cast. Second, by my own old standards, 10 pages makes it an official web comic. Insert fwee whistle here!

~Jer [06/01/2010]


Who Is Kai Ryssdal?

Not too much to say about this week's The Indies. For those not in the know, Kai Ryssdal is the host of a radio show called Marketplace, and he's awesome.

~Jer [06/07/2010]


New Phone

This message is to everyone I know or have ever met. If I call you at random hours, I apologize. I got one of those new Android phones and its absolutely terrible. Apparently, every button is for calling someone, so there's no button for... say... "re-order my contact list." It hurts my face. Boy, I really hate it.

~Jer [06/11/2010]


Implication is Everything

New page of The Indies is up. I had a few thoughts on how I was going to draw this. On one hand, I love exercising amendment one with impunity, but I also know people read this comic at work, so I decided to facilitate that. I'm also going to point out a fun game I like to play when I'm writing this story, and I'd love it if everyone at home plays along: Imagine this exact same story word-for-word, only all the gender rolls reversed. I think it says a lot about our society.

~Jer [06/14/2010]


I'd like to think people read my quips...

...but I know most of my friends would have pointed out that I meant the 1st amendment when I said the 2nd. I know my Bill of Rights, really I do.

~Jer [06/16/2010]


Two for Thirteen

There are two pages of The Indies this week, #13 and #14. A few years ago, Q taught me how to talk to my fictional characters, and Natalie has expressed to me that she wanted to be shirtless in at least one comic specifically to show that she has a not-flat tummy. She is quite comfortable with this fact.

~Jer [06/21/2010]


I love Seattle

A gaggle of gentlemen just walked down The Ave dressed in frilly dresses like it weren't a thing. This city is awesome. (I'm pretty sure today is Pride Day, but in Seattle it doesn't really need to be.) PS: New Indies today.

~Jer [06/27/2010]


Then It Got Complicated

New page of The Indies is up. I honestly didn't think I'd get it done with the holiday Sunday, but its really becoming habit. If my mission with The Indies was to have fun making comics again, than mission definitely accomplished.

~Jer [07/05/2010]


Up All Night

I had my very first shot at helping run a Red Cross shelter last night. I worked the night shift which involved a lot of staying awake over the hours decent people sleep. (Which, point of fact, was Big Josh's primary job for quite a while). In my case, I spent most of the time getting next week's page of The Indies done. It'll still be up Monday, but I'm a week ahead all of the sudden, like those professionals I read about in the papers. Meanwhile, Twitter gave me a great idea for a quick and easy comments box, then they broke it.

~Jer [07/07/2010]


About half of my really bad days end like this

New page of The Indies. Armand: exit stage right for a while.

~Jer [07/12/2010]


Your Mother Would Like to Speak With You

New page of The Indies. I am so glad I'm not a parent yet.

~Jer [07/19/2010]


The Indies - San Diego Special

I've actually never been to San Diego Comic Con but I dedicated this week's The Indies to some of the indie attendee testimonials I've read over the years. Next time you go to a con, seek ye the tables with no lines. They need your love.

~Jer [07/26/2010]


First Indies of August

The interesting thing to me is that I've been writing The Indies for about five months now, but the story itself has only progressed over two days. If you're keeping track of continuity at home, it's all happening on a weekend in March of 2010. You know, when I started it.

~Jer [08/02/2010]


Scott Pilgrim

I'm reading Scott Pilgrim finally. I'm ashamed that it took a movie deal to get me to pick up the book - especially since I was on a major Oni Press kick a few years back. Scott just seemed to slip below my radar. I'm really enjoying it. It's very FLCL, in a good way. Also, Canadian. I like Canadians, eh.

~Jer [08/05/2010]


Look kids, its Fremont!

This week's page of The Indies officially sets us in Seattle. Also, Jet is kind of a pain to do lettering for.

~Jer [08/09/2010]


Thanks, Scott Pilgrim

If you read the newspost for today, you know that today is my birthday and I started it feeling awfully depressed thanks to the melancholy masterpiece that is Scott Pilgrim. Well, it actually got me to work through a bunch of crap, and I'm finishing the day feeling pretty okay. I hope the movie is as good.

~Jer [08/11/2010]


Splurdagumi Unite!

For the first time in like... I dunno, 6 years, all of the Splurdagumi are together in one place. This is accomplished by the miracle of frequent flier miles and there only being four of us left.

~Jer [08/13/2010]


Scott Pilgrim Movie - No Spoiler Review

Scott Pilgrim vs The World was an enjoyable adaptation of epic source material. It put me in more of an ass kicking mood than The Expendables did. Also, Scott didn't order a caramel macchiato. He couldn't afford a caramel macchiato. He ordered a god-damned double-double. HEY HOLLYWOOD! If a Canadian goes into a coffee place, orders a "Double-Double" and is given a coffee, its NOT THAT HARD for us USians to figure out that a "Double-Double" is some mystical Canadian coffee beverage. At least coins were twonies.

~Jer [08/19/2010]


Content Density

This is the tightest I've ever packed dialogue, and that's saying a lot considering how much Jet likes to talk. Its funny how walks down memory lane don't discriminate between the good and the bad ones.

~Jer [08/23/2010]


I am neither gay nor a woman...

...but the thing that made me flip out the most about this was the part where she set it to match her purse.

~Jer [08/25/2010]


Slow to admit it

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things is pretty much the best web comic on the Internet right now. This is coming from a guy who has a web comic on the Internet right now. Also, for those of you who don't have Nintendo Power: when you get the Scott Pilgrim game on Xbox, try entering "X, X, X, A, B, A, Y, Y" at the start screen.

~Jer [08/27/2010]


Good Morning World

Comic is en route. I really didn't want to let this one be a rush job.

~Jer [08/30/2010]


The Little Details

This week's page of The Indies was a little tougher than I thought it would be. There's a lot I was trying to tell, and for some reason I decided to use no dialogue.

~Jer [08/30/2010]


The Nintendo Moveset

It is not my own concept, but I added a new word to the Splurd Dictionary, because it is definitely part of my crew's lexicon. "The Nintendo Moveset" means cheating. The final boss of Shank uses this moveset. All of the other Bosses in Shank have a weak point, or a reversal that makes the fight somewhat fair, in that they can kill you in about 8 hits, but with the right strategy, you can kill them in 7. Not the final boss. If he connects three times, you're dead, but he takes one hundred gajillion hits, and he blocks 90% of everything you throw at him.

~Jer [09/01/2010]


Four Hundred Ninety Three

I have officially caught them all. Thanks to PAX, I traded for the last four Pokémon. I have now caught every Pokémon without cheating. It took me three years. This is two weeks before they release EVEN MORE Pokémon.

~Jer [09/04/2010]


Welcome to Splurd

There's a bunch of new folks swinging by the site suddenly, thanks to PAX and Project Wonderful. Splurd's been around for a good long time, so there's lots of old stuff to see (like my ancient, terrible art that I still love). Our main feature these days is The Indies, but Josh is working on getting Reel Fiction up and running. We all have day-jobs, so its hard. For those of you just getting started with The Indies, I wrote this week's comic to sum up the overall point of the story (artists with burnout). For the record, I don't smoke, I just write a character who does. Finally, Please leave comments by Tweeting at me! I really love feedback.

~Jer [09/05/2010]


Tales from Community Supported Agriculture

The entire city of Seattle is sold out of pine nuts. This is because everyone who grows basil just harvested their basil. Basil grows awesome out here, and the only thing to do when you're handed 4 pounds of basil all at once is make pesto. So here I am with four pounds of basil looking at me with that "Use me or I'll wilt, so help me god!" look on its face, and not a pine nut anywhere. Also, no one should plant zucchini, ever. Even people who love zucchini have too much zucchini. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that no one actually does plant zucchini and its really just an edible weed.

~Jer [09/08/2010]

Big  Josh

Why are funny people so fucking stupid?

Well Greg Giraldo dead at 44 from an apparent OD. I find him hilarious and I will miss him (idiot).

~Big Josh [09/29/2010]


Keys to the Tree House

So... There are two new Splurdagumi. Everyone welcome Rick and Dawn.

~Jer [10/22/2010]



They let me into the splurd site. What were they thinking?

~Rick [10/22/2010]




~Dawn [10/24/2010]


It's about time...

...we got these cool cats on the site! Welcome, y'all. Can't wait to see what havoc you wreak.

~Allison [10/25/2010]


New Splurdagumi

Yeah... its my fault it took so long to add those two. I'm bad at this whole - whatever Splurd is - thing. Anywho, Rick's powers are cinema and programming. Dawn is a writer who's taking on Splurd's badly-needed Facebook Presence. There's actually a couple more potential Splurdagumi out there, but they are notoriously hard to get a hold of - like certain Splurdagumi before them! Stay tuned folks, Its looking like Splurd is finally getting back to doing cool stuff again.

~Jer [10/25/2010]


Your Moment of Zen

Your moment of Zen for today: "I'm sorry my existence is not very noble or sublime." - Keanu Reeves

~Rick [10/27/2010]


The funny thing is I don't even like animé that much anymore

My epic chariot and Splurd's primary mode of transportation has died today. KenOhki - the automobile of awesomeness - stalled out pretty much permanently. According to the mechanic, it was just a case of way, way too many miles. That little big car crested mountains, crossed continents, shot lasers at zombies, and once - with witnesses - punched me in the face. I've had 10 years and 175,000 miles of adventure with that car, and it shall be missed. Oddly enough, I'm not sad. Cabbits canonically regenerate themselves, so now I just need to go out and find my old friend's new form.

~Jer [10/29/2010]


Goodnight, Sweet Prince

As a frequent user (and abuser) of Jer's driving ability, I am saddened to know we'll never have another ride in our noble friend. It will be missed.

~Rick [10/29/2010]


The very best game ever made

I don't even have to explain this. Here is the link. Organ Trail.

~Allison [11/01/2010]


So Relaxing When Applied Judiciously

Check out this fun thing. It's like a squishy hand ball of relieving pressure.

~Rick [11/01/2010]


Real Problems

I've had the idea for This Weeks The Indies for a while. I'm a Red Cross volunteer and I ride the bus to work, so this sort of thing actually happens to me. There was only so long I could write a story about a mopey artist before I had to hit her with a little reality.

~Jer [11/08/2010]


On Writing

It's Saturday night and I still haven't written the script for this week's The Indies. Usually by this point I at least know what the characters are going to say. I'll do my best to make it not suck this week.

~Jer [11/13/2010]


Hateoraid is Hate Aid, For that Deep Down Body Hate

People have been telling me to stop hating on the Kinect. I only hate on the games that (1) don't work, (2) don't work better than they would with a controller and (3) aren't fun. Only one game I've played for it so far actually passed the three mentioned tests, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. VINDICATION.

~Jer [11/13/2010]


Arduous Process

This week's The Indies was quite a bit harder than usual. For one, I was re-writing it up until the last minute because for some reason the girls were being really stubborn about exactly what they wanted to say. Second, I've really been meaning to practice drawing heads from angles other than straight on. In short, I think I'm too hard on myself.

~Jer [11/14/2010]


Likely to be eaten by a Grue

So, in Black Ops, there's a secret thing where you can play Zork. Since I didn't want to try to play the damn thing on my Xbox controllers keypad, I went on a quest to get it on my computer. For OSX and Windows.

~Allison [11/16/2010]


New Homepage Layout!

It's been on my mind for a while that the old layout of Splurd wasn't all that intuitive and it took three clicks for returning folks to get to the latest comics. I hope this works better. Now the newest comics are thumbnailed right below the quips, then right below that is stuff to read. Just for fun, I gave you something new to read. READ IT!

~Jer [11/17/2010]



I just want to go on record and say that Dudley Do-Right may have been a goofy guy, but he was still a good cop.

~Jer [11/18/2010]


I'm man enough to admit it

Me and my XY chromosomes are shocked, SHOCKED at how awesome the new My Little Pony cartoons are.

~Jer [11/21/2010]


Lauren Faust

Lauren Faust is why they are not bad. Aside from Genndy Tartakovsky, Foster's Home is one of the only great children's cartoons in the last decade, IMHO.

~Rick [11/22/2010]


Snow in Seattle

Back in Virginia, a snow storm was news, maybe. Here in Seattle, its THE END OF THE BLOODY WORLD.

~Jer [11/22/2010]


China: Those Poo-Poo Heads

So, I was reading my googles the other day, and it seems like the news media is trying to get us riled up about China again. Like 4 news stories from Foxconn to Trapped Miners. Wonder if it'll stick this time?

~Rick [11/23/2010]


I am serious... and don't call me Shirley

Another great comedian dead, thankfully after a long life: Leslie Nielsen

~Rick [11/28/2010]


Good Luck, Captain

Wayward Coffeehouse is a real place, though Penny is fictitious person and doesn't actually work there. I had drawn Wayward in The Indies before, and the story was heading there on it's own when an electrical fire in the building next door this week forced the real Wayward to close. So, The Indies this week is dedicated to Wayward and my good friend The Captain, wishing best of luck getting repaired and re-opened.

~Jer [11/29/2010]


Real World Achievements

Okay Splurdagumi, I've got an idea for a game. Let's come up with a bunch of real world XBox style achievements and post them for the entertainment of The Interwebs.

~Jer [12/02/2010]



Inside every last human on this planet is guts and black stuff.

~Jer [12/03/2010]


Lacy Luna

Lacy Luna is the story of a young woman in the old west who was both a locomotive engineer and a werewolf. This information is unnecessary for the enjoyment of this week's The Indies, but fun knowledge none the less.

~Jer [12/06/2010]


Official Confirmation

I have a few friends who qualify for the Supernatural Registration Authority.

~Jer [12/11/2010]


Geez doesn't count

Here's The Indies for this week. I was looking for a chance to play with color again. Penny's imagination seemed a good excuse.

~Jer [12/13/2010]

Big  Josh

Christmas programming so far...

The misses and I have viewed over 65 hours of Christmas TV shows and movies, and so far all has been fairly enjoyable. Aside from the fact that I find it an extreme paradox that The Flinstones believe in Jesus Christ and I could only make it through 30 minutes of Barney colon Night Before Christmas. It's like being dead inside.

~Big Josh [12/14/2010]

Big  Josh

Reginald VelJohnson...

Is the black Santa. Ask me at

~Big Josh [12/24/2010]


Open on Xmas

I'm walking around my world today to see how humans do Xmas. Starbucks is open. Now, 7-11 has always been open on Xmas and that doesn't bother me, cuz usually it's the store owner behind the counter. Starbucks, though? That had to be a boardroom decision.

~Jer [12/25/2010]


Late Indies

This week's comic is late because xmas. I had a good combo going, but I hope my tens of readers will forgive me. Plus I'm trying this really weird thing where when I'm tired, I sleep instead of drinking 18 cups of coffee. Don't worry, the comic is underway and I'll have it up sometime today.

~Jer [12/27/2010]



Yes, I did draw myself ordering my coffee in the first panel of this week's comic, but for a very specific and somewhat selfish reason. With my favorite coffee shop closed indefinitely, I just wanted to immortalize as many of the little nuances to it as I can remember.

~Jer [12/28/2010]

Big  Josh

About Joss Whedon

He strikes me as a guy who stands in the shower and punches himself in the penis over and over again.

~Big Josh [01/04/2011]



The Indies is late, but coming.

~Jer [01/10/2011]


Writers have the best curses

I am feeling an odd need to defend Natalie's use of vocabulary. As a writer, I don't enjoy using rare words arbitrarily. What happened here was interesting, though: I think Natalie needed to flex her lexicon because of her frustration. Some people just say "fuck," but Nat seems to curse with class because she is cursed with class. Sorry again for being late, folks. I really do hate disappointing my tens of fans.

~Jer [01/10/2011]



The Indies is up a little early this week. I also made some changes to last week's strip. I didn't really like how the Photoshop effect looked so I re-did it with actual ink. Also, I've decided The Indies will have an official ending. I've outlined the story I want to tell, and I'm aiming to tell the whole tale in five 30 page chapters. So we're coming up on 1/3 done!

~Jer [01/16/2011]


The Joke Goes In The Middle

I almost accidentally made the laptops in this week's The Indies Macs, but Natalie's the only one here who could afford a Mac and she's too technical to want one. Us artists just love simplifying, a trapezoid with an apple on it instantly registers as "laptop." Also got to thinking... I kinda want to know what a literature teacher would say about me putting joke punchlines in the middle of a strip. Too bad comics aren't literature.

~Jer [01/24/2011]


Game On

The Indies is updated as per usual. Next week we'll start our little adventure in game land. Should be fun.

~Jer [01/31/2011]


A flatulence joke would be too easy

I really came down to the last second on the punchline for this week's The Indies, and thankfully dodged the over-obvious element of flatulence humor. Also, point of fact, it's true.

~Jer [02/07/2011]


It's a Trap

Still undefeated at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. At least this time they didn't rage quit.

~Rick [02/08/2011]



I think I just beat the South at their own game: put some fine quality bittersweet chocolate chips in a bowl of hot grits. Instant awesome!

~Rick [02/09/2011]


Science is full of science!

Lesson for today: Kitty liter is a volumetric measurement representing 1000 ml of pure feline.

~Jenn [02/13/2011]


New Indies

Not much to say about this week's The Indies. It is a little weird drawing Penny's video game self.

~Jer [02/14/2011]



Fun fact. If just once, you give like $20 to the National Wildlife Federation, you will never have to write your address on an envelope ever again.

~Jer [02/15/2011]



I gotta write a whole damned rant about this nonsense, but felt I should link it, since the art dump doesn't put thumbnails on the homepage. Yeah, it's My Little Pony fan art. I have a lot to say about this, you have no idea. Stay tuned.

~Jer [02/17/2011]


On Fighting Game Story

So far, Hsien Ko has my favorite ending in Marvel vs Capcom 3, in which she and her sister write a sueish comic book giving themselves a happy ending.

~Jer [02/17/2011]


Crazy Dumb Weekend

Somehow I figure if I completely wasted a weekend, I'd have slept more, but that just wasn't the case! I'm about to pass out, but I got The Indies up. That's 50 pages. In three weeks, it'll be the gang's one year anniversary!

~Jer [02/27/2011]


Jenn, you really need to check your text messages

Emerald City ComiCon is on. Not sure if I'm going to make an official big deal about it. I always mean to. I really should just do one big exposé of all the great no-name comics I've found over the years. I wish I was rich enough to still be part of the east-coast and mid-west con circuit, though. Seattle is an isolated paradise, so all we've got is ourselves and the California folks that truck up this far.

~Jer [03/05/2011]

Big  Josh

Admiring stars for awesome things.

Met Norman Reedus today at ECCC and found out he really only did the one episode of Hawaii 5.0 to go to Hawaii. I find that fucking RAD!

~Big Josh [03/05/2011]


About Qaddafi

Muammar Qaddafi proves Harvey Dent's postulate from the Dark Knight - "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

~Rick [03/06/2011]


Get ready for a fight!

I'm back from ECCC with a new page of The Indies. Not too much else to report at the moment.

~Jer [03/07/2011]


San Franew Yorkago

Josh, Allison and I are all getting to work on Pokemon Black and White. I find it funny that there is an American style city this time around, complete with the not-quite-golden-gate bridge and almost-liberty island.

~Jer [03/08/2011]


The Indies this week

I'm working on The Indies, but I might be a bit late. This week's is important and I'm putting a lot of work into it.

~Jer [03/13/2011]


God Damned Ninja

I have a general plan for The Indies, but I really don't write it more than one or two weeks in advance. This page is a result of that, I didn't really plan for this moment to be as big as it turned out, but as I got closer and closer to it, it felt more and more important. Moments like this are the greatest benefit to making this shit up as I go. Funny story, I intended to fully color this page, but on a whim I started playing with ink texture and surprised the hell out of myself. Still, it felt right to Frank Miller Nat's hair and scarf just this once.

~Jer [03/14/2011]



I spend my life worrying about those I care about. I figure, though, that one of the best gifts I can give those people is to be a person they never need to worry about.

~Jer [03/16/2011]


Green Stuff

Let's celebrate St. Patrick's Day by making Thursday Elves of Iax day from now on. Funny thing about being an artist, you always tend to hate your old art, but even though I drew Elves five years ago and made a lot of mistakes, I'm still proud of it. Of course, I am an artist who likes to wear his mistakes like a badge of honor. I find it constructive to remember where I came from, it reminds me how much I've grown.

~Jer [03/17/2011]


RIP Mario

The legendary Lou Albano (who I'll always remember as the True Face of Mario) passed on at 76 years old. Even though I didn't have a NES, that show was a favorite. Thanks, Lou.

~Rick [03/17/2011]


Ride the Sheep!

The Indies is totally on time this week, imagine that! I'm suddenly having fun drawing again, and I think it's showing. Also, I wasn't sure how or when I was going to introduce Pileus, but he managed to make a great punchline for this week.

~Jer [03/21/2011]


493 -> 649

I actually caught, raised and trained all 493 Pokemon of generation four. For those not in the know, the number of Pokemon in the world was recently raised to 649. I beat the new game last night, which opens the option to move your critters from the old game to the new. The feeling I got after this process was very much like that of flopping into a huge pile of stuffed animals. Also, it's Thursday, time for some Iax.

~Jer [03/23/2011]


Extra Boom Strength

Nat's plan comes together in this week's The Indies. I use two sizes of Bristol for The Indies. 9"x12" does the trick for most of the basic 6 panels pages, when I'm just trying to keep the story going, but I started using 11"x14" when the visuals are more important. I could see drawing big all the time, it's more work but just as much more fun. I get to hide a lot more fun details into the background.

~Jer [03/28/2011]


VCU x3

Yah, I'm not a big sports fan either, but I gotta wave a cheering fist for my college alma mater. Go Rams, butt some butt!

~Jenn [03/28/2011]


VCU x2

Seconding Allison's statement. There wasn't a stadium at VCU when I started there, and there was when I graduated. It was kinda cool and I kinda cared, so it would be neat if they won that big Tlachtli competition they placed in. Or whatever.

~Jer [03/28/2011]



I don't usually care about sports, but VCU has made it into the Final Four, which is awesome.

~Allison [03/28/2011]


Working on The Indies

I just want to say this week's page is really, REALLY hard. I'm still working on it. I really hope it turns out even half as cool as it is in my head. We'll see.

~Jer [04/04/2011]



God this week's comic was hard. Most of you out there know I like to push myself artistically, but this one was just maddening. I really doubt there will be any more action-oriented sequences in The Indies. The whole in-a-video-game thing is really only going to happen this once. Thanks to Chris for helping with a little anime-style Japanese conjugation, though. Viva Naruto.

~Jer [04/04/2011]


Songs and Consequences

I'll be honest, I was a little apprehensive about writing Paul's "The Spartans were fags" comment last week, but I kinda let my characters do whatever they want when I'm writing. I don't like letting them get away with it, though, so I stuck him with a little bit of consequence this week. It feels good to be wrapping up this story arc. I actually started writing Jet's silly song, but only finished about half of it. Dunno if I'll bother finishing it, it's lame and I'm not clever enough to make it 20% cooler.

~Jer [04/11/2011]


Elves of Iax Update

I totally forgot to give you guys an Iax page this week. Let's blame tax day.

~Jer [04/15/2011]


Five Friends

The Five Friend Dynamic is a concept the gang and I have been refining for a while now, so it's kind of exciting to finally be unleashing it upon the world. I have a rant about it almost finished, which includes a bunch of examples. I'll be posting that fairly soon.

~Jer [04/18/2011]


Iax and the Future

Here's your weekly dose of Iax. I wonder if posting it online will actually get me to work on it again. I hope so. In other news, this page of XKCD was so totally worth reading all the way through.

~Jer [04/20/2011]


Indies Very Late

Working on it now. 4/6 panels done, it'll be up soon. SakuraCon kinda wiped me out. - Okay, It's up now. Not much to say about wrapping up a story arc.

~Jer [04/25/2011]



NOW, will all the birthers PLEASE shut up and find something constructive to do?! And Trump... find a new platform to stand on, son. Obama's Ivy League records and their contents are not going to create jobs, shore up the economy or help people afford medical mishaps.

~Jenn [04/27/2011]


Jer doesn't do drugs

I think if I DID do drugs, they'd make the weird things about me even worse.

~Jer [04/28/2011]



Hey Internet. I just wanted to let you know I'll be gone for a couple of weeks, helping the Red Cross in Birmingham. I've never been shipped out-of-state before, so I totally don't know what to expect. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. I'm gonna try and keep up with The Indies while I'm away - telling stories is my stress relief after all - but I don't know if I'll have time to get it done, so please don't hate me if there aren't any updates for a couple weeks. Thanks, and wish me luck.

~Jer [04/29/2011]


Adventures in Alabama

For anyone interested, I'm tweeting what I'm up to down here @splurd.

~Jer [05/01/2011]


The Indies This Week

I am still drawing, I just really needed to get some sleep last night. I brought all my art stuff with me, so the comic will be up as soon as I finish it.

~Jer [05/02/2011]


Day Off

First "day off" I've had since last Friday and I spend it sleeping, then working. Couldn't be helped, people needed my brain on things. I did get out to see Thor though. It was a good solid movie. I have no complaints.

~Jer [05/06/2011]


One Week Down

I have completed the first of two weeks of my Red Cross deployment. It has been a ton of work, but its amazing to see how every little thing I do makes a huge difference for people. Regarding Splurd, though, I have felt weird all week about not getting a comic done. I need to be finishing stories to stay sane, so I'm really trying to get an update done today.

~Jer [05/08/2011]



I just finished and posted last week's page of The Indies. Definitely going to start this weeks page, but I'll be honest, I don't want to rush it since it's the end of chapter 2 and I'd like it to look pretty good.

~Jer [05/08/2011]


...or I'll make you wish you could die.

I haven't gotten Portal 2 yet. I might as soon as I get back from the whole Red Cross Alabama thing. I did watch Yatzee's review of it and apparently when you play co-op with someone, you can never play co-op again with anyone else ever forever. Now I'm worried I won't ever have a Portal 2 co-op buddy because everyone I know will play co-op with someone else other than me.

~Jer [05/09/2011]


Indies Caught up, Kinda

Okay, so despite my wacky Red Cross schedule, I got The Indies caught up and finished Chapter 2. If... IF I can man up and get Chapter 3 started after a flight home and before I get back to my day job, then The Indies will officially be back on track. Thank you all for reading despite my lateness! For those aware of my current side project, the name of the bar isn't new. I actually had this moment planned for quite some time, and I worked really hard to make sure Chapter 2 ended on it.

~Jer [05/11/2011]


Western Feng Shui

It's a new chapter of The Indies and we really are back on track, with a little meta humor and some fun with backgrounds. In other news, one day after returning from disaster relief volunteering, I get a load of drama dumped in my lap. Out there, people were just so happy to have each other, but in the real world people turn their back the second they don't get their way. I just don't understand. Anyhow, be sure to check out Splurd's brand new Tumblr.

~Jer [05/16/2011]


The World Is Great

Am reading books and news stories that paint a picture of scariness and negativity. What happened to 90s optimism? I miss it. I miss Star Trek: TNG and everything it represented about us. In this vein, and the interest of joy, I want to direct your attention to this.

~Rick [05/16/2011]


Oooohhhh no.....

I am genuinely saddened by the news of the passing of the great Randy Savage. What a talented entertainer and a big part of my childhood.

~Rick [05/20/2011]


What does the gang do on Fridays, anyway?

I wrote the first few pages of Chapter 3 to give some insight to how The Indies usually spend their time together. Fun fact, my Sakura .5 Micron exploded on the plane trip back and I haven't got a new one yet. I am a bit particular about my tools but I try not to be a snob about it, so this week I played with a regular old Pilot pen and actually had a lot of fun with it. Fun fact #2: I drew Dustin's figure with my left hand. Guess what, that's hard [spoiler]without a thumb[/spoiler].

~Jer [05/23/2011]



It's getting to be about time for me to rebuild's engine using my new object oriented programming skills. Making fixes is beginning to get annoying.

~Jer [05/29/2011]



I fell asleep working on The Indies last night - like literally on the floor. It's almost done, I'll have it up shortly.

~Jer [05/30/2011]



I'm not entirely sure the idea The Indies came up with this week was even entirely mine. Brainstorming sessions like this are very much based on the real Splurd gang, so I'm pretty sure this concept is just pieces of other actual collective brain dumps strung together. Also on ideas, I'm running out of t-shirts and background posters. I'll start recycling them soon, though. I never got a chance to draw a clear shot of Dustin's "Star Raptor" shirt from the last couple episodes.

~Jer [05/30/2011]


Poster Props

Forgot to give background poster props to Rabbit Head and Ink. You all should already know the third one, I was just short on ideas this time around.

~Jer [05/31/2011]


Hot Soup

I always was a fan of Lem Pew, and it looks like he'd been making a new web comic for the past couple years without me knowing about it. Anyhow, it's good. Go read it.

~Jer [06/01/2011]



I forgot today was Thursday. Sorry about that, here's your Elves of Iax page. In other news, I added a couple more lines to the Five Friend Dynamic article: Jenn's Whitewolf note and one of my all time favorite movies: Sneakers. Talk about a movie where the bad guy was almost a good guy.

~Jer [06/02/2011]


A little more business as usual

I figure things will get dramatic again soon in The Indies, but we're in no rush. I think the gang earned some downtime to just have fun and do their thing for a few more pages.

~Jer [06/06/2011]


Facebook is still a verb to me

I have reluctantly made a major decision. Based on the fact that I am weak at networking with new people, yet I really need to network myself as an artist and Facebook is the networking tool that the entire planet uses, I'm going to start using the tool for it's job. I've been avoiding Facebook for ages, but it's about damned I caught up with this decade.

~Jer [06/08/2011]


New Indies, New Icons

The indies updates as expected. I actually wrote this concept into the story after these two comics made their way around the internet and got me thinking. Oddly, it seemed easier to draw my thoughts into a comic than to write a rant on the matter, but I suppose I like to use the medium I'm best at. In other news, I drew myself some new rant icons. Check it out.

~Jer [06/13/2011]



Why is that cat also bread?
. . . .

~Jer [06/17/2011]


If you do nothing else today, do this.

Please. You have to understand. This is very possibly the most important thing you will read today. You must follow through on this - the life you save could very well be your own. Click here to find out more and for the love of all that is good, let's raise the bar for the largest amount. Thank you and amen.

~Rick [06/17/2011]


Facts and Opinions

The Indies is up. When you've got a complicated opinion in your head, it really helps to split it up between a few characters and let them argue about it. I mostly wanted to present the concept, and so far I've had some great conversations with folks about it, so mission accomplished. Also of note are these strips of Watterson's that Paul mentioned. I guess the "you against the world" feeling is pretty common for artists.

~Jer [06/20/2011]

Lunchbox Mike

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn , star of Jackass and regular on Viva La Bam, has died in what police are calling a fiery car crash. Dunn, 34, was driving his Porsche in Pennsylvania early Monday morning, and it appears something caused him to lose control and crash, killing him and one other passenger. This is very sad news. R.I.P.

~Lunchbox Mike [06/20/2011]


Moving forward!

So the ship's flying again. Digging around in Splurd's engine room has got me thinking of improvements and new projects, and drawing the crew goofing off cleaning up after the crash for last week's comic was a fun break from The Indies storyline. I haven't really decided what I want to do for this week, now that everything is back to normal, so I posted a survey on my FaceBook page to see what my tens of fans think. Related news: I am once again realizing how useful it would be to enable comments. We'll have to see.

Update: ...and everyone skiped over the things I like to draw to write in something I really don't want to draw. As much as I support organized efforts to use write-in ballots to effect positive change in modern democracy, that kinda really depressed me a lot.

~Jer [06/30/2011]


Back to The Indies

Despite popular demand, I've got a page of The Indies for you. Natalie actually knows the secret to handling Dustin's hot crazy wife: get her talking about herself as quickly as possible. Fun fact: "Soul Eater Not" is an actual manga that I don't know anything about. I just picked a title that sounded both psychotic and japantastically non-sequitur from Anime Planet's database.

~Jer [07/04/2011]


Ski Brony

I want you to do something. Right now. Go to Google. Click on image search. Type in "Ski Brony." Push enter. Take a look at the first image, what do you see? ME. That's right. It's Jer and Rainbow Dash enjoying winter wrap up, the last day of ski season at Steven's Pass.

~Jer [07/07/2011]


Elves of Iax

All of Elves of Iax Chapter 1 is now online for you to read. Also, The Indies is up. Fun fact, I actually dug up some reference pictures of Wayward to use for this page that I didn't have earlier. Inconsistency, yay!

~Jer [07/10/2011]



Here's a game for Facebook and Twitter. Pick a friend, and tell them "If I was [main character], you would be [sub character]." Make sure they hit you back, so you both have a turn being the awesome lead. The Splurdagumi and I have been having a lot of fun with this one today.

~Jer [07/11/2011]


Not a Rom Com

I really don't want The Indies to be a romantic comedy, but relationships are an important part of establishing characters, at least in western literature. So, consider this story arc my attempt to get all that irritating romantic garbage out of the way so we can get on with the real story.

~Jer [07/18/2011]



These days, my opinions are rated in one of three tiers. Facebook opinions are pretty softball thoughts, usually related to my friends' posts. Twitter opinions are a little more substantial, usually creative musings or announcements about art plans. My truly official opinions go right here on Splurd. Which brings us to my thought of the day: Twisted Pixel is the ONLY game studio in the history of interactive art that is allowed to get away with Namco's classic "Ms. [blank] Man" sequel title move, ever. FOREVER.

~Jer [07/21/2011]



I'm really upset about this messed up news from Norway. Today I am showing my condolences and solidarity with our grieving Scandinavian cousins the only way I know how, by reading the entire archive of Scandinavia and The World. I cope in strange ways, but SATW makes me feel like there's a world where we're all a big family and our wars are just minor squabbles because we are all too cute to stay mad at each other.

~Jer [07/23/2011]


My dear Watson. A paragraph. Elementary.

Not too much to say about this week's Indies. I did originally write "The game is afoot," but decided to dig up a slightly less chichéd Sherlock Holmes quote.

~Jer [07/25/2011]


On Advancement

I have come to appreciate my HTC Evo, but I really look forward to the day I get its replacement and can stomp it into bitty shards. On that note, one of the frustrating downsides to living in a time of fast paced technological advancement is that we can't have expensive electronics that are built to last 10+ years. Upside to that is gadgets are hardly worth stealing anymore, since by the time you go to sell your pilfered booty, it's obsolete and worthless.

~Jer [07/27/2011]


MOD Pizza

MOD pizza is tasty, but every time I order it I worry punks will come out of nowhere to beat me up.

~Rick [07/28/2011]


Floods in North Dakota

Please know about this. I don't think I can go help this time, I really need to work.

~Jer [07/30/2011]


The Gossip Continues

Here folks, have some Indies. Here's a morning where everything goes wrong. First my scanner starts to flip out on me - which is super discouraging because it's a one year old canon LIDE 200, and it's predecessor - a LIDE 50 - spent nearly 5 years proving itself damn near bulletproof. Then I go and title the comic with an apostrophe, which makes Splurd's new SQL server choke, so I go to make a quick change to our admin page, and accidentally save it over the home page. Anyhow, comic's up. Oh, hi Armand.

~Jer [08/01/2011]


Products of Science

Need to get your USDA recommended level of sic beats and phat rhymes? Want to donate $10 to Child's Play Charities? You can to both by getting Supercommuter's latest album Products of Science. The moderator himself, Wheelie Cyberman continues to flow lyrics over Stenobot's magnificent ability to harmoniously destabilize a gameboy, with appearances from Jen Wood, Rachel Haden and the return of Optimus Rhyme's theoretical quantum bassline output specialist Stumblebee.

~Jer [08/06/2011]


Dictionary is a Verb

My hotmail account got dictionary'ed and a whole load of auto-spam got sent by "me." Apologies to everyone, I have significantly increased my passwordyness. Moving on to news that uses real words, The Indies is up and Penny learns of Armand. Next, be sure to hit the Facebook Like Button that the big red arrow is pointing at to make my Red Cross donation on Thursday as big as possible. Finally, I want to keep Supercommuter's new album with all proceeds going to Child's Play Charities on the homepage a little longer, check it out!

~Jer [08/08/2011]



The world has not been great the past few years, but I'll tell ya... I think it's going to be okay. I've just got a feeling. Good people are going to be rewarded for being good, bad people may not get punished, but they will be forgotten and left to wither. Stay true to those who are true to you, and we'll all get through this. I suddenly, really believe that.

~Jer [08/12/2011]


The Lament of Robert Crumb

I'll be honest, I was never really a fan of R. Crumb's work, but I respect him quite a lot for his extensive career and the artistic boundaries he pushed. However much I respected him before, this amplifies that respect tenfold. This event and his reaction to it summarizes so much about the world we live in and the people we choose to give power to - political power as well as financial and emotional.

~Jer [08/13/2011]


Paul's not okay with this

So, fun fact. Today's page of The Indies marks an end to the pages I wrote while I was in Alabama. As if to merit the occasion, the universe decided to send me on TWO Red Cross calls today. I'll say this, volunteering with the Red Cross is like having a subscription to actual adventures that matter.

~Jer [08/22/2011]


Warning: You will shit a brick

You don't even need to read Korean to see that this is one of the best combinations of web technology and the comic medium. Totally freaky awesomeness, bricks will be shat.

~Jer [08/23/2011]


In Anime, people put bandages on their hair

The Indies is up for this week. The gang's return to the game world just so happened to coincide with PAX. I wish I could say I planned that.

~Jer [08/29/2011]


If I owned a company

See, this is how you run a business.

~Jer [09/01/2011]


Comic Coming

Mornin' folks. I ran myself out of steam yesterday, so I'm still working on today's comic. It'll be up shortly.

~Jer [09/05/2011]


Canlis is a very expensive restaraunt

The Indies is up super late, sorry about that. My art drive is running super low lately.

~Jer [09/05/2011]


Ten Years

Now that it's Sept 12th, I finally know what I want to say about Sept 11th. I was in DC that day and walked home. I saw the Pentagon on fire. It was the opposite of surreal. Perhaps "extra-real." I also recently got to hear a lot of stories from Red Cross folks who were helping in New York. I may snark or joke about how the event was abused as a political tool, but the event itself was a real thing that really happened.

~Jer [09/12/2011]


The Waiters are In The Know

Still lots of unanswered questions in The Indies, but we're getting to them, don't you worry. I really am happy about how this page turned out. Dustin and Isabella's relationship is complicated, and I've worked really hard planning out how I want to portray it.

~Jer [09/12/2011]


I always get nervous when I take charge of stuff... we'll have to see how this goes.

~Jer [09/13/2011]


I'm bored

I wish Splurd had a rival comic/blog website we could go to war against. It would help if they were real assholes so we were obviously the good guys.

~Jer [09/15/2011]


I don't wanna ink it!!!

I will ink This Week's Indies later. I really don't want to right now. Writing The Indies is a lot like connecting the dots. There are really important moments in my head, key plot points. I think of those first, then I tell the story around them, leading from one major moment to the next. This is one of those moments, it was really important to me to get this one right, and in pencil it looks exactly how I hoped. I'm kinda worried I'll lose it when I ink it.

~Jer [09/19/2011]


Comic Coming

Just putting the finishing touches on it, plus I have last week's inked. Story goodness is en route!

~Jer [09/26/2011]


I hear the fans like Penny's imagination

The Indies is up. I'm glad I found a way to fit Penny's dreamland into a page this chapter - I was worried I wouldn't find a place for it. A little bit of props to new finds and friends from Jet City Comic Con in panel 4: Totem Kids, Perfecting Loneliness and The Legend of the Broken Hearts.

~Jer [09/26/2011]


Gasoline-Powered Lawn Chair

Hey internet, something weird is happening, maybe you can explain it to me. Does anyone know why my neighbor has been sitting on his running motorcycle for the past half-hour in the parking lot next door, wasting gas while he chats with my other neighbors who are sitting on the hood of their car? I thought most people had couches that don't run on gas. I am confused by this.

~Jer [09/28/2011]


Gasoline-Powered Alarm Clock

I had a roommate who was ever so helpful. He knew that I really wanted to get up at 5:45am instead of my usual 8:00am, so he went ahead and created a gasoline-powered alarm clock for me. He put it in the garage, and it too was strangely shaped like a motorcycle.

~Rick [09/28/2011]


Is print still relevent?

Sadly, most of the world continues to think thoughts pressed onto flattened tree pulp are the only thoughts that matter. Kate Beaton's Hark a Vagrent has long been acknowledge by the Internet as one of the great comics of our time, but only after it becomes a book do I hear it on the radio. The overall irony of this is not lost on me.

~Jer [09/29/2011]


Blasphemy Day

Today is Blasphemy Day. I celebrated by anointing my Rainbow Dash keychain with authentic holy water from the oldest church in Austria. I figure it's like sending Yahweh a text that just reads "LOL!"

~Jer [09/30/2011]



I am negotiating with ants. Ants are like union janitors. If you keep the place clean, they'll just kick back and not bother you, but if there's a mess, they will insist on cleaning it. They're sticklers about overtime, but I gotta give 'em credit for getting all the crumbs off the counter.

~Jer [10/02/2011]


Lonely Dreams

I don't like lonely dreams. The kind of dream whete you meet the girl of your dreams but it's 1955 because you were riding with Doc and Marty McFly and the DeLorian is taking you home in four minutes. Causality-threatening relationships are never healthy.

~Jer [10/02/2011]


Natalie's Dilema

I've got a few fun facts for you about this week's comic. This was originally going to be the first page of Chapter 3, but I put it on ice so I could focus some time on Dustin and the gang as a whole. I also wrote this exchange long, long ago with intent to mention Comics Dungeon, being the first and only comic book shop that actually paid to stock The Elves of Iax over five years ago. Last time I was in there, those same five copies they bought from me are sitting there on the bottom shelf, defiant against the tides of cape lovers who shalt never purchase them. I'm not bitter, I sold plenty at cons and Wayward. It's simply the way the world works.

~Jer [10/03/2011]



I saw a couple inadvertently drive their car through a big-ass puddle of water downtown, then drive around the block so they could do it again advertently.

~Jer [10/04/2011]



The second official meeting of Sicaga was last night. We had some drinks, drew some comics, and a couple of folks hooked up with plans of drawing more comics as a team. I really couldn't have hoped for a better outcome.

~Jer [10/05/2011]

Lunchbox Mike

Steve Jobs has died

It was a courageous battle, one that lasted years, but it finally became too much, and Steve Jobs has died. A true innovator, Jobs has defined how we consume digital media in our daily lives. R.I.P.

~Lunchbox Mike [10/05/2011]


Occupy Wall Street

~Jer [10/07/2011]



I got The Indies up in time to actually sleep tonight. Crazy! Nothing special to say about it, just plugging through what happened to Natalie.

~Jer [10/10/2011]


I saw a dog in a purse today

I think it's time to put an and to the toy dog in the purse fad. I think now is the dawn of yuppy wanna-be celebrity women carrying around dogs in purses that are literally toys. With just a little more robotics advancement, we might be able to further the ethical treatment of animals without toy dog owners even noticing the difference.

~Jer [10/11/2011]


Cat Factor

I've been studying my cat for some time, and have determined that her cat factor is greater than 1. She is more cat than a cat can actually be. This is of course impossible, but I've taken extensive notes and done the sums several times, the result is consistent. If anyone else out there has encountered a mathematical anomaly of this magnitude regarding a felis domesticus, I'd appreciate it if you could explain it to me.

~Jer [10/14/2011]



IT'S ABOUT GOD DAMNED TIME. The knowledge that there is a place in the world where human mothers are FORCE FED THEIR OWN CHILDREN by other humans has haunted me since I first heard of it. And why? So warlords can profit on mining the metal that is in your smart phone battery. [1] [2] [3] [4]

~Jer [10/14/2011]


Synching Nat's Story

Really hope The Indies is making sense. I was hoping this would match the timeline of Natalie's story to the stuff we've already seen.

~Jer [10/17/2011]


Getting kinda lonely around here

I don't think Studio Splurd really is about a crew of friends anymore, so I shuffled some stuff around, trying to focus Splurd on being about independent arts instead. Seems like the way to go. The Crew has shuffled off and gone their separate ways, for the most part. Everyone can still log in, it's just the times when anyone else needs to are few and far between. Anyway, I'm still here. Still stubbornly posting comics every week. Still trying to keep this ship running. Alone.

~Jer [10/17/2011]


I just like eating plants

I don't know which is weirder. The fact that just about everyone I meet eventually asks if I'm a vegetarian, or the staggeringly high percentage of the time the question is asked by someone who witnessed me eating meat not ten minutes earlier. I'm not kidding, this happens almost once a month.

~Jer [10/20/2011]


Like a Final Fantasy Counsel of White Magic or something...

Had a totally awesome evening. I was invited to a round-table meeting of Red Cross shelter managers, planning out important stuff. There were folks there with decades of experience, folks who've traveled across the country sheltering disaster victims. It was the closest to a meeting of actual Super Heroes I think I will ever be able to experience in this life, and I was invited as one of them!

~Jer [10/22/2011]



I focused myself tonight and got my entire indie collection scanned for the library. There's a few I'm missing that have probably migrated to Rick or Josh's house, but as it currently stands I have 50 books I need to find something to say about. I went all the way back, too, including some of the original Keenspot Press titles. I'm actually quite happy with my collection, now that I put it into perspective.

~Jer [10/23/2011]


Wayward Wayward

The best coffee shop IN THE WORLD has almost returned to us! Wayward Coffeehouse is - if luck holds - opening it's new doors at 6417 Roosevelt Way NE #104, Seattle WA on Monday. This is going to be the BEST HALLOWEEN PARTY EVER

~Jer [10/28/2011]


Other people say it best

I don't talk about video games much because Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw really says everything I hate about videogames so well that I rarely feel the compulsion to even play them anymore. However this week's Zero Punctuation talks about something I have tried repeatedly not only to play but also to like. Everyone of my friends loves games on the Kinect and has lots of actual fun with it. When I step up the plate, though, well... as usual, Yahtzee explains it better than I could.

~Jer [10/29/2011]


Happy Halloween

Very happy with how my Halloween update of The Indies (not Halloween related) turned out. I love how delightfully meta it is. Have a fun and safe bad kid's day, and if you're in Seattle don't forget to hang out with me at Wayward Coffee's Grand Re-opening!

~Jer [10/31/2011]


Making Sense of the Plot

Armand is an interesting guy. I've been bothered a lot by how introverts are one of the biggest laughing stocks of popular culture these days. I don't find the "Look how socially awkward that guy is!" trope to be funny at all, I find it hurtful because usually "that guy" is someone I relate to. While everyone else is laughing at Dwight Schrute, the cast of Big Bang Theory or every character ever portrayed by Will Ferrell, I always find myself sympathetic with characters who are shallow reflections of actual mindsets, almost all of which I've found myself in at some point. These characters make me feel miserable because they are based on actual awkward people that writers would rather laugh at then bother to understand where they might be coming from. I think this frustration is coming out as I write for Armand. He's been detached from the world, he doesn't really grasp what's appropriate or how to connect to others on a normal level. He goes way overboard with something as simple as making a date. He's lucky Natalie doesn't freak out easy.

~Jer [11/07/2011]



I'm totally late to the game - literally. Everyone's playing Arkham City, but I only just started Arkham Asylum. Decent game. Voices are amazing but the gameplay is super clunky compared to the Zelda or Riddick games. Also, I think I must have gotten a buggy copy, because all the textures are rendered dull gray-blue or bright yellow and all the enemies and NPCs look like glowing skeletons.

~Jer [11/09/2011]


Short Run

At the very last possible second, I learned of the Short Run Indie comics festival that happened today. There are few things in this world more relevant to my interests and arrived with only 40 minutes left to enjoy it - and enjoy it I did. Frantically, I went from booth to booth buying everything I could - in some cases literally throwing money at people. I returned with some great new treasures. At present, I still have 55 titles in my queue to add to the library. I wish I could get myself into some sort of update schedule for that.

~Jer [11/13/2011]


The Big Date

Just four more pages till chapter three of The Indies comes to an end! A lot can still happen, so stay tuned!

~Jer [11/14/2011]


Rage as an Energy Source

I love Hyperbole and a Half. Allie Brosh is a quintessential comedian of modern life. It is delightful how often she'll sum up a concept on a level we can all relate to, like when she articulated the source of human rage using the most scientifically accurate drawing ever made of the human anger organs.

~Jer [11/17/2011]


Opinions and Omissions

I drew a bunch of The Indies on the plane back from Virginia, where two of my Microns exploded - thankfully away from the paper. Anyhow, this was one of those moments I've had in mind for a long time. Enjoy!

~Jer [11/28/2011]


The Cricket

Something very weird happened today, and it deserves official recognition. The TV was on while I waited for my car to be fixed this morning, and a TV ad actually made me want to buy something. The something in question is the Cricket, which looks to be a printer that cuts things instead of prints them. The ad in question really isn't very good, but a quick glance at Youtube shows it was better than their horrendously corny old ads that I can't even sit through. Sadly, I probably will not buy this object. I'm quite handy with an X-ACTO blade, so it won't enable me to do anything I can't already do. Also, a little research shows its abilities are limited to pre-set shapes, which would be insufficient. Still, I gotta hand it to the company for moving their advertising in the "less obnoxious" direction, enough so that I could say "Huh, that looks like an interesting device that I had never heard of." Well done, Cricket.

~Jer [11/29/2011]


It's the end of the Calendar as we know it.

German researchers suggest that the hieroglyphics of the Mayan calendar say it doesn't schedule the end of the world. It denotes the completion of a 5125 year cycle that begins and ends with a visit from the god Bolon Yokte. So, the end of the Mayan Calendar really just tells the Mayans when to make a new Calendar.

~Jer [12/01/2011]


The Indies, Seriously

I want to go on record here for a moment. On Sunday, I will draw the 89th page of The Indies, leading up to a moment I've been planning for almost a year. I know I really don't have that many readers, but I really hope someone out there realizes how much I'm agonizing over getting this right. I am a man writing a story with a female lead, a challenge I chose deliberately to push myself as a writer. I want everyone to know how important is to me that this chapter ends being about Natalie and her art, and NOT about the guy or her relationship to him. I'm taking this very, very seriously, and I really hope I do it well, or at least well enough that people can direct me in the right direction for the future. Please people, you have no idea how much I care about this.

~Jer [12/03/2011]



There's just one more page of The Indies before the end of Chapter 3. I don't think I have much more to say about this week's strip. I guess I should mention that I don't carry nearly as much baggage as Natalie does here, but I am writing from feelings I've felt. I can roll with criticism, and I know what haters are gonna do, but when someone close to me digs harshly into my creativity, the wound lasts years and the relationship seldom survives.

~Jer [12/05/2011]


My scrolls are slightly more elder

Okay, time to own up. The other day I ranted about how most games disappoint me. I mentioned that - thanks to finding it in the $5 bargain bin - I intended to give Elder Scrolls IV (released in 2006) a shot while the rest of you are playing Elder Scrolls V. Now that I'm finally able to play it without it breaking my computer, I really am enjoying it. It kind-of reminds me of Ultima back in the day, before someone stapled the word "Online" to it and everything else. On that note: For anyone having trouble playing Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion on Windows 7 / 64bit, Rick discovered that there's a bug when you try to run the game with two monitors plugged into your PC. Rick's deduction is that when Oblivion detects your display, it's not testing for a number other than 1. I unplugged one of my monitors, and the game has run fine ever since.

~Jer [12/07/2011]



Dylan Ratigan loses his temper at 4:25. A lot of folks are posting just his rant, but the leading conversation frames it magnificently.

~Jer [12/08/2011]


And So...

And thus we wrap up chapter three of The Indies. Two more chapters to go. I rewrote this page about 15 times. I don't think I'd ever feel like it was perfect, but I think I got it pretty good.

~Jer [12/12/2011]


Surgeon General's Warning:

Missing your Saturday morning cartoons can lead to inexplicable grumpiness, even in adults. Symptoms of cartoon deficiency include poor humor, argumentativeness, general jerk-like behavior and sour grape syndrome. If you or someone you know isn't getting enough cartoons, contact your cable provider, youtube or newgrounds. This has been a public service of STOP BEING GRUMPY AND WATCH SOME CARTOONS.

~Jer [12/12/2011]



Facebook is like being close to your friends the way caffeine is like sleep.

~Jer [12/15/2011]


No-one Understands Me

Saying those words is like a curse, it's a surefire way for artists to dig themselves into an emotional pit. The truth is, ALL artist feel like no-one understands them, which is a large part of what drives us to express ourselves through art. So despite the compelling urge to take a break, we start Chapter 4 of The Indies with Jet growing up a little.

~Jer [12/19/2011]


Working full time again means vendors are sending christmas gift baskets full of food. It's kinda neat to be able to EAT the food, after three years of being a contractor who SENT the food.

~Jer [12/21/2011]


On Progress

On the topic of finance, we're the first generation of America that can say to our parents "You don't know how great you had it!" I have an overwhelming desire to walk to work barefoot in the snow uphill both ways and like it.

~Jer [12/22/2011]



Drawing is easy when I write first. Writing is hard. I wrote a bunch of scratchy notes on Chapter 4 of The Indies exactly one month ago. I'm at Wayward this xmas day, working on organizing them into an actual plot. My process for The Indies is weird: I know what's going to happen and where I'm going with the story, but all the details and dialogue I write as I go.

~Jer [12/25/2011]


Take my advice

Don't try to do your hobby job on Christmas day. One's undying dedication to weekly entertaining his or her tens of fans is not worth being awake for 26 hours. That is not hyperbole. 22 of those hours were spent trying to write and draw this sketchy clustermuck of a comic page I call my art. Did I just completely fail to heed the message I painstakingly crafted into my own story? Maybe! But I'm really tired, and I'm pretty much going to sleep from now until I have to go to work Tuesday morning. What a neat 4 day weekend I got. FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS' BIRTHDAY PLEASE READ MY COMIC oh god I need some sleep.

~Jer [12/26/2011]


Dis Ability

Like many nerds, I've been watching The circus over the Avenger Controller unfold. It's been fun, but I especially enjoy the fact that it gives me the incredibly rare opportunity to invoke the fact that I am a gamer who is literally missing an finger, and say with professional experience that - regarding a device designed to provide accessible gaming for all - I don't get it. Though, if this plastic squid-beast is a good thing for some people, I certainly wouldn't mind an explanation.

~Jer [12/28/2011]

Jer we know it.

Happy new year! I'd like to dedicate tonight to the end of the world, just like the world ended in 2000, 1994, 1975, 1941, 1925, 1920, 1919, 1918, 1915, 1914, 1891, 1881, 1856, 1850, 1844, 1843, 1832, 1830, 1794, 1792, 1783, 1736, 1689, 1669, 1533, 1524, 1496, 1346, 1284, 1205, 1179, 1147, 1033, 1006, 1005, 1000, 968, 500, 400, 375, 365, 90, 60 and 30. [1]

~Jer [01/01/2012]


Comic Coming

Working on the comic now. Took a lesson from last week about working on holidays and took it easy yesterday.

~Jer [01/02/2012]



In 4chan, ">>>" is a jump link to somewhere else on a board. The boards are all abbreviated by 1 to 3 letters under a web directory, for instance, /ic/ is the art critique and criticism board - which by the way is not a very nice or popular place. So the man in panel 4 of this week's pages of The Indies is using esoteric lingo to dismiss Penny's dream-state plea for attention. I also don't know why Jet's classmate's t-shirt is a radish. I do know that Chapter 4 is going to be a roller coaster with a lot of downers like this one - that's why I started on a high note. Stick with it, though. I know what I'm doing, and it's all leading up to Chapter 5 being the grandest of finales I can possibly write for these guys.

~Jer [01/02/2012]


Brass Balls and/or Ovaries

This is an interesting event worth noting. In a somewhat Martin Luthor-esque maneuver, the The Progressive Caucus of New York City passed "a resolution opposing the United States Supreme Court Citizens United decision, which gave corporations the same First Amendment rights as people."

~Jer [01/04/2012]


Know Jack

"So what we did was we crafted language that was so obscure, so confusing, so uninformative, but so precise to change the U.S. code." ~Jack Abramoff

~Jer [01/05/2012]



"Blog That." Yes, Sir. I don't agree with everything he's saying, but I find it neat to hear a man like this speak out like this, and I certainly support the notion that the bloggers have the power.

~Jer [01/06/2012]


Tim Pool is a Streamer

You may say that I'm a streamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you will join us, then the news will be from everyone.

~Jer [01/08/2012]


It's Bro plus Pony

So, I simply like the show, but today at Target I ran into a herd of official, uniformed bronies. While they achieve a transcended degree of enjoyment I can not myself achieve, I found them to be alright fellas. Should you be one of the gentlemen to which I am referring, you may be interested in my essay about you.

~Jer [01/08/2012]


Ghostbusters makes everything better

This chapter of The Indies is supposed to be about everything going wrong, but I think the gang is going to get through it just fine. I recently mentioned that I writing for me is a lot like spilling a bucket of Legos and building something out of the mess. By this point, all the characters are developed, so I can just throw events at them, then sit back and watch how they react.

~Jer [01/09/2012]


Moar Library

I added a few more titles to The Library: Puddles of Cute by Leda Zawacki, Brass Knuckle Rituals by Pott and DePaolo, Centuri Way of the Ninja by Trevor Frick and the infamous classic Expolitation Now by Michael Poe.

~Jer [01/11/2012]



There are more vacant houses in the US than there are homeless people [1].

~Jer [01/13/2012]



My tiny voice won't reach all that far, but I will be taking offline on Wednesday, January 18th to show solidarity with Wikipedia's protest of SOPA and PIPA. I hope other bloggers will do the same. UPDATE: Here is a list of sites participating in SOPA/PIPA Protests.

~Jer [01/16/2012]


And we're back

Hey folks. I'm happy to bring back your beloved... oh who am I kidding. Anyway, I could rant about the SOPA/PIPA protest, but it sounds like everyone's discussing the successes, responses and subsequent actions just fine. I'm just happy to have been a tiny part of it.

~Jer [01/18/2012]



Red Cross keeps my life exciting, for sure. We have a handful of shelters open across the region due to the ice storms knocking power out. There was also a shelter managers' class scheduled today, which has already been postponed twice before. This meant our chapter had to make a very "WarCraft" decision between upgrading and deploying troops, ironically, because of a blizzard. I never got word if the class was on or not, so I showed up. It is off, but there's plenty of administrative/logistical stuff to do, so - as has happened to me a few times before - I got deputized. Totally not complaining. I love being in a position to help people, and I planned on spending the day with ARC anyway.

~Jer [01/21/2012]


Back to Normal

The blizzard shelters have wrapped up just in time, because I have fully depleted my "being a hero" reserve. I suddenly find myself with significantly more humility than usual and an unusually strong need for a hug.

~Jer [01/22/2012]


It's Magic

Watching "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic" is like mainlining liquid hugs after freebasing a rainbow.

~Jer [01/23/2012]


It's supposed to be gum

I don't like drawing my characters doing nothing but standing and talking. I also don't like drawing Nat standing around without a cigarette, but she doesn't smoke around Jet. So I tried to draw her getting a stick of gum out in the last scene. Without any context, I don't think it's apparent. Anyway, Seattle based fiction's obligatory scene at the Fremont Troll. I've actually drawn the Space Needle exactly once, but only a local would have known that.

~Jer [01/29/2012]


More on the Five Friend Dynamic

So when I wrote about the Five Friend Dynamic a while back, I really doubted I was the first to ever notice this. I figured if anyone had seen this pattern before, news of it would make it to TV Tropes. Turns out, they almost got it, but I think my friends and I hammered it out a little nicer. In fact, their observation is more directed towards "Five-Member Bands," which we noted as often a different dynamic than the "Fraggle" Five. Still, it's really neat to cross-reference.

~Jer [02/02/2012]



If I wrote The Elves of Iax as a novel, I'd have finished it by now. Honestly, I'm not ruling this out. It might end up being the way to go. It's weird though... I've always felt like just writing it as a book would be too easy. Like I was cheating or something.

~Jer [02/05/2012]


A little bit too normal

I prefer to play it low key on the announcement when bad stuff happens to The Indies, and talk more when they start to cope with it. Anywho, this is a bad stuff week.

~Jer [02/06/2012]


Heroes and Politics

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but I don't hate legacy browser testing. Internet Explorer 6 came out in 2001 - one year into my career - and rescued me from the Netscape hell camps. Sure, it's rusty and crotchety, but today it found a bad tag that the modern browsers were all like "Oh, looks like you're opening a LABEL but closing a B. That's cool bro, we get it." IE6 is like a war veteran, disgraced for political reasons, denied pension and subsequently hard-earned retirement. Everyone dismisses him as crazy, but in truth he's just tired and bitter about the lack of respect for his service. Here's to you, IE6. You served the net well, Sir. Better than most remember.

~Jer [02/06/2012]



So, wayward Splurdagumi Chris found this article which made me face-palm so hard I hurt and possibly damaged my face. I thought that when web developers outgrew table-based layout and put on our CSS big-kid pants, we were doing so to pursue a semantic web, not to forget what we learned and revert to a flock of proprietary technology sheep. Listen. The object of web development it to make a document that multiple devices can process. That is our passion, that is our purpose, that is our charge. Every time you build a website that works for everyone, Tim Berners-Lee grabs a microphone and shouts "GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL!"

~Jer [02/09/2012]


Rain Returns

Rain is an odd character for The Indies. In my greater imagination, she's sort of a wild-card character that can fit into a few different circumstances. In The Indies, she serves as sort-of an "Inara from Firefly" presence. She's not really involved and engaged in the goings on of the core cast, but shows up for a certain type of moral support. In this case, I really wanted to write some scenes away from Nat, and Rain's history with Penny let me do just that.

~Jer [02/13/2012]


Americans Elect


I say don't stop there. Let's expand this for congress seats, as well. I think there's a better chance of a congressman getting in through an internet campaign process, anyhow.

~Jer [02/24/2012]



Hey folks. There might not be a comic this week. I came down with a major fever, and I'm barely able to move. Hopefully I can make it up to you.

~Jer [02/26/2012]


Indies Fever

I got knocked off schedule by the powdered-hand pimp-slap of a punk-ass virus. I got better enough to work on this week's The Indies today. It's half done, I'll have it finished by tomorrow. I'd like to put up something extra for being late, but I don't have any ideas. I'd ask Facebook, but last time I did that everyone voted for tentacle porn. And no.

~Jer [02/27/2012]


Best Science Ever

This is my new favorite study of all time, ever. Science has just shown that dumb people are too dumb to realize they are dumb. I don't know if it's universal; I suck at comics but I've known that for years. Still, I think there is a major lesson we can take from this: telling uninformed people that they are stupid simply makes them angry and defensive, accomplishing nothing

~Jer [02/28/2012]


Tardy Indies is Finally Up

I've only missed two Monday updates before this one, and it was because I was in Alabama with the Red Cross. Trying to catch up over the course of the work week sucked almost as much as the virus that KOed me. Anyway, The Indies is up and I should be back on track for this Monday.

~Jer [03/02/2012]


doctype HTML

My job is cool these days. Having been professionally building websites for 12 years now, my current employer looked to me to help with all kinds of planning, designing, maintenance and fixing. Really cool high-end stuff that required someone of experience. However, things have finally come full circle and at last I have a chance to do the thing I love most, the thing I'm best at. Building a damned web site.

~Jer [03/06/2012]


Angst, why have you forsaken me

I think my tens of readers all know I can be a major angsty artist from time to time, so when it came time to canonically write some angst into my "artist's story about being an artist" that I'm getting out my system so I never have the urge to write one again, it was totally weird to spend the entire week in a delightful mood without an ounce of angst upon my heart. Fortunately, the comic turned out pretty fun regardless.

~Jer [03/12/2012]


Oh, Hi Angst!

Funny that I haven't quipped for a couple weeks. Penny is very hard to write for. She doesn't like to open up unless she feels totally safe, and even then, what's going on emotionally is really difficult for her to put to words. Last Penny page I couldn't access my internal mire of angst, but this week I got good and deep into it. I think I've managed to just visit without opening the floodgates on the Tortured Artist Dam. Though, I didn't sleep at all last night in determination to get this page drawn. At least it looks nice, and we get to see Rain and Penny demonstrating Ian McConville's theory that in a Tolkienesque fantasy setting, the female midriff is utterly impenetrable, thus never requires armor.

~Jer [03/26/2012]


Emerald City Comic Con 2012

I spent way, WAY too much at ECCC this year. Behold my loot. Beautiful, beautiful indie comics.

~Jer [03/31/2012]


ECCC and Indies

Welp, another ECCC has come and gone, so I drew a special ECCC Comic for you, which is only slightly exaggerated. Also, The Indies updates as usual. We've never really seen Natalie's mind wander like this before, but it's part of the reason she understands Penny so well.

~Jer [04/02/2012]


Big American Dance Party

Dick Clark is no longer America's oldest living teenager. He is now simply America's oldest teenager. Proving to not actually be immortal, Dick Clark has retired from hosting New Years celebrations and having new years. He has gone to heaven, but sources say he will travel with the USO to support troops serving tours of duty in hell. Dick Clark, dead at 82.

~Jer [04/18/2012]


Cabin Boy

I got into a sword fight with pirates tonight. The previous sentence is a factual statement and contains no hyperbole. Also, saw Cabin in the Woods. Great movie!

~Jer [04/21/2012]


Background Comics

It too me a bit of time to find the websites for Shadows over Trelldain, Words That Must Not Be Spoken and Kiwi Blitz, which I drew as the background posters in this week's The Indies.

~Jer [04/24/2012]


The Nightwatch

I got The Indies up a little early this week. I got a chance to sneak another comic into the background, since Terra Tempo is an educational fiction for kids. There's not really enough detail to show it, but the last scene takes place at the Jolly Roger Taproom. Yes, all four of them like beer, and everyone who likes beer loves The Nightwatch.

~Jer [04/29/2012]



Goodbye, M.C.A.
I shall now read from the book of Paul Revere, 2:11

"Now, my name is M.C.A, I've got a license to kill.
I think you know what time it is, it's time to get ill.
Now what do we have here? An outlaw and his beer?
I run this land, you understand, I make myself clear."

Paul Revere is my favorite Beastie Boys song. I love how they paint the picture of their partnership through the fictional tale of old west outlaws, without breaking character. I've never seen the video, but the imagery in the song is so vivid that I can see the story clear as day every time I hear it. It is not a deep song, It is not high art, but it always fun to listen to.

Adam M.C.A. Yauch, Dead at 47.

~Jer [05/04/2012]


Unsmart Phone

Natalie is very stubborn about this whole smartphone thing. Her phone is actually a hybrid design based on the two phones I had before I finally relented and got an Android. Handy as the prevalent gimcacks may be, I still have a romantic nostalgia for phone shaped phones.

~Jer [05/07/2012]


Always a bunch of deaths at once

But the wild things cried, "Oh please don't go - we'll eat you up - we love you so!"
And Max said, "No!"
The wild things roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws but Max stepped into his private boat and waved goodbye.
Maurice Sendak, dead at 83.

~Jer [05/08/2012]


Regarding Motivation

I've learned that nothing gets my kitchen cleaner than deciding I want to spend the evening working on art.

~Jer [05/19/2012]


Real artist for reals

I'm drawing pictures today, professionally. We need a set of folder icons for reports. I feel official.

~Jer [05/25/2012]



Today I am taking my very first train trip to Portland to support some friends selling comics at a little convention called Wonder Northwest. The train trip costs the same as gas to drive, and I have internet the whole way there. I'm fairly certain that qualifies as a win.

~Jer [05/26/2012]


War Stories

Having a pretty rad time at Wonder Northwest. It was a long way to go for such a tiny con, but the people are great and everyone is having good, old-fashion fun. I got to get some great war stories from the artist ally folks here which I'll be using to write the next few pages of The Indies.

~Jer [05/27/2012]


The Best of Cons, the Worst of Cons

It's kinda weird to be writing about a bad con experience after I had such a great one this weekend. This page was pretty rushed. It was harder to get done while traveling than I expected. Next few should be easier, though, since I've got them mostly written now.

~Jer [05/28/2012]



Journey is the best video game since Portal.

~Jer [06/01/2012]



I almost didn't make it this week. I'm not exaggerating when I call you my tens of fans, there really aren't a lot of you. Really, the only reason I got it up this week is because I'll still have done 115 page in 115 weeks. Anyway, this week's page turned out okay. Jet sounds like she's growing up a little. I guess that's another part of what keeps me going... I don't actually write this stuff. I just watch it happen then draw what I see. These guys are alive.

~Jer [06/04/2012]



Thank you, Ridley Scott, for officially and magnificently declaring the "Alien vs Predator" movies to be absolute non-canonical twaddle while delivering us a freaky festival of sci-fi/horror Giger-esque alien facerape like only you can. Well played, good sir.

~Jer [06/10/2012]


Cons are actually great

So you wouldn't know it from The Indies lately, but selling your nerdy art at a nerdy convention is probably one of the most fun things in life. I thought it was interesting, when I talked to ally folks about things that drove them crazy, one particular frustration was mentioned by just about everyone: people who simply stand in front of your table. You'd have to be a very, VERY old fan of Splurd to notice, but we've met Chuck before. Wow. 10 year later, I'm drawing basically the same joke.

~Jer [06/11/2012]



There are times when I worry I drink to often - which is probably a fact that helps prevent me from becoming a true alcoholic - but sometimes there's nothing more emotionally therapeutic than going out with a good friend, having a couple beers and just shooting the proverbial shit.

~Jer [06/13/2012]


The Basic Trouble

  1. I want to go out and do stuff.
  2. Nowhere to go.
  3. Nothing to do.
  4. Stay home and play video games.
  5. Go to 1

~Jer [06/17/2012]


A Dragon

117 down, 33 to go.

~Jer [06/18/2012]



I went to the Paradiso festival this weekend and had a totally rad time. I started by camping at The Gorge and partying all Friday night. I cooked Corned Beef Hash for dinner and shared it with my neighbors. Come Saturday, I decided at some point to spend the show sober but still danced my ass off regardless. Then when Avicii played Levels, something strange happend: I danced really well. Four separate people actually went out of their way to say so, and one person actually stepped to me. What you have to realize is I'm a nerd. I like video games, comic books and kids cartoons. I didn't think I'd ever find myself in a position to be stepped to, but there it was. It really happened in the really real world, but "fuck it," I thought. I like this song. I'm in the groove. We're doing this. I looked the bro in the eyes and delivered everything I had. I danced so much better than him that HE WALKED AWAY IN SHAME. A dude stepped to me, but he got served. By me. I served a dude. Me, Jer, while wearing a Woot shirt and a Hasbro character keychain, brought it.

I also earned the most unattractive shirt-sleeve sunburn. I really need to reacquaint myself with sunscreen.

~Jer [06/24/2012]


Good Luck and Be Safe

So, Colorado is on fire and a lot of Red Cross folks are mobilizing. At the moment, there has been no national call for sheltering or case work (which are my specialties), so for me it's business as usual. I just wanted to take a moment to say good luck and be safe to everyone heading to Colorado to fight fires and help people.
UPDATE - Call for availability just came in. Checking with my employer. I might be going in.
UPDATE 2 - It doesn't look like they need me, not at the moment at least. I believe that means the regional Red Cross has got it handled, and that's good.

~Jer [06/27/2012]


Ha ha! Amazon.

So funny story! The internet broke. Like... the whole internet. A massive summer storm took out an Amazon data center, now a ton of popular sites are completely down. How in the hell is Splurd still up? We crash when someone sneezes or a butterfly flaps it's wings a little too enthusiastically.

~Jer [06/30/2012]


Happy Independence Day, 2012

Thank you, Will Smith.

~Jer [07/04/2012]


Final Stretch

The Indies is up a little early. I'm trying to work ahead so I can go camping next week. Chapter 4 is all wrapped up! I wrote everything in Chapter 4 to lead up to this moment. I really wanted to write something to inspire folks when they're feeling down. Just never give up, not if there's something you truly dream of accomplishing.

~Jer [07/08/2012]


Imagine No Advertisements

If you're one of Studio Splurd's tens of fans, you probably already heard about Penny Arcade's Kickstarter to go ad-free for a year. I just want to make official note of it. This is beautiful. This is the way I imagined the future would be for artists. This is the kind of economy I want The United States to adopt. I never signed up to be part of a "Service Based Economy," I was born into it. I want to live in an "Art Based Economy," where most of our energy is spent on creativity, and that creativity inspires human advancement the way art has historically lead to the development of the submarine, the helicopter, and space travel. People like Mike and Jerry or Tim Schafer are forging the path to that world, and tools like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are making it possible. I'm happy. This is what I want.

~Jer [07/10/2012]


Background Comics

I forgot to post links to Stix and Bones, Gronk and Pokeweed who were this week's background comics in The Indies.

~Jer [07/12/2012]


Character Introductions

We're entering the final chapter of The Indies. To lead up to the grand finale, I thought I'd take some time to show you how the gang got started. This week, we meet Penny for the first time

~Jer [07/16/2012]


Off to the woods!

Heading into the Olympics to see an old abandoned plane crash. I SHOULD still have The Indies up on time. Should.

~Jer [07/20/2012]


The Woods, and Progress

You may think you know how great modern life is, but after digging a hole in the woods for your poop, a toilet is like performing a 720 stalefish on your rocket powered hover-board over a canyon on mars, technologically speaking.

~Jer [07/22/2012]


I wish...

It's actually very strange when people say to me "I wish I could draw," when I barely think I can draw myself. I dedicated Natalie and Dustin's first meeting to that sentiment.

~Jer [07/23/2012]


Not The Joker

I was just thinking along these lines when someone more famous than me said it better. Thanks, Drew Curtis.

~Jer [07/23/2012]


Whole Grain Oats

I'm not a big fan of The Oatmeal. It's not that great of a comic, it's just well marketed. I do use it as an example of how to properly market your comic, and Splurd as an example of the opposite. That said, this is a very important moment. I'm about to link you to an Oatmeal comic. Here it is, right here. I'm doing this because that's pretty much how I feel about religion.

~Jer [07/24/2012]

img src="icons/mini-1.gif" class="quipIcon" alt="Jer" />

Like the mountain in Greece?

Man, no one's able to hang out, it's weird. Is there some big sports thing going on right now or something?

~Jer [07/29/2012]


Single Life

My three best friends are all married guys. I have discovered I play the part of their fun single friend. It is equally sad and awesome.

~Jer [08/05/2012]


Anti Facebook

Ha! does it count when you had a Facebook for a year but you quit because the interface sucks, the company sucks and you're so allergic to drama that hypocrisy sends you into anaphylactic shock? I still believe Facebook will burn out as soon as something cooler comes around, just like MySpace, LiveJournal and Digg.

~Jer [08/07/2012]


Another year

Oh man. My birthday party this year was awesome. Two things I learned. One: I have some diverse friends, and I never really thought about it until I put them all in a room together. Two: one friend was shocked to learn I like My Little Pony, and I thought "Oh come on! I love comics and I hate prescribed social roles, of COURSE I like My Little Pony."

~Jer [08/12/2012]


Now Loading

I like Loading Artist by Gregor Czaykowski. That is all.

~Jer [08/13/2012]


Kahless the Unforgettable

There was once an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation where Jesus came back to life and everyone flipped the fuck out except that he didn't come back to life magically, he was cloned from blood on an ancient weapon and there was a big old debate about whether cloning him was actually how the prophecy of his rebirth was supposed to occur, and because the writers were clever fucks, it was the Klingon Jesus of planet Klingon.

~Jer [08/14/2012]


Down with Putin! Up with Pussy!

This may be the best political call-to-action battle cry in all of modern history.

~Jer [08/17/2012]


On Being Rad

My life has been almost terrifyingly rad lately. It's scary. I don't know things can be so good all the time. I've spent so much of my life depressed and suddenly I'm happy all the time. I guess I just want to keep working at being someone who deserves it. I want to make people happy and believe in them. I want to help people chase their dreams, the way no one ever helped me. I want people to meet me and think "Wow, he's a great guy. I'm glad his life is rad." I've got work to do.

~Jer [08/18/2012]


I have fans!

So I was drawing at Wayward tonight, getting this week's Indies done, and I actually met one of my tens of fans! I don't think that's ever happened before.

~Jer [08/19/2012]


A moment in Splurd history

Once, in Transformers, a scientist invented a giant robot ninja. When he unveiled it, a man in the audience asked Why build a robot ninja, doctor? Isn't that dangerous? Yes, moron, of course it's dangerous. That's the point!

I was feeing a bit nostalgic.

~Jer [08/27/2012]


Offspring Fling

There was a game at PAX called Offspring Fling, which is both awesome and a literal description of it's objective. You're a cute woodland mammal who's young have been scattered by a dragon, so you have to collect them all and toss them around to get them to safety. It's like Super Mario Lemmings.

~Jer [09/04/2012]



A lifetime of getting shit done on time is telling me to sit down and get my comic for tomorrow started. A lifetime of playing outside it telling me it's one of the last bright, sunny days of the year and I should go for a bike ride. Video games seem completely unappealing right now. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?

~Jer [09/23/2012]


It doesn't Rain in summer

I realized too late that if I had managed to fit Rain into this week's page of The Indies, I would have had all the named characters on one page. No, wait, there's also Jet's friend Tommy. Damn, never mind.

~Jer [09/24/2012]


Hey, how do you make nerds flip their shit?

Josh Wheaten.

~Jer [09/28/2012]


The Fox and The Chickens

Sam Alden, artist of Gingerland posted this comic on Reddit. Kinda deep stuff with totally beautiful inkwork.

~Jer [10/05/2012]


Good Life

I have a new definition for "good life." Here it is: Good Life - n. When you say to your friends "I've got all these vegetables from my farm share and I don't know what to do with them!" and your friends say "we got all this meat on sale and we don't know what to do with it!" so you team up on a Friday night to make the biggest batch of no-recepe, throw-everything-we've-got-in-a-dutch-oven stew ever in the history of humans, share a bomb-ass dinner where everyone leaves with a week's worth of left-overs. Add tasty beverages, video games and heavy metal music. That is the good life.

~Jer [10/06/2012]


Getting Older

Sometimes I worry that I'm becoming an adult. Then other times I buy a roll of Bubble Tape and chew the whole damned thing all at once.

~Jer [10/07/2012]



Welp, PETA is coming down on Nintendo for it's glorification of animal abuse in the Pokemon games, and thank god. It's about time someone did something about the massive surge of Pokemon inspired animal abuse over the past 15 years that Pokemon spent producing the exact same game over and over.

~Jer [10/10/2012]



Saw Looper this weekend. Here is my review: Bruce Willis is really good at murdering dudes. I mean... wow. He's just... REALLY good at it.

~Jer [10/15/2012]


Comic a bit late

I'm traveling this week. This week's page of The Indies is just about done but I've been delayed. I'll have it up a day late.

~Jer [10/22/2012]


Word Play Backfires

I officially move that the word "retard" shall be used as a compliment henceforth.

~Jer [10/23/2012]


Remember, Remember

The fifth of November.

~Jer [11/05/2012]


On Accidents

Being the guy everyone counts on is only fun so long as you never screw up.

~Jer [11/11/2012]


Indies will be late

I had a major Red Cross call this weekend, followed by a string of frustrating inconveniences. Usually, I'd still stay up all night and scribble something out just to make the deadline, but this page is kinda cool so I want to take my time and make it nice. Well, nicer. Relatively speaking, compared to my default scribbles.

~Jer [11/12/2012]


Think about it

Google pointed out that today is Auguste Rodin's birthday. Rodin is hands down my favorite sculpter of all time. Those renaissance guys before him really figured out how to sculpt the human form, but Rodin simply nailed human emotion. The man could sculpt two hands touching by the fingertips and it would be the most passionate thing you've ever seen. Even his universally recognized masterpiece, The Thinker is more brilliant than most people realize. Want to have your mind blown? Try to sit the way he's sitting. Ha, see? It ain't exactly comfy, is it? He's off balance, his elbow is on the opposite knee, he's actually contorted AND YOU NEVER EVEN NOTICED BEFORE. This dude's been thinking for so long before Rodin immortalized his moment that he must have shifted his position a dozen times already to reach his captured pose. Auguste Rodin: Genius.

~Jer [11/12/2012]



I really don't have an explanation for this week's comic, other then the fact that this was the only way I could possibly have written it.

~Jer [11/13/2012]


It's never history.

The next time hear or read the words "the rest is history," I'm going to stop everything else in my life and go on a quest to meet the writer who stuffed this cliche down my throat one more time and I'm going to beat that person to the ground with a traditional salame cotto. If the phrase I encounter has the words "as they say" injected to it, I'm going to perform the same task using a pillow case filled with century eggs. And finally, if, in the context of the fiction where this atrocious cliche was propagated, the speaker completely failed to fill in all the details not actually established by contextual history, the writer will die by my hand wielding a live cod. I hope I have made myself clear.

~Jer [11/16/2012]



So... yeah. I had this week's Indies planned for a while.

~Jer [11/19/2012]



Achievement Unlocked: Prepare a Thanksgiving Turkey.

~Jer [11/23/2012]



It's been nearly a decade since I last delved into the world of perpetually undelivered nudity that is Japanese comic books, but a friend who draws cats wanted me to read What's Michael. He loaned me a collection called Manga Blast #6, circa 1989. While flipping through with the eyes of a grown-up, I noticed something about the works of Kosuke Fujishima that I never picked up on back in my college-age weeaboo days. His stories are actually about a city full of ventriloquists because NOBODY EVER OPENS THEIR GOD DAMNED MOUTH. That's probably why some of them had to become telepathic.

~Jer [11/25/2012]


Cellar Tracker

While I freelanced from 2008 to 2011, I spent the majority of my time developing the new user interface for a site called Cellar Tracker. My work was delivered a long time ago, but the owner, Eric LeVine, has finally finished polishing all the new features and launched the redesign I helped build.

Celar Tracker represents the most work I've ever put into a single site. I'm really proud to have been a part of it. This project enabled me to have the relaxed schedule that lead to me joining Red Cross, and included an invitation to experience precisely one glass super-nice wine that taught me every other wine I had ever tasted in my entire life was, in fact, just sour grape juice.

~Jer [11/27/2012]


No-spoiler review of the first Hobbit movie...

This is the story of 15 people who played Dungeons and Dragons while cheating on every dice roll.

~Jer [12/15/2012]


Late Indies

I had company this weekend, so Indies is a bit behind. I've got 4/6 panels done, but I need some sleep. I should finish it late Monday.

~Jer [12/17/2012]


Comics Are Up

The Indies is up. I also have a special bonus comic for you, to make up for being late. It's my contribution to SICAGA's giftmas comic exchange, I had to draw "A flower that turns into a monster that turns into a magical kingdom."

~Jer [12/18/2012]


Xmas Indies

It's xmas break, I'm taking it a bit easy. I'm drawing, just slowly. I'll have this week's comic up by the next work day. That's Wednesday.

~Jer [12/23/2012]


Chocolate Samples

It's funny, one of the most frequent comments from folks who start The Indies is "Where are the words?" on the first page. I hope anyone who's been reading for this long knows it's a deliberate trick of mine. For those not from Seattle, panel three depicts the Theo's Chocolate Store in Fremont, an absolutely necessary stop for anyone visiting.

~Jer [12/26/2012]


New Years Fact

If you start Ghostbusters 2 at exactly 10:28pm, you get Bill Murray saying "HAPPY NEW YEAR" right at midnight.

~Jer [12/31/2012]


Toasting Mint Tea

Anyone in the mood for a little resolution? Four more pages left until the big ending, I wonder what's still left to happen! No... really. I'm still writing.

~Jer [01/07/2013]


Big page is late

This week's comic is going to be late in favor of sleep.

~Jer [01/14/2013]


It's magic

I just got my first Reddit gold.

~Jer [01/15/2013]


Stupid Deadlines

One thing I've learned doing The Indies is once you miss a deadline, it's no easy matter catching back up to it. Here's my very late page for this week. Only three more to go! I'm starting to think about how I'll put together the kickstarter to get it printed.

~Jer [01/16/2013]


The mountains are cold

Paradise is hitting a few slopes after work on a whim. I love the northwest. It is the best cardinal direction.

~Jer [01/21/2013]



I originally posted this rant on Reddit, but I thought today was a good day to share it here so you would understand why The Indies are eating apples.

~Jer [01/28/2013]


The Commish

I'm running a Red Cross shelter for the very first time. Just got home from setting it up. Honestly, it was a piece of cake. I was at the center of about a dozen experienced heroes. I was like Commissioner Gorden working with the Super Friends.
Update: I've stepped down from managing this shelter. It turns out to be too big for me to handle as a first-time manager with a full time job. I'm still involved, I'll be focusing on assisting the new manager and mentoring the first-time volunteers.
Update: On Friday after work, I figured I'd have time over the weekend to act as full manager. After the weekend, the place was running smoothly so I offered to keep it going through to close. We'll be closing at noon today (2/6/2013). It looks like I'm a for real shelter manager now.

~Jer [01/29/2013]


Still needs shading

Well now what am I going to do on Sundays? Probably ski.

~Jer [02/04/2013]


Politics and Ponies

Okay Internet. I REALLY try to avoid mentioning the god damned ponies because I know it makes you uncomfortable, but this is some funny news I really need to share. It goes like this: Some dudes started making a pony video game, just for fun. It was turning out great, and a major video game conference was planning on exhibiting it. Hasbro called those dudes today and told them to obliterate the project immediately or face corporate legal fury. Lauren Faust subsequently tweeted an offer to design a set of totally original characters for those dudes to use in making a brand new game. This day, the internet smells like justice.

~Jer [02/08/2013]


Updated Indies

I polished up the last page. YAY! ACTUALLY DONE!

~Jer [02/10/2013]


On Quitting Addiction

People who quit smoking often tell me that stress can trigger an intense craving for a cigarette. I find a similar effect occurs when you've quit Facebook but suddenly find yourself in the center of interpersonal drama.

~Jer [02/12/2013]


Tribal Century

My friend Laura just got her website together to write her webcomic. Tribal Century, dig it.

~Jer [02/17/2013]


Made for phone

I'd say my career has been a battle against dumb shit like this, but sadly I've been paid to build such things.

~Jer [02/20/2013]


Rice Crispy Treats and a Bear

This was our pact. It's a comic. Read it.

~Jer [02/21/2013]


English Translation

Mother. Fucking. Science. Batteries. Batters across this land.

~Jer [02/22/2013]


ECCC Reading...

Making it way through my ECCC stack. Read Kiwi Blitz #2 last weekend. Today I got through Rust #2 and Utopiates over lunch. Reading goes fast, it's getting started that kills me.

~Jer [03/06/2013]


Continuing ECCC Reading

Many Hats Online and Decrypting Rita finished.

~Jer [03/07/2013]


Friday is brought to you by...

My comic reading for today: Fierce, Skyward and Hominids. Oh, warning on that last one, it's about fictional tribal societies and has some not-safe-for-work art. By that I mean boobs.

~Jer [03/08/2013]


Sci-Fi Romance

Commander Shepard + Anyone is an inferior sci-fi romance to Raynor and Kerrigan. I can actually believe these two like each other.

~Jer [03/12/2013]


Comic Readings, March

Just read the comics Turtle vs Bunny, Rainbowbeard and Trailer Park Warlock.

~Jer [03/19/2013]



Upon arriving at my domicile for the evening, I found myself without obligations. I sat myself beside the fire with a glass of wine and elected to spend my evening reading comics like a sir. Tonight I finished King of RPGs, Old Crow, Gentile Assassin, Clown Fight, Mystic Revolution and Psycho Guitar Killers.

~Jer [03/22/2013]



Oh Hells Yes.

~Jer [03/22/2013]


Any May Man Go

SakuraCon was so bad this year that even dressing up in a dorky costume couldn't make it fun.

~Jer [03/31/2013]


Fun Traffic Fact

FACT: the worse you have to pee, the slower traffic is. Have you ever made it to your toilet and laughed like you just beat the final boss?

~Jer [04/04/2013]


Swords and Tequila

If I die of cancer, don't tell people "he lost a battle with cancer." Just tell people "he died."

~Jer [04/05/2013]


Don't Starve

Remember back when I was playing World of Warcraft and I told you that directing a digital avatar around an imaginary world to collect poop was the most insultingly banal task I'd ever performed in a video game? Well, I have now discovered that when you're not an unstoppable death-dealing super-badass, and are instead just some kid on an island desperately searching for fertilizer to grow crops so you Don't Starve to death, the exact same task is incomparably more interesting.

~Jer [04/08/2013]


Relating to form instead of substance

This is a threat. I am not joking. If you are a web developer, designer or administrator and I discover that by your power there is a modal window that can not be closed with the escape key, I am going to hit you with a baseball bat. It's not difficult. It takes one jQuerly line:

$(document).keypress(function(e) { if (e.keyCode == 27) {$("#windowID").hide();}});

Don't make me get the bat. I will.

~Jer [04/11/2013]



What's that? You say you're a fandom nerd and also a tea snob? Well...

~Jer [04/12/2013]


A hill named after a boat

The sun is out in Seattle and it feels amazing. Next time someone asks me my religion I'm going to say I worship Frith.

~Jer [04/25/2013]


Another dent in the "To Read" pile

I just read From Scratch and Hoss and Feffer

~Jer [04/28/2013]


Chilly Spring Reading

It's a cool, cloudy spring day in Seattle. I've been sitting outside reading Dreamwalker and Modest Medusa.

~Jer [04/28/2013]


Have comics, will travel

I went on a little trip out of town. I caught up with a couple of my favorites I was behind on: Modest Medusa and Cura Te Ipsum. I also finally got a chance to read my friend Fluffy's remarkably awesome sci-fi mindfuck, Unity.

~Jer [05/06/2013]


I like reading comics

Today I walked down to Wayward to get some reading done. I read Jon Ascher's comic Neal, caught up with Everyday Abnormal and started Blacklist Studio's R13 and Smith and Lantry's To The Power Against.

~Jer [05/20/2013]


Work Experience

Interviewing candidates at work for a web dev position. Boss wants a super experienced person but honestly I'd rather take a junior candidate under my wing. If I had my druthers, I would overlook work experience and hire people on their knowledge of Pokemon.

~Jer [05/20/2013]



I do not generally enjoy passive information delivery like television and cinema, so getting me to "see things" tends to be an arduous ordeal. The list of movies and shows I'm told I "need to watch" is abounding, especially considering the rate of completion is around 4 movies per year. This quarter's movie was Troll Hunter, which was quite satisfying.

~Jer [05/24/2013]


Fucking Youtube

I spent all weekend trying to get a couple new YouTube videos up. I think I need to accept the fact that my laptop is insufficient for rendering HD video without glitchy buggy bullshit. I'll get back to you.

~Jer [05/27/2013]


Fucking Mac

I spent all weekend trying to render that video in a way that youtube would like and came to the conclusion that it was high time to upgrade OSX and iMovie. I'm glad it wasn't expensive because I hate it and want it to die. Apple decided the best way to upgrade their software was to make **ALL** my old iMovie HD backup files obsolete in iMovie 11 while making it impossible to run legacy iMovie HD in 10.8.3. When I find another software company that thinks that rendering years of work files unusable is the correct approach to customer support, I'm awarding them a medal that reads "You Totally Suck." It will be shaped like an apple.

~Jer [05/28/2013]


Cool Old Shit From Sheffield

I think the record will show that I fucking love a town in England I've never been to called Sheffield. Look at this rad abandoned water wheel they've got. Dude this place has everything.

~Jer [05/31/2013]


The Indies for Print

Okay. I've been jumping over hurdles since I finished The Indies in March. I've invested in a whole bunch of awesome new toys, like a large-format scanner and Fontlab Studio. I've been tooling around in PhotoShop, deciding my clean-up process. I think I might have a clear path to start grinding through pages of The Indies to prep it for print. I have nothing else planned this weekend. I'm going to re-scan, re-master, re-letter and touch up as many pages as I possibly can. I intend to post the clean pages to compare to the rough draft and get any and all feedback I can. I really am curious to see how this goes.

~Jer [06/07/2013]


Got back to grinding my to-read list. I finished Colonial Souls, Pluto Moon Base, Zombie Ranch and Cognition, The Robot Uprise.

~Jer [06/21/2013]


Comics and Naked People on Bicycles

About to head down to the Solstice Parade, got some comics read first. Checking a few more off the list: Disappointing Monsters, Escape from Prometheus, The Exiled and Ghost Assassin.

~Jer [06/22/2013]


1) Go to Solstice parade.
2) Chill at the Gasworks Park party full of painted bicyclers.
3) Run into some young dudes doing parkour.
4) Decide it doesn't look so hard.
5) Learn and execute some moves correctly.
6) Young dudes say I look like a bad ass.

Today was a good day. Also read The Bird and the Sausage by Ben Horak and Anne Bean and Mark Allender's Kill The Wizard.

~Jer [06/22/2013]


You're Not The First To Tell Me

Okay. I get it. The Last of Us is good. I read the spoilers. It's beautiful, well done, gut wrenching and sad. I'm not going to play it. I don't need to play it to believe that it's good. I'm just not big on depressing dystopian fiction.

~Jer [06/24/2013]


Don't Starve is basically Animal Crossing in hell.

~Jer [06/26/2013]


Here is a title anyway

I have completely run out of ideas for quip titles regarding my comic reading updates. Fortunately, I just discovered the website I built myself doesn't actually care if I don't enter a quip title. I've seriously been devouring them this week. I read The Prevailist, Furlough, Zevon 7, MorningStar (Rough Cut), Escape Velocity, Tonic The Killing Jar and Nick Butler's Head Trip Digest.

~Jer [06/27/2013]


Gay Car Show

I don't mean to generalize. Lots of people are gay, lots of people like cars, and there is undefined overlap between the two groups. What I am saying is that my neighborhood has a high concentration of grumpy, old, conservative men for the Greenwood Car Show that just happens to take place on the very same day as the best god damned LGBT pride party in the world. It just seems like potentially convenient separation.

~Jer [06/29/2013]


Show Pony, Pony Show

I've been going to nerdy conventions for 14 years. I've been to dozens of conventions on all maner of topics, including comics, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk and video-games. I can say without shame that the My Little Pony convention this weekend was one of the most fun of all time.

~Jer [07/07/2013]



The internet is buzzing today about Pyura chilensis, which may not be a silicone based life form, but sure as hell looks like the Horta.

~Jer [07/08/2013]


Some people started singing it...

This morning before I left for work I figured out how to play pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows on the piano.

~Jer [07/12/2013]


How to Dragon

The teasers for How To Train Your Dragon 2 are floating around. I'll warn you all right now, I'm not excited about it. The original was my favorite movie of all time, because it was an adorable story of a kid and his dragon that was also A SUPER INTELLIGENT DISSERTATION ABOUT THE FUTILITY OF WAR IN GENERAL but you never even realized it, because it was such an adorable story about a kid and his dragon.

~Jer [07/12/2013]


Just Walken Around

Today, Reddit reminded me of "More Cowbell," which subsequently reminded me that my distaste for Will Ferrel is so strong that I'd rather develop Tetsuo-stage cancer than have to endure his systemic ignorance of any type of humor beyond "embarrassment."

~Jer [07/22/2013]



Mubarak fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The first is never get involved in a land war in asia, but only slightly less well known is this: never commit a documentable war crime when a US president is facing controversy!

~Jer [08/25/2013]


Invent an Element

Researchers from Lund University in Sweden have presented evidence of the existence of an element with the atomic weight of 115. That's some pretty rad science right there. My favorite part is how they "confirmed the existence of a new element." Can you hear me, Justin Theroux, writer of Ironman 2? You don't fucking invent a god fucking element! That isn't a thing! That's so not-science that it's not even science-fiction, you insufferably benighted dunce!

~Jer [08/27/2013]



Best idea ever: An energy drink called Nap.
"I am le tired"
"Well, go have a Nap."

~Jer [09/06/2013]



Reason #87 why I don't do any drugs: Right now I'm sitting in my kitchen completely sober and marveling at how amazing cucumbers are. Marijuana would be a waste of money on me.

~Jer [09/18/2013]


Fifty Percent

I am officially half way through editing The Indies for print.

~Jer [09/22/2013]


It's like a shiny Pokemon

If you finally decide to use that rare and coveted "20% off entire purchase" coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond that you've been saving, your parents might be coming to town.

~Jer [09/26/2013]



I firmly believe that living in this world requires focusing equal attention on wonder as horror. We can't conquer the monsters if we don't remember the things worth battling them for. So here's astronaut Don Pettit playing with a yo-yo in space.

~Jer [10/10/2013]


Rubber Spine

Dear comic book artists, please be aware that it impossible to see a girl's ass crack and boob crack in the same shot. Stop drawing it. It's ridiculous.

~Jer [10/20/2013]


Doesn't matter that it's technically made of metal

Today I learned that - while I already know I'm a major poor sport who subsequently avoids all forms of competition at all costs - playing a Pokemon battle against another human is the worst. When my adorable fraggle-kitten gets stomped unconscious, it's not a game anymore and I want to punch you in your actual face.

~Jer [11/20/2013]


Deliberate Typo

I am the proud owner of 10 ISBN umbers. Now I need to write nine more books.

~Jer [01/08/2014]


Demonstrably Monstrous

Being a grownup means you can eat cookies for breakfast, but you also notice the heartburn you get from eating cookies for breakfast.

~Jer [01/08/2014]


Twelve, Fourteen

Triskaidekaphobic Hobbyist - n. A person who holds no superstitious beliefs about the number 13 but avoids it anyway for fun.

~Jer [01/08/2014]


Women like coffee

When you actually complete a true, full caffeine purge, half a cup of decaf feels like you just mainlined heroine. Not the opiate. I mean it feels like you injected strong, powerful, female protagonists directly into your blood.

~Jer [01/10/2014]


In The Weather

I'd eschew the internet and play outside a hell of a lot more if my livelihood and primary hobby didn't both depend on computation.

~Jer [01/15/2014]


Video Game Logic

A hat with a helicopter propeller on it seems like an absolutely terrible way to achieve flight.

~Jer [01/26/2014]


Creepy Circus Shadows

Contrast is a Portal-Like game that succeeds at being Portal-Like by being itself without trying to be Portal.

~Jer [01/30/2014]



My cat loves to eat bird, fish and pig. She's not totally sure about cow.

~Jer [02/11/2014]



A coworker today was shocked to learn that a guy with my looks and personality wasn't a "playa'" with "four simultaneous girlfriends." It took all my willpower to avoid bursting into tears of catastrophic loneliness. Nope, Jer™ is cursed by gypsies to crush for years on girls he can't be with while having no interest in girls who are into him.

~Jer [02/20/2014]


Prepare to launch

The Kickstarter is pretty much ready. I'm going to sit on it one more day to see if I have any last minute changes. I'll push go after work tomorrow.

~Jer [02/24/2014]


Kickstarter is Go

The Indies Kickstarter is up and running! I put a bunch of donation levels on there cuz it's the thing people do, but most of all I just want people to buy my book. Please grab The Indies for $20, and if you can, help get the word out about it. I'm actually catastrophically bad at promoting myself.

~Jer [03/01/2014]



If walking around town flipping a yo-yo around becomes the next big hipster fad, I did that. That was my fault. Sorry.

~Jer [03/09/2014]



I made it. The Kickstarter for the Indies succeeded, I can order a big print run and face the very last hurdle: distribution.

~Jer [03/17/2014]



Life is good. It isn't always good, and it sure ain't fair about who it's good to, but today, my life is good. Hopefully, I can take what I've accomplished and what I've learned and use it to share good life with folks. I've never met anyone who doesn't deserve a bit of good life.

~Jer [03/17/2014]


The Indies on Amazon

I'm really running out of things to work on regarding The Indies. The last of the Kickbacks are going out Monday morning and the book is now for sale on Amazon like the real professional book it actually is. I might have to start writing my next book soon. Or, maybe, updating, since Studio Splurd is actually officially a publishing label now.

~Jer [04/20/2014]