Why the hell is Transformers: The Movie not on the AFI’s top 100? Huh!?

posted December 11, 2002 by Josh


I was looking over the AFI's Top 100 and I was like, "... yeah, yeah, uh huh ok that movie sucks, yeah, WAIT! I cant read! (Just kidding) Uh huh." I went through the whole list, then I said, "Where in Sam Hill is Transformers: The Movie on this 'intelligent,' movie list con sarnit!" and I usually don't talk like a '49er often unless I am angry. I have some cons of why it is not on the list but I have plenty of pros to prove the case that this movie should be there.

First I would also like to state for the record (turns on tape recorder) that the only animated film on the "list" is Fantasia, and that is not a bad thing it is a good film ,but there are so many other superior animated films that could have replaced some of the weaker movie on that "list." Also there are no Kurosawa flicks on the list either and that also hurts too, and his only technicality is that he has no "American" films (Fah!).

First the Cons, and mostly it goes to continuity boos:
1.)Too many Autobots and Decepticons know astral projection cause the same ones are all over the place in the first portion of the film.
2.)Where the hell is Snarl in the movie? All the other Dinobots are there, but where the hell is he.
3.)What happens to Blaster after all the Autobots left Earth? Huh!
4.)Why is it that when Ultra Magnus blows up (and not gently either) he can easily be repaired, but when Autobots like Brawn and Prowl are immediately KO'd after only being shot once? Huh, come on!
5.)And why in the hell are Autobots getting credited to being in the movie, or speaking when they didn't, like Inferno and others (view for yourself)? I mean CHRIST!

Now it is time for the Pros:
1.)The movie proves that even guys with no arms have "GOT THE TOUCH! YEAH."
2.)The movie sticks with you for eternity. Example is that I have not watched the movie in about a year, and I remember every single fucking line in the movie.
3.)Phenomenal writing with lines like "First you crack the shell, then you crack the nuts inside," and that comes from Rumble.
4.)Great animation. (That's it on that one)
5.)Superior cast that consists of Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack, Judd Nelson, Eric Idle (props to Jay) and even John Moschitta as Blur (who if he had like 5 more seconds of air time I would have drowned in river of crap), along with the classics like Peter Cullen and Scatman Crothers.
6.The movie fucking rocks and is a million times better than any other cartoon show to movie like Rainbow Brite, Go Bots, or those mutha fuckin Care Bears.

As a final note to prove why Optimus Prime is the baddest motherfucker of all times I will state the facts that when he showed up he defeated like 8 Decepticons by HIMSELF, with accuracy with his (You are fucking dead) cannon that would make Legolas jealous. Also after being shot like 5 times including once in the face, he still manages to hit Megatron with an axe-handle that would crush dimensions. That is all, if you disagree..... Too fucking bad.