Why Do They Torment Me?

posted December 5, 2002 by Jer


Alright, I'm a little upset right now.

There are three comic books I want to buy myself for yule. In fact, I've been waiting for this moment so I could purchase—and thus recieve—all three at the same time. They are:

High Aims is professional. Their online check out was smooth, and my book is well on its way. Thank you.

What I want to know is what do KeenSpot and Studio IronCat have against me giving them money!? Both of them are comic-dedicated operations that are hard up for cash at the moment, so why must buying shit from them be a battle of wits?

First off, MegaTokyo has quite possibly the biggest existing fan base of any IronCat title. So why does IronCat bury it in their titles? Hell, Fred doesn't even have a link to IronCat on the MegaTokyo page! Is he afraid people might buy his book? What?! Ok, so I finally dig through the atrocity of a site design that is IronCat's web page, and figure out how to add MegaTokyo to my shopping basket. Ok, I live in VA, so VA sale tax applies, no problem. Ok, they only accept credit cards through Pay Pal, no problem. What happens when I click on the Pay Pal link? Nothing, the damn thing breaks. Ok, no problem, I'll go back and try it again. What? You forgot all my shopping cart information? No problem, I'll just START OVER FROM SCRATCH and do all this shit again. What? Pay Pal glitches again? DAMN YOU STEVE! DAMN YOUUUUUUU!

KeenSpot isn't nearly as assholy. No, they are just straight up broken, no questions asked. I like them, at least they are straightforward about it.

I try to be optimistic, I really do. I want comic authors to make a living doing what they love. I want to support artists. So why, OH WHY do artists have to be so stupid and unprofessional about selling their work? Get into shape people! Jeez.