Welcome to Studio Splurd

posted December 3, 2002 by Jer


Well, Studio Splurd has just been blessed with a ton of newcomers, so I thought I'd talk real quick about what the hell is going on here.

Studio Splurd is a small clan of artists and writers. We draw comics for fun, and are working very hard on drawing comics for a living.

My name is Jeremy Kayes. You could say I'm the ringleader, but that's just cuz I am hyperactive and do most of the work. With some help from Jenn, I draw Studio Splurd Backstage. I have also have been writing a story called The Elves of Iax for a little over seven years. I have an extensive rough draft and script, but not a finished comic. I have a potential publisher, but they would like to see that there is a market for my comic before we start anything. Thus, I do this Studio Splurd thing to let people know I exist, and to keep polishing my artwork until I'm ready to do that professional thing. We also are very dedicated to getting people to read more comics, so we often write reviews of comics we like. As a rule, we do not write negative reviews, as our motivation is to get people to read more comics and make their own opinions.

My friends all joined on for their own reasons. Jennifer Weaver is an anthropomorphic art master. Christina Rogers runs the Anime wing, while "Big" Josh Siewert's unique artwork can best be described as equal parts Superhero, Tag Style, and 100% Pure "Yellow Crayon" Goodness. Jason Roberts makes money as an occasional theatrical actor, but he comes to us as a writer, and a student of Macromedia Flash.

That should be enough to get you started. I'm sure everyone else will pitch in their two cents soon, so stay tuned. Thank you all for checking us out, and welcome to Studio Splurd.