Zeek V2.0 - A webcomic take on college life.

posted November 28, 2002 by Jer


Y'know the countless romance stories that end happily ever after? They are bullshit. There is no happily ever after, cuz stuff always goes wrong. Isaac Hall's Zeek is that kind of story: Just when you think its happily ever after, its not.

Zeek is an imaginative comic with a distinctive art style, unique characters and a emotional, realistic plot. Zeek isn't funny because its not telling jokes; it's more like a web-comic take on soap operas. People have ups and downs, relationships are in constant flux, winners sometimes lose, and losers sometimes win. Zeek is more like real life then most realistically drawn comics. Zeek also has a monkey, and as we all know from Frank Cho, it is impossible for a comic to have a monkey and not be great.

Summery of Zeek: Zeek Madsen is a college freshman. He's figuring out the whole college routine with his best friend Monkey. Monkey is a lady's man, the chicks all dig him, which unsettles Wallace Lancaster, who seems to totally lack smooth. Tara Keegan is the uninhibited owner of the house in which Zeek, Monkey, and Misty Mckee live. Misty likes Zeek, but a Tenchi-esque love triangle forms when Zeek runs into his childhood friend Eliza Lanch, who is dating Mark McBeal. Then there is Eliza's elusive brother Mit, who seems to know everybody.

One of my first laws of reading a new comic is that I have to respond to the artwork. This doesn't necessarily mean the artwork needs to be good; there just needs to be something about the artwork that gets my attention. Isaac Hall's artwork is a quintessential example of this. His characters are cute and simple, but capable of capturing a wide spectrum of emotions. The characters are so cute that they lead you to believe Zeek is going to be funny. While it has its funny moments, Zeek is not there to tell jokes, its there to be a fun-to-read comic about one mans life in college. With the contrast between Isaac's unique cute characters and the intensity of his plotlines, Zeek is the kind of comic that—for lack of better terminology—just gets you.

Zeek V2.0 updates three times a week, and Isaac is pretty good about keeping on schedule. Check it out at www.zeekonline.net.