Religion is Pornography...?

posted November 22, 2002 by Josh


God's really really okay book!

I think that religion is some of the best RPG-ing this side of the universe, and it is an even better Live Action RPG. Now I know what you are saying (God loaned me his/her mind-reading trick),"Hey Big Josh all this talking about RPGs makes you and your theory sound not only geeky, but makes it sounds like a Big Joke just like you," and the only thing that I can say to that is, "Hi this is my fist and I will bash your brain through your asshole Fuckwad." Anyways yes and listen to my theory you whackos.

So 30 or 40 guys decide to sit down and right a really big thick book about this celestial being that they simply called "God" (no fucking originality in the naming process) who they decided created this and all planes of existence and has put all of his/her creations, from angels all the way to person kind, on wacky adventures. And there is not a lot of proving or disproving some of these neat, yet long, stories and now almost all the people in the world own a copy of this book aptly titled The Bible.

Now some of the people who read this, or breezed through it (GUILTY!!!), read and are like "Okay neat, now I want my 35 bucks back you hack." But most of the people who read it are like, "Wow, holy god...err shit this book is so believable that it will be my life's work and I will say things to other people so that they do not doubt what it means, and if there are people that will continue to doubt it we will conquer and 'Crush, Kill, Destroy' and make this the one and only RPG... dah I mean religion." So after countless killings and wars (In the Name of GOD) which are still going on all over the planet the only thing I can say about the whole thing is (rolls 300 12 sided die) "Ha all Successes I crush your puny God with my all powerful Yellow Crayon, Bugow!!!!!"