Religion is Pornography...?

posted November 22, 2002 by Jer


Religion is Pornography.

Good. Now that I have your attention, that statement is incorrect. Religion is more accurately the direct polar opposite of pornography.

Human beings in general feel ashamed and embarrassed about anything pleasurable. Thus, anything relating to sexual intercourse is socially taboo. What most people neglect to realize is that enlightenment also feels pretty good. On many occasions, humans have even described the achievement of enlightenment of their particular denomination to be ecstasy. Sex of course gets a bad reputation because the ecstasy involved occurs on such an intimate, personal level. Enlightened ecstasy, however, often occurs in groups and masses. Thus the religiously ecstatic are very open and uninhibited about their lust for enlightenment.

What religiously ecstatic people fail to realize is the basic human discomfort with other people's pleasure. While it is quite illegal to exhibit sexual pleasure in public, not many people will complain about the expression of religious ecstasy right out in the open. Yet, anyone who witnesses such an exhibition who does not subscribe to that particular brand of enlightenment is guaranteed to feel uncomfortable about the situation.

There is little anyone can do about this. Freedom of speech says that anyone can preach anything they choose. It is a fundamental freedom to take a loudspeaker to the middle of Farragut Square and preach to the DC white-collars who are busy enough trying to dodge panhandlers between the Metro and their place of employment. It is an equal fundamental right to heckle said preachers. Yet, it is bad taste to ask them to stop.

If this phenomenon proves anything, it is that enlightenment is as individual as love. While its not officially socially taboo, people do not want to see you walking around with your religion hanging out, exposed to the world. Yes, there will be the others who will walk up and compliment the size of your religion, and you'll be sure to inform them how beautiful it is, but try to understand what others see while you and your friend talk loudly about how glorious it feels to be one with such a large, powerful religion.

Religion and Sex are both very healthy expressions of emotion. A human being is quite incomplete without them. Please remember, though, to keep these expressions among those close to you. Preaching to people of another faith is no less the spiritual molestation.

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