OH for the LOVE of...

posted June 2, 2004 by Jenn


Ladies and gentlemen, the Bush Administration has been SUCKERED.

I'm sure by now many of you readers at least know the name Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi leader and ex-ally of Bush. Bush and Rumsfeld LOVED the guy, ignoring warnings from other agencies. He got a monthly stipend of $340,000 for his Iraqi National Congress. He's the one who recently had been raided by US forces and Iraqi police, under allegations that he was passing information about US operations in Iraq to Iran. Recently there have been rumors and whisperings that he'd been working for Iran as a possible informant and/or spy while cuddling up to the Bush Administration at the same time. And now...this.

CNN.com reports that Chalabi had told Iran that the US had broken the secret communications code of Iran's intelligence service, "betraying one of Washington's most valuable sources of information about Iran, according to United States intelligence officials." (New York Times) Now, if you weren't sure about how close Chalabi was to us before, allow me to briefly illustrate: Chalabi, the head of the Iraqi Governing Council, is the Basket. Our hopes and plans (such as they are) for rebuilding Iraq are Eggs. Rumsfeld put as many of these Eggs as he could into the Basket. Then the Basket developed a hole in the bottom. So now, the Bush Administration has to try and save as many of these Eggs as they can.

Yes, the US has been caught with its pants down. Abu Ghraib is making it harder to pull them back up. We can only HOPE the Bush Administration doesn't get us tangled in the beltloops as we hop around, trying not to fall over, and at least TRY to save our international dignity...what's left of it.