We Are Not Dead

posted May 27, 2004 by Jer


Officially, the only regularly updated feature on Splurd right now is Jenn's comic Blah. Regardless, you all keep coming back. I can't tell you how motivating that is to get stuff going again.

Right now, my priority is to buy a house. We haven't had a central place to hang out since big Josh left, and I really hope once I have a good place to just show up, we'll have that again. Once that's done, I want to hold a sorta round table meeting to find out what everyone wants out of the site.

Some ideas for the future: I will keep writing Backstage, but I may get someone else (Jeff, Xrys, or Big Josh) to draw it - or possibly all of us taking turns. Second, I think I'm going to change "ten strip comics" to "short comics," so there's less rules and its easier to contribute. There's a few other ideas too, but I'll have to talk to The Crew to see what we're up to doing.

It's a slow time now for Studio Splurd. Thanks to everyone out there who believes in us.