People I met in Chicago

posted May 24, 2004 by Jer


Well, it's been a week since the con, I suppose I should get around to posting linkage to all the cool peoples I met at Anime Central in Chicago. First up is the crew who draw the newly splurdlinked comic Is It Con Yet? William, Alex and Joe capture the insanity of anime conventions quite well. Go read.

The artist ally at Anime Central actually had a nice healthy stock of web comic artists, which makes me happy.

The most interesting conversation I had at artists' ally was with Jennifer Gallagher, artist of Swenyar's Find. Much like myself when I started Backstage, Jennifer has plans of a great epic story, but is aware that her art skills are not quite up to "epic" par. Nonetheless, Jennifer's (in)famous american-manga artist brother Piro is pushing her to draw her story. While talking with Jennifer, I told her how I used Backstage to develop my art skills before diving into The Elves of Iax, and she seemed to dig the idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what Jennifer is capable of.

The most fun project I discovered was Project Card. I'm going to (try to) make it my crusade to pimp this plan to the bigger web comic artists. The plan is to unite approximately 52 web comic artists - preferably the better-known ones - to create and print a deck of cards, each card featuring a different comic or character. Unfortunately, it looks to me that the website is not even finished. I guess I have some time to sort things out before I start pimping.

Well, that's my report of Chicago. I'm off to simultaneously finish the EoI intro and earn a living. Due to a slight reorganization, the intro will now be 9 pages. This means there's only THREE MORE TO GO! It's going to happen - I'm going to have something to show off at Otakon! WOO! Dig me.