posted May 16, 2004 by Jeff


They're fighting us,
We're fighting them.
Remember now how it began,
Mayhaps I'll be here when it ends
and have my time to make amends.

For now we march,
the battle cry,
our comfortable commanders lie.
They tell us how the heathens die
a tooth for tooth and eye for eye.

What's the worth and what's the price
(this enemy has asked us twice)
For all the things you hold so dear,
what would you shed besides your tears?
Our fight we take to other lands
Men once our friends, now sword in hand
they wanted peace, got us instead
Their wives and brothers fallen dead
How long before the take their stand
force us to face their reprimand

So arm in arm
we arm our selves
and place our dreams upon the shelves
to gather dust and ner be held
by all the children bled and felled.

The damage done, the hope too late,
Barbarians are at the gate.
Our machinations rend and rip,
March on, March on
straight towards our crypts.