The Pirates of Splurd (who don't do anything)

posted May 11, 2004 by Jer


Prepare your face to be rocked.
The bad news is I've decided to call it quits on Backstage until Otakon. There are three reasons: 1) I never see the crew, so I'm out of ideas. 2) I'm warn out. 3) I have GOT to finish at least the Elves of Iax intro for Otakon. The good news: I'm wrapping up Backstage by THOROUGHLY ROCKING YOUR FACE.


Side Note: Splurd's 2nd birthday is June 30th. Let's just call this an early celebration.

UPDATE: I messed up. The first news post on Splurd was actually JULY 30th, 2002. Oddly, the date that Otakon falls on this year. We shall party then, I guess.