Televisions in Cars

posted August 17, 2002 by Jenn


Those who read these rants regularly know that I usually don't post much. However, I've come across a few topics that I've had plenty to say about. Allow me to touch on one of them: the idea of putting TV screens into the visors of vehicles.

First of all, whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be dragged outside and publicly flogged. Who in their right mind would think that putting TVs in the visor of a car is a good idea? Aren't drivers nowadays distracted enough as it is? Do we need to add the concept of TVs to the list of distractions?

So. TVs in the visors of the car. Fascinating. Now, we already have cell phones, GPS systems, elaborate radio/CD/sound systems, climate control and an assortment of other little buttons and switches to draw our attention from the road. It's already been shown that cell phones have been contributors to accidents. I'm not going to get into the near misses and spaghetti-like paths I've seen people weave as a result of trying to talk on a cell phone while driving. Even if the proposed visor TV is in the passenger side visor, it would still pose a problem. At the very least, you can still see the traffic ahead of you while you're on a cell phone. You can't watch the road and the people around you if you're watching TV. You can't. Just like you can't read and drive at the same time…although some people try.

Attention, car makers and car designers. If this TV-in-the-visor idea becomes real (if it hasn't already), I just hope you don't try to advertise the car as safe. A car that has contingency plans and can compensate for the driver is a safe car. A car that offers another reason to take your eyes off the road is not.

Come on, now. There's enough stupid on the roads as it is. Car makers don't need to give the general public another way to contribute to it.