Bold and Adventurous

posted May 5, 2004 by Jer


I am attempting something rather crazy. I just sent out a few letters to the programming officials at NPR and WAMU, telling them about Studio Splurd and the web comic genre. It has been my dream for a while now to be able to advocate the genre in an intellectual forum such as NPR and I if that is ever to happen they need to first know I exist.

If my letters were received and these words are know being read by someone from NPR, Welcome to our humble website. Since this is likely your first time here, let me fill you in on what is going on around here.

First, you may wonder "what a Splurd is." Splurd is the site that my friends and I use to place our comics on the internet, as well as help other artists share their own comics. I draw a comic about me and my friends called Backstage. Using Backstage as a tool to learn how to produce comics, I hope to one day publish a printed comic called The Elves of Iax. My friend Jenn draws an occasionally political comic called Blah. We also try to advocate the web comic genre with our list of nearly 400 other web comic artists in our feature called SplurdLink. Some of these artists share ideas in our forums, and we attempt to support our website by selling stuff. Other then that and our group blog-style news page (which you are reading now), Studio Splurd is just where seven friends/artists share a presence on the web and have fun.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Studio Splurd, and I further hope it inspires you to discover the surprisingly expansive world of my favorite genre: web comics. Thank you for stopping by.