The End Of The World As We Know It

posted April 28, 2004 by Jenn


Well, let's just all strap weighted belts to our waists and take a stroll across the Atlantic. Come on now, even if all that is true and will happen in the appointed year (which is still fairly vague to me) what is worrying and getting depressed about it NOW going to accomplish? Nothing, aside from adding anxiety and depression to your mental smorgasbord.

Jeff says he's naturally paranoid. I'm a natural skeptic. I want to know more information about this character before I invest any emotions in what he says. Granted, I haven't read all the literature on this, mainly because it's very late and I should be asleep. But I want to know a few things first:

  1. How old is this guy in 2036? Has he been born yet?
  2. Anyone have any photos of him? We see alleged pics of his time travel machine in a couple of vehicles but nothing of him, not a hand or partial shot…nothing. Besides, for the technology he had access to in the past couple of years, you'd think he'd provide better scans of the specs. What's he been doing since he says he got here in 1975?
  3. Was this site the only way he could get this out to the public? I can understand cable and local stations not wanting to listen to him, but public channels might have given him a shot.
  4. If these things are of such importance, why couldn't he narrow the dates down to at least months? If they were THAT important, then one of two things would have happened: If he lived through everything and lived through the fallout, there's no way he would have forgotten at least the month or relative season. Or if he was born after, he'd be a pretty young soldier, right around 21 or so, and he would have been taught that in whatever education system was left.
  5. I have more questions but I'm sleepy.
Some of my questions might have answers in some of the other pages on the site, or they may not. Until then, I'm going to take this story with, not a grain, but so much salt that I risk saline poisoning.