posted April 17, 2004 by Jeff


You know,my immediate reaction to Kill Bill volume one was, "I don't know what that was, but I think I loved it." As for Volume 2, I knew what that was, and I friggan BOW DOWN BEFORE ITS MAJESTY. Remember the first time you saw a real live titty, men and lesbians can feel me on this one. Thats how cool this movie was. If Tarentino could bottle and sell this shit, he'd have liquid cool, one spritz behind the ears and Urkle becomes James motherfuckin Dean. The immagery was amazing, The story was gold, The soundtrack made my ears weep with joy, and those swords, sweet jumping jesus on a pogo stick, those swords. David Carridine is a god, Uma can have my children, Pei Mai is like a james bond villian with style stroking that wicked little angry beard,and frankly, I may never be this pleased by a movie again.