Hot, steaming links! Chock full of linky goodness.

posted April 14, 2004 by Jer


I'm in a linking mood.

If you aren't reading Albino Black Sheep regularly, you're missing a great place to find the most messed-up flash stuff on the web. The folks who run this are true collectors.

My friend Krista is working on a sprite comic designed to mess with your head called Friend4Ever. The concept is delightfully disturbing itself, but her special Easter episode put me on the floor laughing. Viva Donnie Darko.

Another regular Splurdite, Kevin Wadlow, started a comic about two professional RPGing kittens called One Shots: Thieves of Thalegor, and it's simultaneously hilarious and adorable. Kevin's got a contest going on right now in the Splurd Forums to name the two main characters. The winner will receive these awesome figurines of said kitties. I think they should be named "Colby" and "Jack," but only because I find humor in naming them after cheese.